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International, Military, Politics

Canada’s new mission in Iraq increases risks for soldiers: experts

The Liberal government’s decision to stop the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria and focus on training Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq increases the risks for Canadian special forces stationed there, say Canadian defence experts. Under the new plan, the» 

Health, Science and Technology, Society

Study links concussions with higher suicide risk

People who have had a concussion have a three times greater risk for suicide, according to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. If their concussion occurs on a weekend, the risk is four times higher than the» 

Health, Lifestyle, Science and Technology

Insurance company offers rebates for healthy lifestyle

A Canadian insurance company is set to offer a new insurance program that rewards policy holders for healthy lifestyle choices such as regular exercise, getting an annual health screening or a flu shot. Ontario-based insurance giant Manulife is partnering with» 

Society, Work & Labour

Union calls for law to protect store clerks

Yet another convenience store clerk was assaulted in the western city of Edmonton early February 8, 2016, prompting a union to renew its call for new, worker safety legislation. Two clerks were shot and killed in separate convenience store holdups» 

Arts and Entertainment, Immigration & Refuge, International, Society

Black History Month- Toronto Black Film Fest

TBFF- Feb 10-14 Toronto Ontario is the most culturally and ethnically diverse city in Canada, and one of the biggest celebrations of diversity is coming this week. It’s only been four years, but the Toronto Black Film Festival has grown» 

International, Politics

Should Canada support Gulf monarchies?

A leaked UN report alleging that the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity is fueling a debate not only about Canada’s multibillion sale of armoured vehicles to the ultra-conservative kingdom,» 

Economy, Health, International, Society

Canadian tourists helping deliver medical supplies

Travel to what developed countries may describe as “exotic” locations, often means travel to less developed areas. Tim Blazanovic is the Manitoba coordinator for Not Just Tourists. he became involved after a trip to Cuba and saw the need for» 

Immigration & Refuge, Lifestyle, Society

Syrian refugee recovering after almost drowning

A 13-year-old Syrian refugee is in hospital recovering after nearly drowning in his hotel pool, reports the public broadcaster CBC. The boy was in serious condition and brought to hospital by ambulance, but now is said to be doing better.» 

Animals, International, Lifestyle

Yukon Quest: On you huskies!!!

It’s a gruelling race for man and beast across the frozen Arctic.  The annual Yukon Quest dogsled race is now into day 3 of the 1600 kilometre race from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon. It is truly an international event» 

Environment, Society

Major winter storm hits Maritimes

A new winter system is rolling through Canada’s Maritimes, with Newfoundland next in its path. As the storm moves across the provinces, it will bring high winds and heavy snow. Blizzard warnings cover all of Nova Scotia, which will be»