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Canada prepares to give permanent residency to 50 millionaire investors

Canada will be launching a new immigrant investor pilot project which will give 50 millionaire investors and their families permanent residency in the country, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced on Tuesday (December 16). “Through the launch of this pilot» 


Girl’s name can be used in child porn case

Rehtaeh Parsons’ father is relieved that no one will be prosecuted for identifying her in the context of a high profile, child pornography case in the eastern province of Nova Scotia. Both parents opposed a ban on her name on the» 

Environment, Indigenous, Politics, Society

Western province approves massive hydro dam

The government of British Columbia has approved a nine-billion-dollar hydroelectric project that would flood more than 5,500 hectares in the Peace River Valley. Aboriginal and environmental groups oppose the plan. “Affordable, reliable, clean electricity is the backbone of British Columbia’s» 

Economy, Environment, International, Politics

Canadian oil sands avoid European “dirty oil” label

It was close, but oil from the Alberta oil sands process has survived an effort in Europe to have their crude labelled as “dirty oil” thereby making it much more difficult to supply a European market. For the past two» 

Economy, Environment

Fracking and contamination risk

Much concern has been raised about the use of hydraulic fracturing of shale  to extract natural gas. Stephen Grasby (PhD) is a research scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada and an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary Stephen» 

Economy, Environment, Health, International

Protecting Canadian maple syrup

New rules on labelling coming Canadian whisky has been an international hit, and Canadian wines are winning world awards, but the sweetest thing to come from Canada is maple syrup.  Not only sweet, but completely natural, and even a very» 

Environment, International, Politics, Society

Climate deal weak, but some change occurring

While nations squabbled and only managed a watered-down deal at U.N. climate talks in Peru last weekend, some sub-national governments and companies are taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their own. Some 190 nations agreed to some of» 

International, Politics

Canadian government opposes decision to convene Geneva Convention summit on Israel

Calling it a “misguided approach” Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has announced Canada strongly opposes the the decision to convene a conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions regarding the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem» 

Health, Politics, Society

Canadian court upholds injunction allowing medical marijuana patients to grow pot at home

The Canadian government has failed in its latest attempt to prevent medical marijuana users from growing pot at home. On Monday (December 15) the Federal Court of Appeal upheld an injunction that exempted patients from a massive overhaul of the» 

Veteran wins compensation battle after exposure to defoliants, MP calls for inquiry for others

A decades old battle by a Canadian military veteran to get compensation for exposure to Agent Orange and other defoliants highlights the need for a public inquiry into the Canadian military’s use of defoliants, according to the veterans affairs critic»