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Animal auction raises questions

A semi-annual and rather unusual auction took place this past weekend in a rural community about 90 kilometres northwest of Toronto. Auctions are common in rural areas, but not what this one was selling.  Instead of tractors, or horses, this» 


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Your choices, our promise!

You took the time to tell us about the stories, the interviews and the kind of in-depth coverage you wanted to see from Radio Canada International. Now they are all in one place and you get to tell us which» 

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Reducing grocery store food waste

In recent years fingers have been pointed at grocery chains for tossing perfectly good food into the garbage bin.  Lots of it. It appears to be policy that as food approaches its expiry date, or “best before/sell-by ” date, many» 

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Millions of Canadians: face uncertain income, mortgage debt

A new survey of thousands of Canadians has shown that nearly 40 per cent say they have had moderate to high levels of income volatility in the past year. Income volatility means month to month income is inconsistent, meaning not» 

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More proof politics and social media don’t mix- again!

Shortly after another Nova Scotia political hopeful was kicked out of the provincial Liberal party for online comments, another political hopeful has fallen. RCI- social media sinks politician Provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Bill McEwen has quit the race» 

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If it looks like a falcon, flies like a falcon, it must be….a drone?

The company behind the technology call this drone a robot-bird or “ro-bird” and it’s being trialed at a major Canadian airport for the first time. Aircraft and birds don’t mix well at all. When they collide, it can be anywhere» 

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Asian history month: The exceptional Chinese-Canadian man who broke ethnic barriers

His name was William King Lowd Lore. He was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1909. At the time, and for decades previously and for decades afterward, anyone of Chinese decent in Canada faced major discrimination hurdles.  This amazingly included» 

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Assessing flood damage as water recedes..for now

The flood waters in eastern Ontario, Quebec and parts of New Brunswick are finally beginning to slowly recede after a few days of little to no rain. The situation is also improving in the British Columbia interior where two men» 

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Ontario’s strict anti-smoking laws: Over enthusiastic enforcement?

Since 2006, Ontario has been instituting increasing limitations on the sale and use of tobacco; Those laws now include no smoking in enclosed public spaces, enclosed work spaces, in vehicles with passengers under age 16, no smoking on bar and»