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Man convicted in Via Rail terror plot to appeal life sentence

One of the two men found guilty of plotting to derail a passenger train travelling between New York and Toronto is seeking to appeal his sentence as well as his conviction, saying mental illness during his trial prevented him from» 


Former Nazi interpreter Helmut Oberlander stripped of Canadian citizenship again

The federal government has once again stripped Helmut Oberlander of his Canadian citizenship for serving in a Nazi death squad and lying about it to enter Canada. Oberlander, 93, was an interpreter for the Nazis and served in Einsatzkommando 10a, a group» 

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German automakers under fire-again

A billion dollar lawsuit has been filed in Canada against Mercedes Benz, VW, Porsche, Audi, and BMW. In the aftermath of “dieselgate” where VW was found to have falsified emissions controls so that their TDI models only activated emissions controls» 

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“Floating terror“ arrives in Canada

Canada is a pretty safe place when it comes to things like poisonous snakes, or insects or aquatic creatures. In fact you risk no attacks at all in any of Canada’s lakes or rivers, and virtually no problems in any» 


Housing risk rated as strong

Canada’s national housing agency says there is “strong evidence of problematic conditions” in the housing market.  It defines the conditions as imbalances due to overbuilding, overvaluation, overheating and price acceleration or combinations of these factors. The quarterly report from the» 

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Researchers create quick test for cool roofs

People are being encouraged to install cool reflective roofs to try to reduce the city heat that contributes to global warming. But light roofs get dirty and can become less effective at reflecting heat away. An engineering team at Concordia» 

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Supreme Court landmark decisions on development-indigenous rights

It’s been a three-year battle for the mostly Inuit communities of Baffin Island, but today they’ve won their battle at the highest court in the land The Supreme Court of Canada has cancelled plans for seismic oil and gas exploration» 

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Calgary ponders 2026 Winter Olympic bid

A special committee has told Calgary city council that the city could do a terrific job of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics but that it should take more time to decide whether to make a bid. The city is however winning praise for» 


2 former sect leaders convicted of polygamy in British Columbia

Two former religious leaders in British Columbia have been found guilty of polygamy in a precedent-setting trial that tested Canada’s old polygamy laws. Winston Blackmore, 60, and James Oler, 53, were convicted on Monday of practising plural marriage in the fundamentalist community of» 

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Almost legalised marijuana in Canada: a grey zone and confusion

Canada’s official statistics gathering agency Statistics Canada, says that marijuana related offences reported by police are declining. As the deadline approaches for legalisation in July 2018, the plant and drug remain illegal for recreational use, but with coming legalisation a»