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Veterans gravesites in Canada in disrepair

Visiting Canada’s National Military Cemetery in the national capital Ottawa, one is struck by the well-kept grounds and clean and still clearly legible grave markers. But that seems not to be the case for the gravesites of tens of thousands» 

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You love whales? Read RCI’s reports on them

You love whales and plan to go whale watching this summer? Read our articles on these fascinating creatures, the dangers they’re facing and the numerous projects and studies that have been launched to protect them. Changes made to protect endangered» 

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Discover Canadian literature with RCI

Summer vacation is a great time to catch up on your reading! You want to know more about Canadian literature? Here are some interviews and reports from RCI that will tell you about Canadian authors. Novel tells of recent refugees» 

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The greatest outdoor show on Earth! On now!

The Stampede is on! Arguably Canada’s greatest entertainment event is on this week in the western city of Calgary, Alberta Many thousands of people lined up on Friday for the event opening Calgary Stampede parade in downtown Calgary © Calgary Stampede/via» 

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Movement to end “elephant rides” and animal abuse

An international animal welfare group is once again pushing to end the practice of elephant rides and shows for tourists. The World Animal Protection society says there are currently about 3,000 elephants in Asia used as tourist attractions whether for» 

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Two centuries of brewing history in Montreal: major change

Some 231 years ago, a young English immigrant arrived in the growing British colonial town of Montreal. With boatloads of other immigrants arriving from the British Isles, John Molson, saw a market for beer and set up the Molson’s brewery» 

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Canada 150: Big crowds, increased security needs, and frustration

Canada’s national celebration on July 1st in this special 150th anniversary was supposed to be a wonderful event in national capital, Ottawa. And it was, for tens of thousands of spectators and visitors some of whom travelled long distances to take» 

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Canada’s national bird…not yet

Many countries, if not most have a so-called “national bird”. It’s official, Canada still doesn’t have one. In January of 2015, the Royal Canadian Geographic Society (RCGS) launched a contest to name a national bird. The idea was to have» 

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Shocking right whale deaths: necropsies

It was a shock to marine biologists and conservationists everywhere. In a period of just a couple of weeks, six endangered right whales were found dead in the Gulf of St Lawrence. It’s a devastating blow to those hoping for» 

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Iconic geographical sites eroding

They’ve been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, but the slow erosion seems to have picked up in recent years. Several of Canada’s east coast fascinating quirks of nature are disappearing under an increasingly forceful nature. Red dots»