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Stolen vehicle list Canada 2018

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released its top 10 list of stolen vehicles in this country.  Since 2003 they’ve been compiling a list of insurance claims from across Canada to determine the brands and models of vehicles most commonly» 

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World renowned cellist in the subway

One of the world’s most celebrated musicians, YoYo Ma will give a surprise performance in the Montreal underground transit system, the Metro. A post on the renowned cellist’s Facebook page read, “Yo-Yo Ma will surprise passers-by at a mètro station» 

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ISS visible over Canada this evening

ISS, the International Space Station, will be visible in the night sky above Canada tonight, with David Saint-Jacques now aboard. Many Canadians watched him move into the satellite in low earth orbit on Monday, along with U.S. astronaut Anne McClain and Russian» 

Arts and Entertainment, Society

74-year-old award-winning Christmas favourite song removed

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”   (lyrics and music- Frank Loesser) (public commenting open- comments will be posted after moderating) The song was written decades ago in 1944 and has been very popular ever since, especially around Christmas. Now, viewed through today’s» 

Environment, Indigenous

Inuit and Ottawa reach agreement in principle on Arctic marine conservation area

The federal government and the Inuit have reached another milestone in creating Canada’s largest marine conservation area in the northeastern part of the fabled Northwest Passage, officials announced Tuesday. The Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA), which represents approximately 14,000 Inuit in the» 

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The Gun debate in Canada: Where lies truth? Part-1

(public commenting open at bottom- comments will be posted after moderating) The first of a series of responses to claims about guns in Canada Canada is facing a federal election in October 2019. With an apparent increase in criminal use»