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Western energy workers head for Ottawa in giant truck convoy

A giant convoy of trucks festooned with slogans and driven by disgruntled western energy sector workers is heading east, bound for Ottawa and a three-day protest on Parliament Hill beginning Tuesday. About 160 trucks left Red Deer, Alberta Thursday morning» 

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Sting to support Oshawa GM workers

Brings “Last Ship” musical to Oshawa After 100 years or so of making vehicles in Oshawa, and as the major employer in the city, General Motors announced late last year it would close the plant. Sting (Gordon Sumner) knows what» 

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The biggest threat to the world’s biggest creatures is hunting

We are eating them to extinction A new report says while pollution and habitat loss are still serious threats to the world’s creatures, hunting is the biggest threat to their survival. Boris Worm (PhD) is a professor of marine biology» 

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A gorgeous Down East town grapples with an ugly industrial legacy

Things are getting downright ugly in the gorgeous Newfoundland and Labrador community of St. Mary’s. An unbearable smell fills the air. How unbearable? “It’s hard to explain the smell to you,” says the town’s voluntary deputy mayor, Steve Ryan, to» 

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U.S.: new warnings to partners about dealing with Huawei

China’s Huawei, one of the world’s largest telecom giants, has been accused of being used for spying for the Chinese government. Although there has been no actual evidence presented publicly, it has been widely suggested the firm has been involved» 


Railway modifies rules after deadly crash

The tragic railway derailment this week has led to changes in procedure by the Canadian Pacific railway. The new rules will now require handbrakes to be set on trains making emergency stops in mountain routes. Train number 301 was on» 

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New figures show little rise in pot use since legalization

So much for reefer madness. Statistics Canada figures released Thursday indicate that after marijuana was legalized on Oct. 17, there was not marked increase in the number of people using it for either recreational or medicinal purposes.. Still, users were» 

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Marine protected areas: maybe not so protected

A study by researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia has found a surprising fact. Commercial fishing inside Europe’s marine protected areas (MPA’s) is actually heavier than outside those areas. Manuel Dureuil is lead author of the study. He» 

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Food bank need in Canada: unacceptably high

Food Banks Canada is a charitable umbrella organisation for food banks. It annually releases a survey of food bank use in Canada. Food banks are non-profit voluntary operations where individual people and marketers (stores, manufacturers, growers, bakeries etc) can donate» 

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Tough, new regulations on vaping in the works

The federal government will toughen legislation aimed at discouraging young people from what is an apparent growing propensity to puff and pull on e-cigarettes, a habit known to most of them as vaping. Among other things, proposed new regulations will»