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Behaviour problems for pre-schoolers from screen time: study

Whether it’s from tv screens, video screens, computers, laptops, tablets, or phones, a new study suggests pre-schoolers behaviour is negatively affected when they spend a few hours in front of these devices. Sukhpreet Tamana (PhD) is the lead author of» 

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Toronto wants to revoke bar licences where violence occurs

Toronto, Canada’s largest and most culturally diverse city, has seen a very significant increase in gang violence and shootings in the past couple of years. Although not always, these incidents and tragedies have often occurred in or near establishments where» 

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European football: The curse of Drake continues

Canadian rap star Drake is a big sports fan. As an international star, many sports teams and players like to have the added publicity of photos taken with him, or have him wear team merchandise like jerseys or caps. It» 

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Jobs threatened, jobs created, the future of employment in 2030

Many reports suggest that technology and AI will threaten vast numbers of typical job categories we know today. A new report notes that other factors will also come into play in both eliminating and in creating jobs by 2030 including» 

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Exclusive themed dinner protested in Toronto

It’s called “Dinner with a view”, but anti-poverty groups called their protest, “dinner with a view-of the rich”. The “pop up” dinner, independently organised and not connected with the City of Toronto featured a number of small clear domes which» 

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Japanese flower art heralds spring at museum

As we Canadians like to rant, winter is very long here, and that’s all the more reason to celebrate spring when it finally arrives. The Canadian Museum of Nature gets into the spirit by holding a special event featuring Ikebana,» 

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Fledgling women’s hockey league folds

It began in 2007 to promote hockey as a professional sport option for women, but now the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) Board of Directors has announced that the league cannot continue and will cease operations on May 1. A» 

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Holocaust memoir wins book contest

A book in which a survivor describes his journey from a Nazi concentration camp to Canada has won a contest run by the public broadcaster, CBC. Called Canada Reads, the contest runs for five days during which five prominent people» 

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Howard the gnome, a Canadan icon, is moving on

It’s been a good March for Canadian roadside icons. At the start of the the month at the now (somewhat) famous Moose Summit in Saskatchewan, negotiators from Norway and Canada agreed to call off their dispute over which country has» 

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Canada History: March 21, 1979: A world record stage comedy begins its non-stop run

March 21 1979: a group of under-employed French-Canadian actors are about to stage a small play they’ve created and open at a small downtown Montreal shop converted into a makeshift theatre. The play is called simply “Broue”, an Anglicism on»