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Alan Doyle-  A Newfoundland performer with tales to tell

Musician and author Alan Doyle in an RCI studio. © Marie Claude Simard- RCI Alan Doyle was born and grew up in a small village in Newfoundland called Petty Harbour. Musically talented he joined a band which eventually became one of» 

Book: The World’s Most travelled Man

Mike Spencer Bown is from Alberta Canada. Even as a young man exploring the wide-open spaces of that prairie province and nearby Rocky Mountains was not enough. Nor was he one to stay put. He has been an “explorer” if» 

Documentary: Clergy who lose their own faith

It’s perhaps surprising that among those who are leaders in religion, the priests and reverends, and preachers, are some who have come to disbelieve. A new documentary film called “Losing Our Religion” looks at this little known, secretive, issue Leslea» 

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Steven Heinemann: Art in 5 dimensions (3D and 2D)

Canadian artist Steven Heinemann knew from a young age he wanted to be an artist. After decades as a successful and renowned creator, the Gardiner Museum will be holding a retrospective in October this year featuring the Ontario artist’s work» 

Montreal’s Big Band Swing is back! (Actually, it never left!)

The band is called the Ballroom Blitz, and they’re a blast. In this age of electronic wizardry in recorded and performance music, Montreal’s big band provides a melodic and upbeat alternative. The music of Glenn Miller, the Dorsey’s and others» 

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Translating Canadian English, into Canadian English

It seems that depending on which part of this very big country Canadians live in, we have developed different names for the same thing. For example in one part of the country the popular term for sports footwear might be» 

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Garnet Rogers: “Night Drive”- the story of Stan Rogers and the rock and roll struggles of a folk trio

It has to be true because you just couldn’t make this stuff up. Garnet Rogers is a singer-songwriter. He was the long-time band mate and brother of the late Stan Rogers who is now a legendary folk singer in Canada.» 

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Canadian university creates winning electric motorcycle

It has a rather odd sounding name, EMUS, but looks like an outright GP racing motorcycle. The motor weighs a mere 20 kilos but produces over 200hp. Its an electric racer entirely designed and built by students at the university» 

Conversation with an Imam

Imam Hassan Guillet came to national attention following the horrific mass murder in a Quebec City mosque. A young Quebec man, Alexandre Bissonette, walked into the mosque in late January this year, and shot and killed six men, and wounded» 

Shadow and light: the precision art of Jessie Babin

There are always at least two things that happen when people view Jessie Babin’s art. The first is usually along the lines of “very lovely photos”, but when told they are drawn art, the reaction is “Really? Wow, that’s amazing”.»