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International, Politics

Canada and Denmark announce joint task force to resolve Arctic boundary issues

Canada and Denmark together with Greenland plan to create a joint task force to explore options and provide recommendations on how to resolve outstanding boundary issues in the Arctic between the two nations, officials announced Wednesday. The issues on the» 

a photo of a larger commercial type drone with camera

Internet, Science and Technology

New Drone Rules Coming for Canada

This past Christmas, literally thousands of small drones of various sizes and capabilities were given as gifts. Many companies, like real estate agencies, wedding photographers and others such as farmers, are using drones, commercially. These- especially larger ones- are also» 


Wild lynx scream at each other on video

Wild cats called lynx live in Canada’s boreal forest and other regions, but you rarely see them, much less get a chance to record them having a screaming, head-butting match. But CBC reports Ed Trist, his girlfriend and her daughter» 

International, Society

Dozens of Canadians stranded in Cuba following plane crash

Dozens of Canadians have been stranded in Cuba after Cuban authorities grounded dozens of flights in the wake of a plane crash that claims the lives of 110 people on Friday. Some complained that they have been unable to reach» 

International, Society

Canadian tourist raped in Caribbean, other cases reported

A Canadian woman is warning fellow travellers that a security guard at a resort in the Dominican Republic raped her and she says the hotel did little about it, reports CBC. The public broadcaster’s Go Public investigative team has found» 


Ontario police investigate note threatening to destroy ‘beaches from Toronto to North Bay’

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are investigating a bizarre letter that claims responsibility for destroying beaches in the Muskoka region and threatens the destruction of “beaches from Toronto to North Bay,” as well as attacks on other infrastructure. The letter»