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The long road to Canada’s national anthem

It’s Canada’s birthday, the 148th. On this day in 1980, O Canada was performed for the first time as Canada’s official national anthem. CBC-coverage of official ceremony (begins after commercial) For most of those 148 years however, Canada didn’t really» 

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Nadine Track captures an aboriginal spirit in her photography

Nadine Track used her camera first perhaps to distance herself in her native Lebanon. Then, on arriving in Canada, she pursued photography and quests that have brought her closer to this country’s history and First Nation heritage. It all began» 

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Some Canadian stereotypes fit, eh

No, we don’t live in igloos or commune with beavers and bears, but almost 60 per cent of us are hockey fans and we do say “eh” a lot, pronouncing it like the letter “a.” A public opinion poll explored» 

Illegal nanny scheme; Canadian woman convicted.

A British Columbia woman who ran a nanny placement agency has been sentenced this month to a 15-month conditional sentence order, including five months of house arrest, as well as 100 hours of community service and a $15,000 fine. Operating» 

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Avril Lavigne recovers, Chad Kroeger awaits surgery

Avril Lavigne,and Chad Kroeger, the royal couple of Canadian rock music, are both living the ‘health is wealth’ maxim. Avril Lavigne, the punk-goth princess, behind the mega-selling albums worldwide, has emerged from her hiatus, confirming she is recovering from a» 

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Open letter to politicians from Canadian health professionals

Recently several major medical organizations in Canada joined together under the auspices of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to create an open letter to Canadian politicians. It offers 15 recommendations for politicians to guide health policy decisions» 

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Canadian medical mission fighting Ebola ends

A six-month mission that sent Canadian Armed Forces medical personnel to Sierra Leone to help with the Ebola crisis has ended. Dubbed Operation Sirona, the 79-person Canadian team worked at the Kerry Town Ebola treatment unit which was run by» 

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Province hikes reward for info on potato tampering

Someone is slipping needles or other metal objects into potatoes grown and sold in Canada’s eastern provinces, and the potato industry of  Prince Edward Island has upped the reward to find out who it is. The industry is offering half a» 

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Smokey Saskatchewan: Wildfires in the west cause health warning

Smoke from dozens of forest fires in the central prairie province of Saskatchewan is blanketing almost the entire province. The smoke is affecting residents from Uranium City in the north to Oxbow in the southeast — and all points in» 

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National food policy an election issue?

Food Secure Canada has been advocating for a national food policy in Canada for several years. With the upcoming fall federal election the advocacy group has formed a coalition with farmers, food banks, and community food organizations to raise several»