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More tough talk on trade from US Secretary of Commerce

Donald Trump who is poised to become the US President today, has named the man who will advise and implement trade policy, billionaire Wilbur Ross. Both have said they want to re-examine trade deals which Trump has said are detrimental» 

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Canada history: Jan 18,1972 Canada stands up for Canadian music

Until 1972, just about the only way a Canadian musical artist would be heard on Canadian radio, was through a combination of extreme talent and good luck, or if they had already been successful in the US. It was extremely» 

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Exhibit honours, correctly identifies female artist

Several artworks wrongly attributed to men are exhibited by a gallery in eastern Canada and now are correctly identified as being works by Caroline Louisa Daly. Daly was born in 1836 in Montreal, the daughter of the lieutenant-governor (queen’s representative)» 

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Sex dolls and Canadian child porn case

The case is arousing legal questions over what legally constitutes  pornography, paedophilia, freedom of expression, privacy and more. It began four years ago when a man in Newfoundland allegedly ordered a life-like sex doll from a Japanese company. The package» 

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Canada history: Jan.17, 1880 – The Canadian who invented American slapstick film

(to comment on any RCI story, scroll down to very bottom of page) He was known for many years throughout the U.S. as “the King of Comedy”, except, he was Canadian. Charlie Chaplin, W.C Fields, Harold Lloyd, Gloria Swanson, and» 

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Song for Canada’s 150th birthday year

“Music is the landscape of Canada” Marc Jordan  It’s called “Music Monday” and it started twelve years ago as a way to promote the value of music education for children and young people in schools and communities. Every year on» 

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Black Girls Magazine now available

‘Black Girls Magazine‘ was the brainchild of Annette Bazira-Okafor, the mother of two daughters, who realized they were living in a vacuum in Toronto. The epiphany came during Bazira-Okafor’s PhD research at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE).» 

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Arts- Documentary : Once an immigrant

Peter Keleghan is a very successful Canadian TV and screen actor. He calls himself an “uber Canadian”, immensely proud of his country and what it stands for. To him it represents the chance for all newcomers to leave behind the» 

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Viet Namese Lunar New Year celebration honouring Canada’s 150th

The Viet Namese Tet Festival 2017 takes place this Saturday at Toronto’s International Centre, and it will be the second-largest event of its kind in North America. The first will be in Orange County, California and the third-largest, in San Jose. Dr.» 

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Empire of the Son: Bridging continents, immigration, and the gap between parent and child

Theatrical presentation of lives and emotions explored Canada’s Tetsuro Shigematsu, a former national radio host, has travelled widely in this country and the world. Perhaps his greatest voyage though has been this most recent trip backward to his father’s life»