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Canada’s public broadcaster CBC wins International Emmy for Bangladesh documentary

The fifth estate a news show produced by Canada’s national public broadcaster CBC has won a 2014 International Emmy Award for its documentary on the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. The documentary Made in Bangladesh was first aired in October» 

International, Military, Politics

PM repeatedly questioned on future of Canadian military in Iraq

The Official Opposition NDP and Liberal parties failed to get any clear answers about Canada’s future military role in Iraq, despite numerous questions in Wednesday’s (October 1) Question Period in the House of Commons. At the latest NATO summit, Prime» 

Health, Science and Technology, Society

Children’s pain often undertreated, say experts

Pain in children is too often not well managed in Canada, according to two new studies. One found great variation between hospitals when it came to deciding whether to medicate and what strength drug to use. The other found that» 

Health, Science and Technology

Stress in pregnancy affects child’s genetic expression

We are learning more about how stress during pregnancy will have an affect upon the children. A new study has been following the children of mothers who experienced the stress of a massive ice storm in Quebec in 1998, which» 

Animals, Politics, Society

Government reverses ban on fur hats for police

The Canadian government is obliging the national police force, the RCMP, to go back on its promise to stop using fur in almost all of its uniform hats. The RCMP wrote to an animal-rights group in August to say that» 

Lifestyle, Society

After a split, many fail to pay family support

When couples separate in Canada, they are legally obliged to support their children and sometimes their ex-partners, but CBC News has learned that almost two-thirds of court orders for family maintenance are in arrears. There is the law, but it» 


Official Opposition motion to reform House of Commons Question Period defeated

An attempt by Canada’s Official Opposition NDP party to increase the power of the Speaker of the House of Commons so he could rule on the relevancy of answers given during Question Period was defeated in the House Tuesday night (September» 

Environment, International, Politics, Science and Technology

Polar ice loss affecting gravity

While we think of the earth’s gravity as uniform and constant, there are in fact very slight variations over mountains, lakes, and other geological features, and where density of the earth varies. Now, it’s been determined that climate change is» 

International, Politics, Society

Booklet against radicalization of muslim youth

The handbook comprises 37 pages.  It tells Muslim parents how to detect warning signs their children are becoming radicalized before it’s too late. The booklet includes sections on the warning signs that youth are starting to become radicalized © CBC The» 

Arts and Entertainment

Canadian rocker Bryan Adams releases ‘Tracks Of My Years’

Canadian rocker and photographer Bryan Adams has released his first studio album since 2008 “Tracks of My Years” and it will have some surprises for his fans. The album includes not only some of his own compositions, but such songs»