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Pornhub makes way for sex therapist Laurie Betito

Pornhub, the Canadian site that’s one of the largest in the world, is also one of the first to include content on sexual health. Laurie Betito, a Montreal-based psychologist with a private practice specializing in sexuality, has also been listening» 

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UNICEF Canada educating refugee children in Jordan

UNICEF Canada is grateful for the generosity of Canadians and the Canadian government in supporting their work around the world, but particularly for the refugees out of Syria. Now five million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries Rob Jenkins is the» 

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Bridge Championships a draw for the many committed players

Bridge, the card game, brought more than 5,000 people to Toronto last week for the North American Bridge Championships. Montreal-based Steve Merovitz, who teaches the game, was there. He and his wife, Ellen Moss, took part in the events, at» 

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The LINK Online Sun. Aug 6, 2017

Featuring Lynn Desjardins, Carmel Kilkenny and Levon Sevunts (video of show at the bottom) Today on The Link Deadly heat for Southeast Asia A new study released this week forcasts more deadly heat for southeast Asia. Published in the journal,» 

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Judges to mentor minority lawyers in Nova Scotia

Indigenous and black lawyers in the province of Nova Scotia who want to become judges can now benefit from a mentorship program offered by the judiciary. As it now stands, out of 104 judges, five are black, three are Indigenous,» 

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Students unearth history at ancient fort

Human remains are being unearthed at a graveyard outside the gates of the massive Fortress of Louisbourg on Canada’s Atlantic coast. The graveyard is being eroded by coastal waters so the graves are being dug up, studied for clues about life» 

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Tall Ship festivities for Canada’s 150th

Tall Ships, the majestic sailing vessels described as the ‘cathedrals of the sea’, have been visiting east-coast Canadian ports and cities. Tall ship, El Galeon has hosted as many as 5,600 visitors a day to learn more about the role» 

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Why it’s getting harder to listen to someone in a crowd

You’re at a party, or a gathering or crowd of some sort and there’s a lot of background noise. You’re trying to have a conversation with someone but it’s hard to understand them. It’s probably your age, and not your» 

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The sterling legacy of legendary grand master and teacher Chong Soo Lee will live on in his students

Canada has lost one of its greatest teachers. Chong Soo Lee © Facebook/Darrell Henegan The Korean-born Grand Master credited with bringing Taekwondo to Canada, Chong Soo Lee, died of cancer on July 5 in Montreal at the age 79, leaving behind» 

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Medicinal and recreational marijuana: keep them apart say researchers

The federal government says it wants to have legislation in place making marijuana legal by July 1st, 2018. As that deadline approaches, police agencies and provincial leaders across thecountry continue to hold various meetings to discuss how to deal with»