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Labour strife in Quebec halts major construction projects

The good weather of summer is the time most construction is accomplished in Canada. Right now however major construction sites across the entire province of Quebec has ground to a halt in a construction industry general strike involving tens of» 

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Reducing grocery store food waste

In recent years fingers have been pointed at grocery chains for tossing perfectly good food into the garbage bin.  Lots of it. It appears to be policy that as food approaches it’s expiry date, or “best before/sell-by ” date, many» 

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U.N. Security Council seat.. at what cost to taxpayers?

If you were to ask, most people would be unaware of what the United Nations Security Council does Canada is vying for a non-permanent seat in 2021, but to get there, a great deal of taxpayers money is being spent.» 

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Millions of Canadians: face uncertain income, mortgage debt

A new survey of thousands of Canadians has shown that nearly 40 per cent say they have had moderate to high levels of income volatility in the past year. Income volatility means month to month income is inconsistent, meaning not» 

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Ottawa to discuss continental trade and defence in Mexico City and Washington

Canada’s foreign affairs and defence ministers are heading to Mexico City and Washington to discuss continental trade and defence issues after the United States formally notified Canada and Mexico last week that it wants to renegotiate a key trade agreement» 

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High-speed train closer to reality

High-speed train proposals and promises have become a regular occurrence in Southern Ontario. But perhaps this time it will become a reality. On Friday, Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynn, announced a high-speed railway between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. “The best time» 


Inflation rate unchanged at 1.6 per cent in April

Canada’s annual inflation rate stood at 1.6 per cent in April, same as in the month of March, as higher energy costs offset a seventh consecutive decline in grocery prices, Statistics Canada said Friday. Higher prices for gasoline and natural» 

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Canada ready to bring NAFTA into 21st century, Freeland

Canada is ready to work with the United States and Mexico to bring the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement up to 21st century standards, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Thursday. Her comments came after U.S. President Donald Trump’s» 

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Security and trade top agenda of ministers’ meetings in Washington

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan met yesterday with their U.S. counterparts to discuss a wide range of security and trade issues over dinner at the State Department in Washington, D.C. The discussions with Secretary of» 

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Canadian farms: fewer, bigger, older

It seems that the amount of farmland in Canada is growing, but the average age of operators (farmers) continues to increase, while the numbers of actual farms is slowly decreasing. These are the latest findings from the national statistics gathering»