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Montreal Vandals Deface Statues Again

This weekend marked the annual long weekend in Canada known as Victoria Day.  It’s a holiday on the last Monday of May closest to Queen Victoria’s birthday of May 24th. 1819. It is also the date to officially mark the» 

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Talking about Indigenous people: news and reports from RCI

Read Radio Canada International recent reports on issues related to Indigenous communities, culture and rights. Inuit activist blasts Canada’s foot-dragging on dirty fuels ban in the Arctic By Levon Sevunts, Wednesday 11 April, 2018 Ottawa should to stop procrastinating and get on» 

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They have a category for that?

Scenic airports You wouldn’t necessarily think of airports as being “scenic” but yes there is a category for the best scenic airports in the world It’s the PrivateFly Scenic Airport annual survey. This year Toronto’s Billy Bishop City Airport (Toronto» 

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New Canadian stamps celebrate illustrators

The world of great Canadian commercial art and illustration is being celebrated by Canada Post in a colourful new release of postage stamps. The series honours five artists with vastly differing styles: Will Davies, Blair Drawson, Gérard DuBois, James Hill» 

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Mr, Mrs, Miss, no more. Government agencies told to be ‘gender neutral” with public

A new directive to  Service Canada employees tells them to try to avoid terms like Mr., Mrs., Miss, father, mother, etc. According to documents obtained by Radio-Canada, those employees who interact with the public are to avoid such terms to» 

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Montreal vandals attack Queen Victoria statues

After vandalism against a Montreal statue dedicated to Sir John A Macdonald last year, more historic statues in the city were vandalised last night, by the same or similar individuals. Last night, two Montreal statues representing Queen Victoria were sprayed» 

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Canadian outdoor store bows to pressure against guns

The tragic school shooting in Florida in which 17 people were killed continues to have repercussions in the U.S., but now also in Canada.  A well-known high-end outdoor equipment store in this country announced this morning it will end its» 

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Soaring warm temperatures in Arctic

The most northerly weather station in the world is at Cape Morris Jesup off the north coast of Greenland. Normally at this time of year temperatures would be in the -24 to -30 range.    Instead they’re hovering around zero and» 

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Canada’s refugee hearing board overwhelmed

This week Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)  admits it is being swamped by the increase in asylum claims.  It appears the Board has given up on trying to meet the regulations saying it must hear asylum claims within a» 

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Nazis, Jews, fine art, and “too Canadian”

Max Stern was a very successful art dealer and gallery owner in Dusseldorf, Germany, until the Nazis came to power. By a convoluted route he ended up in Canada where he became a very successful art dealer here, and a»