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It’s legal!

The first day of legalised recreational use of cannabis in Canada has dawned, starting as of 12:01 AM this morning. Crowds lined up at a cannabis outlet in St John’s Newfoundland just past midnight to be the first in the» 


Police will be welcomed back to Toronto’s Pride Parade

It now appears that members of Canada’s largest municipal police force will be allowed back into Toronto’s annual Pride Parade. “We will review the application and provided they meet our Rules of Parade Entry policy, they will be granted a» 

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Liberals introduce bill to change prison solitary confinement rules

The Canadian government has taken the first step to eliminating solitary confinement in federal prisons. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale introduced legislation Tuesday that would–among other things–overhaul how inmates are separated from the general prison population. Under the proposed plan,» 

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Medical journal slams pot legalization as ‘national, uncontrolled experiment’

The Canadian Medical Association Journal blasted Monday the plan by the Liberal government to legalize cannabis in Canada as “national, uncontrolled experiment” that pits the profits of cannabis producers and government tax revenues against the health of Canadians. As of» 

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Oxfam Canada says way more must be done to help female refugees

In a what it hopes is a call to action for Canada and other countries to do more to salve and rectify the horrifying consequences of gender inequality faced by female refugees around the world, Oxfam Canada has released a» 

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The right to be forgotten- restricting access to certain internet sites

Removing old or embarrassing or incorrect links about individuals It’s part of a privacy law in the European Union sometimes called the right to be forgotten, but it’s more the right to erasure (of access to specific content) and it» 

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Prime minister of Netherlands to visit Canada

The prime minister of the Netherlands will visit Canada next week to explore possibilities of expanding and deepening the special relationship between the two countries, the Prime Minister’s Office announced Tuesday. Mark Rutte and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are» 

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Why no seatbelts in school busses?

CBC TV discovers flaws in widely used study against seatbelts School busses have a fairly good safety record, generally a child is many times safer riding in a bus than in a car.  A 2006 report by the Center for» 

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National Ballet of Canada dazzles audiences with ‘historic’ tour of Russia

The National Ballet of Canada dazzled a sold-out audience in one of Moscow’s most prestigious venues during its first-ever tour of Russia on Monday. The Nationla Ballet’s tour of Russia, a global ballet superpower that has given the world classics» 

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Driving while high: negative cannabis effects linger for hours.

Recreational use of cannabis is set to become legal in Canada as of tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 17. Even as government “pot shops” are preparing what they believe may be a rush on consumption, many concerns remain among a variety of»