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Calgary light conversion observed from space

Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, has undergone a transformation that has changed the night from orange to blue. After replacing 80,000 street lights with new LED bulbs the city expects to save $5 million (Cdn) a year in electricity» 

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Talks to overhaul ‘fundamentally failed’ NAFTA kick off in Washington

Top officials from Canada, Mexico and the United States kicked off formal negotiations on revamping the North American Free Trade Agreement as U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer called for a major overhaul of the trilateral accord, arguing it has “fundamentally» 

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Ontario families: falling standard of living

Ontario has become a place where the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. These are the findings of a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)  a left-leaning economic think tank. At one time» 

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Ottawa orders mandatory speed limit for large ships to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales

The Canadian government is ordering a temporary mandatory slowdown for vessels of 20 metres or more in length to protect the population of endangered North Atlantic right whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, federal officials announced today. The announcement by Transport» 

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Solar power growth good news for Canada’s mining industry

Solar is now the go-to power source in many places: from cottagers in Canada wanting to stay off the grid, to a hockey rink in Prince Edward Island trying to cut the cost of running the facility, solar panels are» 


Unemployment dips to lowest rate since 2008

The Canadian economy added nearly 11,000 jobs in July, the eighth consecutive month of growth, as the unemployment rate fell to its lowest point in nearly nine years, Statistics Canada said Friday. The pace of job growth slowed, however, with 10,900» 

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Caroline Mulroney Lapham entering politics

Caroline Mulroney Lapham, the daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, made it official yesterday, she is running for the provincial Progressive Conservative Party in the upcoming Ontario election. Caroline Mulroney, co-founder of The Shoebox Project, photographed in Ottawa, alongside» 

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Bottled water companies paying more for Ontario water

Bottled water companies are paying a lot more for the water they extract in Ontario. Protesters outside Guelph city hall in September 2016, rallied to force city politicians to pressure Queen’s Park to halt Nestle’s water-bottling operations in nearby Aberfoyle.» 

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Christy Clark leaving politics in British Columbia

Christy Clark, the former Premier of British Columbia, is leaving politics. “I am done with public life. Politics isn’t a happy job. It’s not a fun job, really. It’s a fulfilling job and it’s really interesting and I loved doing» 

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Christy Clark resigns in British Columbia

Christy Clark, formerly the Premier of British Columbia, announced she is resigning today. Clark, who did not talk to the media, said she will step down on August 4th, leaving both her position as leader of the province’s Liberal Party,»