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Small town, big cruise ship season expected

I am willing to bet most Canadians did not know Saint John in the eastern province of New Brunswick is an increasingly popular cruise ship destination. It is a small town with a population of 67,575, according to 2016 statistics.» 

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Wine war: International dispute sees Australia vs Canada

Canada and the U.S. have a long history of trade challenges, seemingly made more intense with the recent protectionist attitude of the U.S. Now, Australia has decided it wants to challenge Canada too, in this case over wine. On Friday» 

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Global warming vs the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are to celebrate the thrill of winter sports, but it seems winter is being less and less cooperative. With the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea, just weeks away, a new study shows increasingly fewer cities will be» 

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Huge grocery chain admits price fixing

Bread prices “fixed” for 14 years It was a rather stunning admission: the head of Canada’s largest grocery chain and baking operation admitted they’d been “fixing” the price of bread since 2002. Galen Weston, chairman and CEO of George Weston» 

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Honesty experiment in Eastern Canada: high marks!

How honest are Canadians? Test shows good results in Maritimes. They have been many stories over the years in Canada of lost items, especially wallets, being returned to their owners with money and credit cards still inside. That’s not to» 

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Canada launches WTO trade complaint against U.S.

With the list of trade irritants between Canada and the United States growing day by day, Ottawa has launched a wide-ranging trade complaint against its southern neighbour, over Washington’s increasingly protectionist trade practices, according to a World Trade Organization filing dated» 

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Ottawa ‘deeply disappointed’ as Washington targets Canadian newsprint

The federal government says it is “deeply disappointed” by the Trump administration’s decision to impose preliminary countervailing duties on Canadian newsprint, adding another trade irritant to relations between the two neighbours. The U.S. Department of Commerce slapped on Tuesday an» 

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David vs Goliath: anger grows over business vs low wage employees

Ontario minimum wage increase: Protests grow over business cutting employee benefits Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has raised the minimum wage paid to workers to $14/hour as of January 1, an increase of $2.40 over the previous minimum hourly wage» 

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Ice Storm remembered 20 years later

Ice Storm memories from the winter of 1998 might be revived for many during this challenging winter in southern Quebec. But so far, most of the electrical grid has held steady, and coping with frequent snowfalls is the biggest challenge.» 

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Pilot shortage may soon affect regional carriers

Pilots are in short supply around the world these days, and the problem is expected to get worse. The cause is a combination of factors converging internationally, such as mandatory retirement for many current pilots, more air routes, and more»