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E-race arrives in Canada.

Electric racing is coming to Canada. The Formula E series hits Montreal this weekend. Although Montreal has a world class Formula 1 race track, the E race will be run on city streets in the eastern end of downtown. Traffic» 

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A great year for the “greatest outdoor show”

Canada’s Calgary Stampede has come to a close. Billed as the greatest annual outdoor show on Earth, the huge celebration of rural and cowboy lifestyle and skills, saw 1,214,972 visitors pass through the turnstiles. That’s just over a ten per» 

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Engines howl in race weekend Toronto

It’s music to race fans, perhaps not so much to others.  This weekend the screaming engines of Indy racing comes to the downtown streets and Exhibition Place in Toronto, Canada’s biggest city. A portion of the *Indy identification* guide for» 

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Inuit Art Foundation takes over art certification from Canadian government

A trademark that certifies Inuit art, and has been issued by the Canadian government for almost sixty years, is now in Inuit hands. The Inuit Art Foundation (IAF), which promotes Inuit artists and publishes the magazine Inuit Art Quarterly, will now» 

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Montreal smithy hopes to forge new blacksmithing tradition in Canada

Allen Rozon lives by his blades. And the Abitibi native hopes to teach others to do the same. Rozon is a full-time bladesmith who moved to Montreal about a month ago after travelling the world to learn his craft. He has» 

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Nano tech: Quantum mechanics and rock music join forces

All recorded music passes through various processing to get differing sounds and sound qualities. Modern electronic processing and consumer electronics involves silicon chips, (transistors, and diodes) and guitar players say that doesn’t necessarily provide a nice sound, which is why» 

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Discover Canadian literature with RCI

Summer vacation is a great time to catch up on your reading! You want to know more about Canadian literature? Here are some interviews and reports from RCI that will tell you about Canadian authors. Novel tells of recent refugees» 

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ARTS: You might be Canadian IF…

What does a very successful and highly respected editorial cartoonist do when his newspaper shuts down? Well Michael de Adder, although still creating political cartoons for publications across North America, does cartoon books. Absolutely wonderful ones. One of Michael de» 

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The greatest outdoor show on Earth! On now!

The Stampede is on! Arguably Canada’s greatest entertainment event is on this week in the western city of Calgary, Alberta Many thousands of people lined up on Friday for the event opening Calgary Stampede parade in downtown Calgary © Calgary Stampede/via» 

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Eye on the Arctic: Video Archive

In the days before mass media reached the remote corners of Canada, before Twitter and Facebook, the art and artists of Canada’s Arctic were the main conduit for northerners to communicate their culture and communities to the rest of the»