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Antares explosion ended experiment by Canadian students

NASA’s Antares shuttle to the International Space Station exploded moments after lift-off on Tuesday as four boys from Kamloops, British Columbia, watched in shock. The four students had a science experiment on board.  Gathered at one of their homes to» 

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Confucius Institutes: controversy continues as Toronto rejects Confucius Institutes

In a long drawn out discussion over the course of months, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has finally voted formally to cancel a planned partnership with China’s government-funded Confucius Institute. Earlier this year in Toronto, parents, teachers and students» 

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Tax change would benefit rich families

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to announce a tax change that would encourage one parent in a couple to stay at home with young children, but critics say it would benefit a few of the richest Canadians who least» 

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Men’s health month

It’s almost November, and that means across Canada, and elsewhere, it’s almost “Movember”- moustache month. During the month men will grow moustaches in a combined charity fund-raising and awareness campaign about men’s health issues such as testicular and prostate concer.» 

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China says Canadian leader will visit in November

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit China in early November. Harper cancelled plans to attend the Asia-Pacific Summit from November 7-11 because he wanted to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony held every year» 

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Margaret Atwood wants you to name a character

Margaret Atwood, the first-lady of Canadian literature, is joining 16 other writers in raising money for the British charity, Freedom from Torture. Bidding began today, in the ‘Immortality Auction’, for the right to name a character in an upcoming book.» 

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Gordie Howe suffering from a ‘serious stroke’

Gordie Howe, the Canadian legend known as ‘Mr. Hockey’, suffered a stroke on Sunday. He has lost most of the use of the right side of his body, and his speech is slurred, according to his daughter Cathy, who lives» 

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Kahnawake native community to evict non-native residents

Kahnawake, the native community across the river from Montreal, is the scene of heated discussion and anonymous action these days, as members argue over who has the right to live there. Some people’s homes have been hit with eggs.  Recently» 

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The Inauspicious MI-5 agent, quiet Canadian retiree

  Roberts- aka King, made meticulous notes on dozens of people sympathetic to the Nazis and their activities and dgree of danger they posed © National Archives (Britain) Quiet, unassuming, inauspicious, that was Eric Roberts.  In fact unlike a James Bond» 

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New law may cut assistance for refugee claimants

Refugee claimants in Canada may apply for and get funding from provincial governments when they first arrive in Canada, but a new law could make them ineligible to apply. Residency requirement would disqualify newcomers The federal government is proposing legislation»