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Justin Trudeau joins Canadian superheroes for Marvel Comics cover

He packs a mean punch and can do one-hand push-ups. And as Canada’s prime minister he has a small army to fight evil with and legions of loyal to fans support him. And now Justin Trudeau suits up for his» 


Talk of housing bubble premature, says new report

Any additional tightening of mortgage rules to prevent a potential housing bubble in Canada’s red hot housing market could hurt the economy, says a new report by Mortgage Professionals Canada. With Canada’s resource sector in deep slump because of low» 

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GMO labelling coming to Canada?

Pierre Luc Dusseault says Canadians want to know if their food is genetically modified, or made with GMO ingredients. He is a member of Parliament for the federal New Democratic Party (NDP). He has just introduced a private members bill» 

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Some Canadian children go hungry in summer

During the academic year many Canadian schools offer free or reduced-price breakfasts and sometimes lunches, but those cease in the summer leaving some children hungry. Food Banks Canada estimates some 900,000 Canadians go to food banks to get free supplies» 


Pilot program offers legal advice to sexual assault victims

The province of Ontario is offering four hours of free legal advice to victims of sexual assault as part of a pilot program. The program will be available to men and women who aged 16 years and older. It’s estimated» 

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Dutch cyberbully suspect can be extradited to Canada in teen suicide case

A Dutch court made the extradition decision at a hearing today in relation to a case in Canada which made national, and international news headlines. In October of 2012, a 15-year-old girl in British Columbia, committed suicide after posting a» 


Fort Mac fire chief wants building code changes

The man in charge of the battle against the massive wildfire in Fort McMurray wants changes to the way houses are built to avoid future devastation, reports Canadian Press. The fire that engulfed this western Canadian city gutted thousands of» 

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Chicken coops and bee hives near Calgary attract bears and cougars, wildlife officials warn

Wildlife officials in the western province of Alberta are warning property owners in the foothills west of Calgary to bearproof their backyard bee hives, chicken coops, compost piles and gardens. The warning comes after several sightings of grizzly bears and» 

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International trade at “3 Amigos” summit- yes, maybe, and maybe not

The leaders of Canada, the US, and Mexico meet in the Canadian capital tomorrow, June 29.  It’s colloquially known as the “3 Amigos” summit, seemingly and somewhat strangely named after a 1986 American comedy film about three bumbling Hollywood actors» 

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Summer stress syndrome: be prepared

It is supposed to be the time of year to sit back, relax, and enjoy the great weather, but “summer stress” can be a challenge for many Canadians. It is the time of year for weddings, or trips back home»