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CETA trade- on again, off again, now back on?

Headlines have been saying the huge CETA trade deal between the European Union and Canada is now back on after late night negotiations in Belgium with the dissenting region of Wallonia. Bernard M Wolf, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto © Schulich» 

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Health authority warns of Halloween overdose risk

With many Halloween parties coming up this weekend, a western health authority is warning people to take precautions if they plan to take drugs. If they won’t consume themselves, people are advised to look out for friends and family who» 

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Government to encourage energy-efficient buildings

In on-going efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian government is about to take steps to ensure new and existing buildings are more energy efficient, reports CBC. Buildings account for 17 per cent of carbon emissions in Canada. The» 

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Guiness world record: Canadian has solid pipes

Lorne Figley is at work today fixing leaks, attaching pipes, repairing heating systems and so on, just like he’s been doing for years, many years,…. many many years. At age 92, Lorne is has now officially been recognized as the» 

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UPDATED: Trudeau won’t fly to Europe to sign CETA

The Canadian delegation will not be travelling to Brussels to sign a free trade agreement with the European Union on Wednesday evening, Canadian officials say. “Canada remains ready to sign this important agreement when Europe is ready,” Alex Lawrence, the» 

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For Canadians, a key element is missing from this year’s World Series

Baseball’s World Series got underway Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio. Blue Jays players and fans were glum after the Indians won game five of American League Championship Series. Both players and fans must go through another winter wondering about what might» 

Health, Science and Technology

Genetic evidence exonerates Canadian ‘Patient Zero’ in the U.S. AIDS epidemic

Genetic evidence has exonerated the Canadian man widely blamed for introducing HIV to the United States and sparking the epidemic that has killed nearly 700,000 people so far, according to a study published in the journal Nature. Researchers used newly» 

Society, Work & Labour

Canada grapples with alleged murders of eight seniors

Canadians across the country, especially in Ontario, are trying to make sense of what police say is a series of murders at two long-term care facilities in the southwestern part of the province. Forty-nine-year-old Elizabeth Wettlaufer of Woodstock, a nurse,» 

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Rising Canadian star to join F1 circus

Many international fans will remember with fondness, the late Canadian F1 star, Gilles Villeneuve, one of the most popular and exciting drivers of his time. Another young Canadian may now be set to take up Villeneuve’s mantel. Only 17, with» 

Canada places 30th in gender gap disparities

The World Economic Forum has issued a shocking (if not surprising) report on the wage disparity between men and women. Canada did not do especially well, ranking 30th in the world, having closed 74 per cent of its gender gap.»