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‘Screening Truth to Power – A Reader on Documentary Activism’

For 10 years Cinema Politica, a Montreal-based media arts, non-profit network, has been getting people together to watch documentaries and hold discussions in what they call documentary activism, and have been very successful. It started off in a classroom at» 

History, Society

Canada’s public archives: new leader and difficult challenge

The federal government has announced that a Guy Berthiaume will take over as head of the Canada’s history gathering institution in June. Bertiaume will take over after former president Daniel Caron suddenly resigned last year following severe criticism on a» 

Health, Politics

Hundreds protest for province to fund private abortion clinics, repeal law

Hundreds of people protested outside the legislature of the Canadian province of New Brunswick on Thursday (April 17) calling on the government to fund private clinics and to repeal Regulation 84-20. The law limits provincial funding of abortions only to hospitals after» 

Environment, Work & Labour

Skyrocketing price of Saskatchewan farm land

What will a million dollars buy you in Canada in terms of property? In Fort McMurray, Alberta, the oil-boom centre of Canada, it’s not enough to buy an acre of industrial land, that goes for about 1.2 million. In Vancouver,» 

Health, Indigenous, Society

Mental health care in the Arctic – Lavinia’s Story

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North Starting in the 1950s, the Arctic’s semi-nomadic Inuit were moved into permanent communities by the Canadian government. Children were often sent to Church-run schools far away from their» 

Clément Chartier on why court decision on Canada’s Métis so important

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has upheld a landmark decision made last year that the country’s Métis people must be considered “Indian” under the Constitution Act. The decision, made public Thursday (April 17), also overturned the decision on non-status Indians. Canada’s Métis» 

Arts and Entertainment, International

Cannes film fest first: Three Canadians in competition, David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Xavier Dolan

For the first time in Cannes Film Festival history three Canadians: David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan and Xavier Dolan, will be in competition for the Palme d’Or. “This year’s Cannes festival is truly a monumental occasion for Canadian filmmakers,” said Carolle Brabant, the» 

Lifestyle, Society

Police tips: Roadblocks for dummies

 A police officer in the city of Victoria, British Columbia has posted some tips for drivers on the police website. The tips come from actual incidents he witnessed during the course of his duties while at various road traffic checkpoints.» 


More drones require more privacy rules: researcher

Unmanned aerial vehicles are already flying over Canada and their increasing use has at least one researcher saying there need to be rules put in place to protect the privacy of citizens. Drones are used by law enforcement agencies and» 

Environment, International, Science and Technology

Global warming: 99% certainty “not natural”

A Canadian scientist has studied the issue of the causes of global warming and resultant climate change, from an entirely different direction. Shaun Lovejoy (PhD) is a professor of Physics at McGill University in Montreal, and president of non-linear processes»