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McIntyre Powder: decades of inhaling aluminium powder to prevent lung disease

It’s an almost unbelievable story, but for decades miners in many countries around the world were told to inhale microscopic particles of aluminium as a preventative against silicosis of the lungs. Elliot Lake in northern Ontario, is a well-known mining» 

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Canada pledges $30 million for climate projects in poorest countries

Canada is pledging to contribute $30 million to the world’s least developed countries to help them cope with urgent climate change adaptation needs, Canada’s minister of environment announced Monday. Speaking at a Paris climate conference event for the Global Environment Facility (GEF),» 

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Fundraiser to save an historic Lancaster

KB882 had a long service life, and then, a far less deserving fate, and finally enthusiasts are trying to give the historic plane a better future. Of the over 7,000 built, this plane is one of only 17 survivors and» 

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Water problems need local solutions: new book

Rather than seeing the world’s water problem as one global crisis, author and journalist Marq de Villiers prefers to break it down and suggests there are solutions best taken up locally. His view is outlined in a new book called» 


Canada’s premier football event: The Grey Cup!

All this weekend a huge number of parties and celebrations have been going on in the western city of Winnipeg Manitoba. Today is marks the 103rd edition of the final match up and culmination of the Canadian Football League (CFL)» 

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Containing Russia-Turkey tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in Sochi, Russia November 24, 2015. Speaking before a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Putin called Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter jet» 

The LINK Online Sat., Nov. 28,2015

Your hosts this week, are Lynn Desjardins, Levon Sevunts, and Marc Montgomery A screengrab from ISIS propaganda video showing John Maguire, a former University of Ottawa student. So-called Islamic groups spreading terrorism are extremely well-versed in internet propaganda and recruiting» 

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COP21: View from Nunavut, Canada

On the occasion of the United Nations climate change conference in Paris (November 30- December 11), Eye on the Arctic has been speaking with different indigenous leaders from across Canada’s North. In this interview series we explore how climate change is affecting» 

Arts and Entertainment

Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson and Alex Colville masterpieces break auction records

Canadian fine art set another record last night when paintings by iconic Canadian artists, including Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris, garnered record prices on Thursday night at the Heffel Fine Art Auction in Toronto. The auction at the Park Hyatt Hotel» 

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Canada doubles international contribution for developing countries climate change fund

On the eve of the international climate conference in Paris, Canada has announced it is more than doubling its previous contribution to help fight climate change in developing countries. The announcement was made Friday at the Commonwealth leaders meeting in»