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Three Canadian cities in top 10 of Economist livability rankings

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its latest rankings of the world’s most livable cities and Canada has placed three–Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto–in the top 10. The Unit ranks 140 cities on a number of factors every year and there» 

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Statue of Sir John A. staying in Victoria despite Ontario offer

So maybe the story about removing the statue of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, from in front of city hall in Victoria, B. C. over the weekend has legs after all. Turns out Ontario’s new populist premier,» 

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The politics of alcohol

Canadian survey of political preference and preferred drink Here’s a burning summer question: are your political preferences reflected in your alcoholic beverage of choice? Recently the Angus Reid Institute posed that question and surveyed Canadians on the subject. While there» 

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Where are you and where have you been? Google knows!

Tracking off? Maybe not quite. It seems that in this digital age of privacy concerns, even disabling certain tracking functions doesn’t entirely protect your information A recent Associated Press investigations shows Google services could still be tracking, and storing your» 

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Rope skipping tries to make the leap from its playful past….to the Olympics

It’s kind of crazy when you think about it: how come a sport that very likely goes back thousands of years–maybe as far as what has now become the game of soccer–has never made it to the Olympics? Rope skipping.» 

Vintage plane crash at Canadian airshow

A WW-II era biplane crashed this weekend at a major annual airshow event in British Columbia. The DeHavilland Dragon Rapide 3 was carrying several passengers when it came down hard just after takeoff shortly after the days airshow events had» 


Language-disabled student begs court for assistance

Police banged on Matthew’s (*a pseudonym) door one Saturday morning in October 2015 and demanded his identification. He did not understand why. “I was very confused. The police never said exactly what they were charging me with.” Matthew faced having» 

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Investigation continues into death of man being deported

A Nigerian man who died during or after–the circumstances remain unclear–a confrontation with Canadian border officers on a flight from Calgary to Amsterdam last week was remembered Sunday by members of his church as “a warm person who always had» 

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Statue of Canada’s first prime minister is removed in Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, may be the most traditional of all Canadian cities, at least of those birthed when what was once called the British Empire ruled much of the world. People still take tea at the majestic»