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Interview with northern Ontario artist Ivan Wheale

It’s a long way from post-war England to Sudbury,  Canada’s hard-rock mining centre in northern Ontario,  but that was the trip Ivan Wheale made as a young man. Ontario artist on Manitoulin Island, Ivan Wheale in front of a window» 

The LINK Online, Sat., Mar 28, 2015

(Please not: if you are experiencing slowness in page loading, technicians are working on the issue which should be resolved next week) Marc is your host this edition, though both Lynn and Wojtek have left stories for us. Canada’s Prime» 

Health, Indigenous, International

Mental wellness symposium taking place in Canadian Arctic

A circumpolar mental wellness symposium is taking place this week in Canada’s Arctic, tackling an issue that’s at the forefont in many northern communities. The event is being held in Iqaluit, the capital of Canada’s eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut,» 

Canadians number one again in internet use

Canadians spend an average of 36.3 hours on-line and visit an average of 80 sites every month.  This according to comScore Canada, which also found we’re increasingly using our smart-phones to access the ‘net. We’re in good company with Americans, who spend 35.2» 

Ontario’s ‘Sunshine list’ grows

Ontario’s annual Sunshine List grew by more that 13,600 workers over 2013. The list, which includes teachers, nurses, police, and firefighters, is all those who make over C$100,000 a year. In 2014 there were 111,438 public sector workers on the list. It» 

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Canadian Energy Strategy: an agreement in July?

A Canadian Energy Strategy is in the works, negotiated by the premiers of the 13 provinces and territories, according to unnamed sources.  There is talk of a deal by July, but Professor Nelson Wiseman, Director of the Canadian Studies program in» 

Politics, Society

Supreme Court ends Canada’s long-gun registry

It was an astronomically costly, convoluted, and extremely controversial effort from its outset. Now all remaining information in the long-gun registry database in Canada will be scrapped, in spite of a Quebec protest to keep its portion of the federal» 

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Baseball fans prep for another big weekend in Montreal

This time next week we could know a whole lot more about the future of Major League Baseball in Montreal. Or Not. The Toronto Blue Jays will host the Cincinnati Reds games on this coming Friday and Saturday at Montreal’s» 


Winter’s legacy: potential for major damaging floods

As Canada enters it’s first few days of spring, it seems the wild winter in central and especially maritime Canada has left a potentially disastrous legacy. Already with the heavy snow load, a number of building have suffered roof collapses» 

International, Society

New rules announced for Canadian plane crews

Tuesday’s crash of a German jetliner in the French Alps has resulted in changes to aviation regulations in Canada. Effective immediately, all Canadian airliners will have at least two crew members in the cockpit at all times. Transport Minister Lisa»