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Canada’s Foreign Minister pays respects at Auschwitz

John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs visited the Second World War Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp today (Thursday). Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister places flowers against the “executions wall” of the Auschwitz death camp, © AP photo -Czarek Sokolowski Accompanied by Canada’s» 

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Chicken producers ban antibiotic that contributes to “superbugs”

It’s a  clear case of drug abuse, or at least misuse, and the Chicken Farmers of Canada has taken matters into their own hands. Chicken farmers-particularly factory operations- across Canada will be ending use of Category-1 antibiotics starting next month. » 


CBC trims budget of famous investigative program

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC-Radio-Canada is reducing the amount of money it spends on its investigative, French-language program, Enquête (Investigation.) The program is famous for having uncovered widespread corruption in the construction industry in the province of Quebec. That led to» 


Police return some of 7,000 pieces of stolen art

Canada’s national police, the RCMP, are touring the eastern province of Nova Scotia returning items stolen by convicted art thief John Tillman. Tillman is in prison after pleading guilty to 40 charges. Police found 7,000 pieces of pilfered art, artefacts» 

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Canada’s Transport Minister responds just within time limit on rail safety recommendations

Under the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act federal ministers must formally respond to recommendations made byt the Transport Safety Board. On Wednesday (April 23), three months after the board made three recommendations on rail safety, Transport Minister» 

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Whales lose threatened status, are less protected

Controversy has erupted over a government decision to change the status of North Pacific humpback whales from a species which is “threatened” to one of “special concern.” The downgrade reduces the level of protection afforded the massive mammals. Change linked» 

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Federal cuts mean the end of Canada’s world-class Cereal Research Centre

To most Canadians the name Cereal Research Centre means virtually nothing, but to grain farmers across the country, the CRC is an extremely well-known and important institution. The research station will close this month as part of government austerity measures.» 

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Official Opposition: Canada should send peacekeepers to Central African Republic

Canada’s Official Opposition NDP party is calling on the Canadian government to send peacekeepers to the Central African Republic to prevent a genocide. The NDP’s foreign affairs critic, Paul Dewar, made the request in a press conference Wednesday (April 23).» 

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Open letter by 465 Canadian academics concerned about damage to democracy

Yet another group of academics, this time 465 Canadian professors, have signed a open letter voicing their concern about the damage to democracy if the Canadian government’s proposed Fair Elections Act is passed. Published in the Globe and Mail newspaper» 

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Keeping science simple and short, (i.e. 3 minutes or less)

You’ve been working intensely for three or four years in your particular scientific field, becoming very comfortable speaking in very complicated and arcane scientific terminology to others in that field. Now, try to explain all that technical and complex work»