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Newfoundland care-packages, a taste of home

Ashley Porter, is the creator of ‘Loves It’, the website that provides a selection of treats and tastes of home, that a ‘Newfoundlander’ who’s ‘away’, can enjoy and feel a little more closely connected to the home so many of» 

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Recession official in Canada; Alberta job losses mount

A recession, defined as two consecutive quarters of economic decline in the national economy, was confirmed this morning in Canada. The Canadian economy shrank in several sectors, but the month of June showed modest gain. The collapse in oil prices has hit» 

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Sex-ed pilot project in schools provokes some protest in Quebec

Sex-education classes were introduced in Ontario last year. Now, a pilot project being launched in some Quebec schools this semestre has some parents reacting in oppostion. In Ontario the government dealt with the protests by allowing parents the option of» 

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Canadian scientists detail new giant clam species

Canadian scientists have documented a distinct new species of giant file clam that was originally found in a deep canyon off Newfoundland in eastern Canada. Although specimens were found in Atlantic waters, genetic testing suggests it is not at all» 

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Police charge a Syrian officer in Arar case

Canada’s national police, the RCMP, have charged a former Syrian military intelligence officer for alleged involvement in the torture of Canadian Maher Arar more than a decade ago.  The whereabouts of Col George Salloum are unknown. Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian,» 

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Earthquakes and fracking: a danger to what extent?

According to the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission, two recent and noticeable earthquakes in the northwestern part of the province were caused by gas extraction operations.The Commission said Progress Energy’s fracking operation caused a 4.4 magnitude quake in August» 

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Many Canadians have no emergency savings: bank

Canadians are saving more money now than they did in the past for financial emergencies, but almost one-quarter of them have almost nothing set aside, according to a survey for the Bank of Montreal. Respondents are most worried about emergencies» 

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New housing design for Arctic conditions, Inuit lifestyle

Typically, building design in Canada’s far north has consisted more or less of designs from the south.  These have not been particularly well-suited to the climate, nor to the lifestyle of the majority of residents who are Inuit or aboriginal.» 

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Green Party- a distant voice in election trying hard to be heard

In an era where most people are aware of the environment and humanity’s effect upon the Earth, the one Canadian party which prioritizes environmental issues is still a distant runner in the upcoming election. Most media coverage, political debate and» 

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Hydro Quebec will supply energy to New England States

Hydro Quebec announced today, that it is partnering with Eversource, an Amercian energy company, to bring hydroelectricity to the Northeastern United States. The premiers of Canada’s Atlantic provinces, and the governors of the north-eastern states met in St. John’s, Newfoundland, along»