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Arts and Entertainment

2015 Juno music award nominees announced, MAGIC! tops the list

The pop-rock-reggae group MAGIC! from Toronto leads this year’s nominees at Canada’s top music awards, the Junos, with five nominations. The nominations were announced on Tuesday (January 27). MAGIC! was nominated for best Breakthrough Group of the Year, Pop Album of the» 

Health, Lifestyle, Society

Task Force: Family doctors need to monitor patient weight gain

The Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care has issued a new report on obesity. The report notes that two-thirds of the Canadian population is now considered overweight or obese, nearly triple the number it was in the 1970’s Dietitian» 


Canada may revoke parole for certain killers

The current Canadian government is planning legislation that would mean certain murderers could never be released from prison, reports the Globe and Mail. Currently, the penalty for first-degree murder is a life sentence with a chance of obtaining parole after» 

Health, Society

Company to cut the sugar in Canadian Coke

Coca-Cola is going to cut the amount of syrup it puts in the Coke it sells in Canada bringing into line with the product it sells in other countries, reports the Globe and Mail. A company spokesman told the newspaper» 

History, Politics, Society

Manitoba, first province to grant women the vote.

Exactly 101 years ago today, women’s  right to vote was at the centre of a long-standing debate in Winnipeg. Mrs Nellie McClung who had long advocated for social reforms in western Canada, formed a group called the Women’s Political Equality» 

Economy, International, Military, Politics

First Commons Question Period of 2015: Canada in Iraq and the Canadian economy

Canada’s parliamentarians were back in Ottawa on Monday (January 26) after the holiday break, and were immediately exchanging accusations and attacks. The state of the Canadian economy and Canada’s involvement in military operations in Iraq, were the two issues that» 

Arts and Entertainment, International, Sports

Trailblazing figure skater dies at 65

Canadian figure skating legend Toller Cranston died last weekend of an apparent heart attack. “He was famous…as a brilliant skater who really pushed the boundaries of artistic skating,” says P.J. Kwong, a figure skating analyst, coach and author. “He was» 

History, International, Military

Canada’s first military mission overseas

On January 26th, 1885 a British relief force of over 5,000 soldiers which had struggled its way up the Nile from Cairo, spotted their objective, Khartoum, with them were dozens of Canadians who had brought the British boats upriver. The» 

Indigenous, Politics

Indigenous Sapotaweyak Cree Nation blockades against hydro-electric line

The Indigenous Sapotaweyak Cree Nation is continuing blockades to prevent clear-cutting of trees to make way for a hydro-electric line and other electric installations on the Cree Nation`s traditional treaty and hunting land in Canada`s western prairie province of Manitoba. Chief Nelson Genaille» 

Health, Society

Food labels hard to digest, say researchers

Labels on Canadian food products “are confusing” and are “ineffective in improving nutrition,” say researchers at McGill University. According to government rules, labels must list the percent daily value of several nutrients. “Even educated and motivated shoppers have difficulty picking»