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Syrian chocolate maker stopped at U.S. border

A Syrian refugee who has become something of a celebrity in Canada was denied entry to the United States on Sunday, reports The Associated Press. Tareq Hadhad arrived with his family in December 2015 having fled Syria first to Lebanon» 

Kushner coming to Canada

Jared Kushner, a very close adviser to President Trump, and his son-in-law, will be in Calgary, Alberta tomorrow, to address the federal government’s cabinet retreat. ‘he’s very good at politics’   Prime Minister Justin Trudeau convened the gathering of ministers» 


Another death prompts calls for safer snow removal

At age 21, Jessica Holman-Price pushed her brother out of the way and was crushed under the wheels of a snow removal truck. © CBC A mother whose daughter died 11 years ago under the wheels of a snow removal truck» 

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You probably can’t afford to live here ( or there)

For years there have been concerns about the skyrocketing prices of housing in Canada, especially in the major cities, and most especially in Toronto and Vancouver A new annual study of world cities and housing markets has now placed Vancouver» 

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Bilingual brain more efficient, may age better: study

A new Canadian study suggests that the brains of people who are bilingual are more efficient and may be less vulnerable to aging or dementia. A team led by Prof. Ana Ines Ansaldo at the University of Montreal recruited older» 

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Canada history: Jan 23, 1932 When our Navy (sort of) invaded tiny El Salvador

El Salvador is the second smallest country in Central America. In the early part of the 20th century almost the totality of its exports consisted of coffee grown in Anglo-American plantations, and transported on Anglo-American railways. In the interwar years,» 

The LINK Online, Sun.22, 2017

NOTE: comments on any story can be made by scrolling to the very bottom of the page beneath each story. Stories feature on this show or segments of longer interviews available elsewhere in the Highlights section. Your hosts this week,» 

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Plan ahead to manage winter blues: psychologist

We are currently in the heart of winter in Canada and some people feel particularly down or depressed. This type of depression is called seasonal affective disorder or SAD and it can affect some people more deeply than others. Sunlight in winter» 

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CARE spotlights 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises

CARE International just released a report focusing on 10 places in the world where people live in crisis and chaos, but we see and hear very little about the situations. Kevin Dunbar is the director of humanitarian operations for CARE» 

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Arts:Non-fiction- The incredible story of Aloha Wanderwell.

It’s an absolutely amazing story: and if it had been written as a novel, people would think it too outlandish and impossible. But in fact it is true. A young girl, barely 16-years-old, joins up with an older man on»