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Nunavut allows limited caribou harvest after Baffin Island moratorium

Caribou are an important food source for Inuit on Baffin Island in Canada’s eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut.  But declining populations led to a moratorium on hunting the animals  in December. This week however, the government lifted the moratorium, allowing» 

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Quebec orchards need temporary foreign workers fast

Orchards in Quebec are full of apples but the workers to pick the fruit are in short supply. Recent changes to visa processing for temporary foreign workers, is being blamed for the absence, and farmers are worried they’ll loose some» 

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The Last Ice Area in the Arctic

Where once the Arctic was an almost eternally frozen region, global warming has created vast changes. Scientists now estimate that in just a couple of decades, the area permanently covered by ice all year, will be dramatically reduced to a» 

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Greener Village helps monarch butterflies in New Brunswick

Greener Village Community Food Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick is doing its part to help the declining monarch butterfly population. Led by Executive Director, Elizabeth Crawford Thurber, the centre created a ‘raise and release’ program this year. It’s part of» 

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Greenpeace to record seismic oil exploration in the Arctic

There has, and continues to be, great controversy about oil exploration in the Arctic. One aspect of that is seismic exploration for potential oil and gas reserves under the Arctic seabed. Against ongoing protest, the Canadian government has granted permission» 

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Water expert shocked at location of proposed new Calgary sports complex

With a variety of experts saying cities and builders need to take a changing climate into consideration, a huge new stadium complex is proposed on the bank of the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta. The Calgary Flames hockey organization announced» 

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Logging almost triples in monarch butterfly haven

Illegal logging has almost tripled in the Mexican wintering grounds of the monarch butterfly, say investigators. They are concerned that means fewer may survive to start the spring migration to Canada and the northern United States. No one butterfly makes» 


Wild weather: cities not planning for the “new normal”

David Phillips is a senior climatologist at Environment Canada. He says municipalities are still stuck in old planning ideas when the both the changing climate and changing urban centres require new concepts to cope with the new normal of wilder» 

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Peel Watershed case returns to Yukon court

The Peel Watershed controversy is arguably one of the most watched, ongoing environmental stories in Canada. The Yukon Government wants most of the Peel Watershed opened up to industries like mining. While environmentalists and First Nations want most of the» 

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Irving Oil: 2900 temporary jobs in New Brunswick

Irving Oil is calling it Project Falcon.  It’s a $200 million maintenance project that has been in the planning stage for two years. Beginning on September 16th, it’s estimated the 60 days of work will employ 2,900 workers at its»