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Supreme Court to decide on huge Peel wilderness watershed

It’s an area in Canada’s Yukon territory that is twice the size of Belgium, or one and a half times the size of Switzerland. The Peel watershed is about 68,000 square kilometres of wilderness, largely untouched with no permanent settlements» 

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First bee listed as “endangered” across North America

The rusty-patched bumble bee was once a common summer sight throughout the mid and eastern US states and well into southern Ontario and Quebec. It was a very important wild pollinator of crops, flowers, and fruit trees. By the start» 

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Church preservation threatened by provincial bill

Church buildings, mostly Christian churches, are no longer attracting the congregations that may have built them in years gone by. This is particularly true in the central areas of cities in Canada, and in many of the small towns in» 

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BIS warning for Canadian economy

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) issued a recent report that found Canada’s economy is in perilous condition Hilliard MacBeth is the author of “When the Bubble Bursts: Surviving the Canadian Real Estate Crash”. Published two years ago, the warns» 

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Too much diluted honey entering Canada, say producers

Canadian honey producers want the government to increase and improve the testing of honey to ensure it is not being diluted with other sweeteners. They believe producers, particularly in Asia, are adulterating honey and so, are able to sell more» 

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Innovation budget for Canada, the time has come

Innovation is one of those buzz words these days, and your reaction to it may depend which side of it you’re on; are you the employee being hired, or the employee who is now redundant? “Historically we’ve seen new jobs» 

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Canadians personal debt: new (worrisome) record

It’s not looking good. In figures released this week, the personal debt of Canadians reached a new record last year. Statistics Canada, the federal statists gathering agency, reported that for every dollar of disposable income, Canadians owed, $1.67 in the» 

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Grizzly Truth: trophy hunting, money, conservation, tourism

The Grizzly Truth. Yes it’s about bears, magnificent, huge, powerful bears. But they’re not the unpredictable killing machines so often portrayed, nor are there even that many of them left. A new documentary looks at the various myths, and the» 

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Update:Canada chosen for new spaceport

It’s official Canada has been chosen for development of a new spaceport. An official press release today states, “Maritime Launch Services (MLS) Ltd., established in Halifax, is pleased to announce it has committed to a launch site location following a» 

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Syrians stranded and dying six years after war began

Syrian refugees are stranded in squalid conditions in Europe, Turkey and the middle East, while Syrian civilians are stranded in their homeland at the closed borders unable to escape the violence and chaos in the conflict zones. “Of particular concern»