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Public broadcasting threatened- Switzerland case

skype video interview at bottom of story Swiss referendum may decide to close public broadcasting When radio started in the early part of the last century, most countries established a national public broadcasting system; first radio, then television, and now» 

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Mystery solved in curling: what makes rocks curl?

In the sport of curling, it is sometimes essential that the rocks bend around an opponents stone. But what makes it do that? Researcher Edward Lozowski (PhD) spent four years unravelling the mystery. He is professor emeritus of Earth and» 

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Tragic chapter in Canadian history: Aboriginal residential schools explained online

It may have originally been conceived in good faith but as it turned out the so-called residential school system in Canada was a sociological disaster of epic proportions. Edmund Metatawabin is a survivor of St. Anne’s residential school in Fort» 

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Racist allegations involving iconic Canadian folk song

Music teacher sues school principal and VP. A school in Toronto is embroiled in a controversy over a song performed during a school concert in May of 2016. The music teacher who organised the concert is now suing the principal» 

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Flute teacher, performer lauded, mourned around the world

David Gerry’s life was ebbing but he received teachers and students from Canada, the U.S. and other countries who dropped everything to come see him in the few weeks before he died on December 4, 2017 in Hamilton, Ontario. Such» 

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Drop-in mental health clinic offers after-hours help to students

Health authorities have set up a new after-hours, mental health clinic at Western University in London, Ontario. It is running during the stressful exam period from mid-November to December 14th, three days a week from 5pm to 9pm. During the» 

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LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture: Citizenship for sale?

The 15th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture, sponsored by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, took place in Toronto on September 25th, but this year’s edition expanded the lecture format. The lecture is named in honour of Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin, two giants of» 

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ICAO: future of aviation summit

ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organisation, based in Montreal, hosted a summit on Monday and Tuesday that was a first for the UN agency. The ‘Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Summit’, brought together more than five hundred delegates from 85 countries» 

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Police to leave Toronto schools

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has voted to end the decade old School Resource Officer (SRO) programme which saw armed officers posted inside high schools. Police were asked to be posted in the schools in 2008 after 15-year-old Jordan» 

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Yukon cancer warning labels on alcohol

A world first? Several countries around the world, including the U.K., U.S.A., Sweden and France among others have varying sizes, styles, and degrees of obligatory and voluntary warning labels on alcohol products. These often warn of the dangers of drinking»