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Prime minister impugned integrity of chief justice: world jurists

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the former justice minister should apologize for impugning the integrity of head of the Supreme Court, says an international panel of jurists. In 2013, Harper suggested that Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin acted inappropriately by contacting» 

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Renewed mission to find the lost Franklin ships

The lost ships of the 1845 voyage represent the only Canadian National Historic Site whose location is unknown to anyone. This August, the government, including the Coast Guard, the Navy, scientists, divers, researchers and agencies like the Royal Canadian Geographical» 

Economy, Indigenous, Politics

Waiting for First Nations communities to reveal finances

A new law passed last year requires Canada’s aboriginal communities to post their financial statements online.  This includes the salaries that the Chiefs and the band councillors pay themselves. The law called the “First Nations Financial Transparency Act” requires First» 


Canadian diplomats leave Libya, people told to leave

In light of increasing violence in Libya, Canada has temporarily closed its embassy in Tripoli and is warning Canadians to leave the country. Canadian diplomats will operate out of Tunisia for now. On its website, the government notes “This is» 

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Massive bee loss in Ontario

Highest documented loss in Ontario  The latest report from Canada’s beekeepers shows overwinter losses in Ontario this year were the highest in Canada at 58% A typical winter loss in Canada is around 15%.  Paul Kozak, provincial apiarist for the» 

Health, Society

CPR method questioned

Canadians are encouraged to get Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training to enable them to help revive someone who has had a heart attack. Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in Canada. The problem is the method for CPR changed» 

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Revenue Canada charity audits continue to stir the political pot

Finally speaking to the simmering controversy over its political-activities audits, the Canadian Revenue Agency says it is going by the book. Long-standing debate on the matter flared up again last week after two charities, PEN Canada, a member of the» 

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Inquiry into mass transit problems begins in Vancouver

An independent review of Metro Vancouver’s rapid-transit system was set to begin Tuesday. It follows two shutdowns this month that stranded thousands of commuters, and in some some cases forced passengers to pry open doors and exit trains along elevated» 

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Inuit want NEB review of Arctic seismic testing

A tiny community in Canada’s Arctic wants a judicial review of a National Energy Board decision that approves seismic testing for oil and gas in nearby waters. The testing is scheduled to begin next summer and will be carried out» 


Homes mostly burgled when owners are away

Many Canadians like to get outdoors in summer, and that is time most burglars choose to break in to their homes, according to data from the Aviva Canada insurance company. Burglaries spike in summer Insurance claims indicate residential burglaries spike»