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Scientists concerned Arctic climate change much faster than expected

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising two times higher than the rest of the planet and are already affecting other parts of the world, according to an international assessment. The latest studies on the north were examined by 90 scientists» 

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Quebec plans for caribou shock environmental groups

A number of environmental and conservation groups are expressing a mixture of shock and surprise at a Quebec announcement concerning a small herd of caribou. Woodland caribou (boreal caribou) herd populations are in decline across the entire country and listed» 

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Toronto subway air quality: as bad as Beijing

A study of the three metropolitan subway systems in Canada’s three major cities shows some surprising results. The systems were tested in Vancouver on the west coast, and in Toronto and Montreal in central Canada. The findings were published in» 

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The Antarctic too is under stress and threat

We are hearing more and more about stress, and threats to the Arctic, but not so much about Antarctica. Most people would tend to think because the Antarctic is so distant and cold, that it’s a pristine environment and relatively safe» 

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Canadian province of Quebec puts Arctic on international agenda

The Canadian province of Quebec included the Arctic as a top priority in its new international policy this month, but questions remain as to how this renewed focus will benefit northerners back home in the province. The new 10-year policy focuses» 

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WWF study finds gaping holes in ability to respond to Arctic ship fuel spills

..response plans rely on capacities and methods that may not  exist or cannot be adapted in remote communities to respond to a ship-based spill. WWF The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a report on the ability of Canada to deal» 

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Canadians invited to bury their underwear to learn about soil

It is National Soil Conservation Week in Canada and this year that brings an amusing campaign to make Canadians more aware that all of civilization depends on a healthy 15cm of top soil. Without that crops would not grow. The» 

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For “Earth Day” (Apr 22) think about bees

Around the world experts are noticing a decline in bee populations. Bees are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops and all plants. While we are aware of commercial honey bees, most pollination is done by wild bees.  With» 

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CPAWS- Charity group sues government over caribou

The non-profit national charity conservation group, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) has launched a lawsuit against the federal government over failure to uphold an aspect of the Species at Risk Act. Specifically the lawsuit is over the habitat» 

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Iceberg season spectacular in Newfoundland

Icebergs are a growing tourist attraction in Newfoundland and this year the season is beginning with some amazing sights. The Ferryland iceberg measures about 46 metres in height, according to Don Costello. Here a helicopter provides a context for the»