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Scientists urged to stop relying on self-reports

People are notoriously bad at accurately reporting what they eat and how much they exercise, so scientists should stop basing their research on self-reporting, says an article in the International Journal of Obesity. And people should take with a grain» 

Arts and Entertainment

Documentary: The Antibiotic Hunters

Writer-director Bruce Mohun with a 3-toed sloth during filming of “The Antibiotic Hunters” © Dreamfilm.ca We’re running out of drugs to combat increasingly deadly bacteria. The drugs we have are losing their effectiveness, meaning infections that were previously easily controllable, could» 

The LINK Online Sat., 28 Feb. 2015

Dressed warmly for the Arctic weather we’ve been having in Montreal are Wojtek, Lynn, and Marc A sound project by interdisciplinary artist Amanda Dawn Christie turned into a unique film record of the end of the shortwave transmitter site of» 

Indigenous, Politics, Society

Indigenous leaders, politicians, wrap up meeting on missing and murdered Indigenous women

Indigenous leaders and politicians from across Canada wrapped up a one day meeting on Friday (February 27) as part of a National Roundtable on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. For years there have been calls for a national inquiry into» 

Economy, Society

Communications commission wants community warned before payphones disconnected

Canada’s broadcast and communications regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), wants telephone companies to notify communities before they remove payphones. On Thursday (February 26) the Commission released the results of a study on payphone use in Canada and proposed» 

Lifestyle, Society

Judge refused to hear case of woman wearing hijab

A provincial court is standing by a judge who refused to hear the case of a woman unless she removed her Islamic headscarf. Rania El-Alloul was in a Montreal courtroom hoping to have her car returned to her. It had» 

Economy, Politics, Society, Work & Labour

City of Montreal joins legal challenge against Canada Post

Canada’s second most populous city, Montreal, is joining a legal challenge against the Canadian government mail delivery service, Canada Post. “We want to send a clear message to the federal government and to Canada Post that home mail delivery is» 


Program seeks to increase diversity on boards

A Toronto-based program has successfully increased the number of visible minorities on boards of public institutions, agencies and not-for-profits and will soon share its expertise with organizations in other Canadian cities. Close to one half of Toronto residents are visible» 

History, International, Military

Victory: The first overseas military action of young Canada

February 27, 1900. In the 1800’s European nations were eagerly building colonial empires in Africa. In the 1880’s, British expansion came into conflict with German expansion, and the long-time Dutch farmers “Boers”. Both the Boers and British also came into» 


Plastic car bumpers cracking in the cold

As if the unusually cold winter in eastern Canada wasn’t bad enough, body shops are reporting having to fix more than the usual number of car bumpers at a cost of about $1,000 each. In the good ole days bumpers»