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The LINK Online, Jan. 18-19-20

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, Marc  (video of show at bottom) Canadian naval ship heads home after six-month tour in Mediterranean and North Atlantic Spanish Frigate Cristobal Colon, French Naval Ship Latouche-Tréville and Turkish Naval Ship Oruceis sail ahead of» 

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Huge money-laundering operation in British Columbia alleged

The Attorney-General in the west coast province of British Columbia is expressing surprise and deep concern about reports indicating the province is the scene for astronomical amounts of money laundering. Last year a special report called “Dirty Money” commissioned by» 

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Netflix sci-fi series used real footage of Lac-Mégantic disaster

Makers of the Netflix original sci-fi series Travelers have had to apologize and promise to edit out a few seconds of footage after it emerged that they had used real-life images of the Lac-Mégantic train disaster in a scene depicting a» 

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 Radio Canada International: Spectres of Shortwave

It started out as an art project, but circumstances changed and it became an artistically inspired documentary look at the former shortwave service. It deals in part with the history of the shortwave transmission site, its massive antenna array, and» 

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Concerns about civil rights over new drunk driving law

New drunk driving laws have come into effect in Canada, and have caused quite a stir in the legal community not the least of which involves civil rights issues Micheal Engel (BA, LLB) has a legal practice in Toronto specialising» 

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Libraries call for more access to digital books

Canadian public libraries say multinational publishers are not making best-selling titles in e-book or e-audiobook formats available to them just as demand is skyrocketing. When the digital forms are made are available, the libraries say prices are excessively high and» 

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No Pants Subway Ride day

Sunday January 13 Not to be confused with “no pants day” which occurs in May, the No Pants Subway day is in January. This coming Sunday, people who join in will remove their pants and ride the subway (Metro- Tube-» 

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Debbie Travis’ latest book: Design Your Next Chapter

Debbie Travis, the serial TV host and entrepreneur, has a new book out, sharing her insights and experience in personal transformation, as well as several other people’s amazing stories. When I spoke to her during the week before Christmas, she» 

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Dr. Clown: bringing comfort and joy to children

Dr. Clown, or the Dr. Clown Foundation, is the group of therapeutic clowns bringing comfort and joy, and sometimes more importantly, distraction, to little children in hospital settings. One of the founders of the group, Melissa Holland says she was» 

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A conversation about the man whose birth billions celebrate today

Editor’s note: Since 2015, we have shared Frank Marino’s thoughts about Jesus Christ and the meaning of Christmas and the man for whom it is named. The response has been has been striking. For those who might have missed Marino’s»