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Atwood at the Emmy Awards

Margaret Atwood got an extended ovation last night at the annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Margaret Atwood, centre, in red, joins the cast and some crew of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ as they accept the award for outstanding drama series» 

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Jean-Marc Vallée wins at the Emmy’s

Jean-Marc Vallée, the Canadian director from Montreal, Quebec, won his first Emmy Award last night, as the outstanding director in a limited series. Jean-Marc Vallée in the back row, with Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Laura Dern and the rest» 

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Translating Canadian English, into Canadian English

It seems that depending on which part of this very big country Canadians live in, we have developed different names for the same thing. For example in one part of the country the popular term for sports footwear might be» 

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CFL –no hit practices; fewer injuries-concussions

The Canadian Football League (N.American style football) has announced an immediate policy change in an effort to reduce injuries and concussions. The League and players union together announced an immediate halt to full contact, padded practices during the regular season.» 

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Guelph offering local artists a major commission

Guelph, Ontario, home to the University of Guelph, is offering local artists an amazing opportunity. “It’s hard to think of anything more visible than a water tower for your artwork” Students walk on campus at the University of Guelph on» 

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Respected Quebec poet accused of plagiarism

In the past, distance, language, and time made it much easier to plagiarise the work of others. For example, one could take the work of someone else in a different language and distant country, translate it to your language and» 

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Jean Paul Gaultier and Kent Monkman unite at MMFA

Jean Paul Gaultier and Kent Monkman tied the knot, figuratively speaking, at an event at Montreal’s Museum of Fine Art on Friday evening. “I had this idea because I thought it was the right thing to do.” Nathalie Bondil, the» 

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Canadian Country Music honoured the best in 2017

The Canadian Country Music Awards 2017 edition, took place last night in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. CCMA Female Artist of Year, Meghan Patick © CBC/Don Somers Following a week-long series of events and concerts leading up to the televised show, Meghan Patrick won the» 

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Garnet Rogers: “Night Drive”- the story of Stan Rogers and the rock and roll struggles of a folk trio.

It has to be true because you just couldn’t make this stuff up. Garnet Rogers is a singer-songwriter. He was the long-time band mate and brother of the late Stan Rogers who is now a legendary folk singer in Canada.» 

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Fusion Festival in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Fusion is the word that brings together the several immigrant communities and long-time residents of Pictou County, Nova Scotia. New Glasgow, the small city at the centre of it all, is a kind of crossroads in the Atlantic province. The»