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In search and discovery of Canadian cuisine

It was a journey of tens of thousands of kilometres as Lenore Newman set off back and forth across Canada to answer the question, “what is Canadian cuisine”. Lenore Newman (PhD)  is Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment» 

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Is Black History Month necessary?

Black History Month has only been an official celebration during the month of February since 1995 in Canada. As a result, a first generation of young Canadians has grown up with a greater knowledge of the contribution of many black» 

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Arcade Fire’s Tim Kingsbury releases solo album

Arcade Fire will be releasing a new album and heading out on a summer tour of Europe, but before that, the band’s guitarist Tim Kingsbury, has a solo project, and an east-coast tour to promote it. ‘Yeah You, and I’» 

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Best tourist marketing ploy ever? Or worst? Or joke?

Is it a brilliant marketing ploy for promoting tourism to Regina, the capital city of the prairie province of Saskatchewan? Or, is it some incredibly lame idea that somehow made it past the bureaucrats, perhaps getting a government approval signature» 

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Much-loved humourist and radio host dies

It is perhaps because he reflected so much that is Canadian that there is such an outpouring of grief and tributes for CBC radio host Stuart McLean after his death. For more than 20 years, McLean regaled his listeners with» 

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The LINK Online Sun. 12, Feb. 2017

Your hosts this week are Carmel Kilkenny and Lynn Desjardins in a show which was carried on Facebook live starting at 1315 on Friday.  We will be doing more of these Facebook Live shows in the coming weeks. Canadian universities are» 

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The legacy of Jackie Robinson as told by hip-hop artist Annakin Slayd

Funny that hold Jackie Robinson can have on people. Take Annakin Slayd, born 23 years after Robinson retired from baseball, six years after Robinson died. And yet, here is Slayd, a kind and gentle hip-hop artist, touring Montreal schools to» 

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YUSRA benefit concert to raise money for families of men killed in mosque

‘Yusra’ is the name of the benefit concert being organized for Friday February 10th, 2017 at Montreal’s landmark Rialto Theatre. Yassin Alsalman, a Montreal musician, actor and multi-media artist is organizing the event. He explains that the word comes from a» 

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Canada history, Feb 9, 1936; Birth of a singing stomping icon.

In his early career, most “critics’ dismissed him, a mere average guitar strummer, corny songs, lousy voice. But, the man was loved by the blue collar workers of this country and came to be a Canadian icon. On this day» 

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Bringing Canadian black history and experience to schoolkids across Canada

It began several years ago as a non-profit project to provide access to the arts for underprivileged youth, called Overture with the Arts. It was created by Akilah Newton, who later added an important aspect in connection with Black History Month.»