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NAFTA from the Mexican view of negotiations

NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, between Canada, the United States and Mexico is undergoing some tough renegotiations these days. Donald Trump is talking tough and repeatedly has said the agreement has been a bad deal for the United States.» 

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Scots Canadians rejoice, Haggis is back!

After 46 years, Scottish haggis is back in Canada Scots have had enormous influence in Canada’s development. Indeed our first Prime Minister, and the man credited with creating Canada was a Scot.  In fact, Sir John A Macdonald’s first language» 

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Sears stores begin liquidation sales today

Sears begins their final chapter with liquidation sales today in stores across Canada. Managers and former executives walk away with big cash bonuses The retailer, that was part of the Canadian landscape in 130 locations, is leaving many former employees» 

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B.C. Grizzly trophy hunt to end

The lush forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and  sea-coast of the large west coast province of British Columbia is a great place for grizzly bears. It’s also been a great place for hunters seeking a big trophy. The hunting season opened» 

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Best and worst places for women in Canada

Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast, is still the best city in Canada for women, and Windsor, Ontario in southern Ontario, is still the worst. These are the findings of an annual study by Kate McInturf of the Canadian» 

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Loblaw: lay-offs and new hires

Loblaw Companies Ltd., one of the oldest and largest grocery chains in Canada, is in the process of laying off 500 employees in offices across the country. Galen G. Weston, president and executive chairman of Loblaw Limited speaks to shareholders» 

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U.S. demands an end to Canada’s supply management

The North American Free Trade talks (NAFTA) are going badly and it increasingly looks like the U.S. side is trying to sabotage them on orders of the protectionist president Donald Trump. Sources have told the Canadian Press that U.S. negotiators» 

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Agreement soon on high Arctic fishing in international waters?

The area under discussions is almost 3 million sq/km of ocean beyond the boundaries of Arctic nations known as the Arctic doughnut hole Recently two relatively small sailing yachts on a British expedition made it almost to the North Pole.» 

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U.S.- Canada trade dispute: Bombardier sale due to U.S. tariffs?

According to reports, Canada’s leading aerospace firm, Bombardier, is considering selling parts of its aerospace operation. The Canadian firm is facing massive U.S. tariffs of almost 300 per cent on its new C-series passenger jet as a result of a» 

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Vancouver symposium seeks solution for drop in Orca numbers

As the resident killer whale population continues to dwindle in West Coast waters off southern British Columbia and northern Washington state, experts gathered in Vancouver this week to try to come up with a plan to halt the decline. Studies»