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Space Studies Program in Montreal this summer

The International Space University was the brainchild of three students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.  In 1987, two Americans, Peter Diamnadis and Todd B. Hawley, and Canadian, Bob Richards, were concerned that space-exploration was becoming increasingly polarized, particularly between» 

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Wasp stings result in the death of a Montreal suburban mayor

The mayor of a Montreal suburb has died after being stung by wasps. Such deaths are exceptionally rare in Canada. Lucie F. Roussel stepped on wasps’ nest while gardening at her cottage in the town of Stratford, Quebec, about 200» 

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International Space University program in Montreal for 45th anniversary of moon landing

The International Space University, runs a nine-week space studies program every summer. This year it is underway in Montreal. Tomorrow we’ll tell you more about the program and the Canadian connection that was part of creating this global initiative. Julie» 

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New data suggests Tories may be out of step with public

New public opinion research suggests that Canada’s governing Conservative Party may be out of step with the priorities of many members of the Canadian public. The findings are based on consultation with focus groups carried out the NRG Research Group» 

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Tesla opens charging station on Sea to Sky highway

Tesla Motors opened its first Canadian Supercharger station yesterday in Squamish, British Columbia. The community is at the end of the route from the city of Vancouver to Whistler, known as the Sea to Sky Highway, one of the most» 

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“Shark” marketing hoax raises ire

The video posted on youtube on July 10 and shows three men fishing off a dock at the eastern tip of Lake Ontario at Wolfe Island, near Kingston. As one reels in a fish, a large, finned, shark-like creature looms» 

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Endangered elephants get help from BC students

A group of students in British Columbia has created a hi-tech system that is providing park rangers with a new tool to save threatened African elephants. PhD candidate Jake Wall and his colleagues at the conservation group Save the Elephants» 

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Sharks in the Arctic: surviving climate change

Sharks are one of the oldest survivors on earth, with fossilized records dating back as much as 400 million years ago. Many scientists are concerned that with climate change, many of the earth’s species will not be able to adapt» 

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Labour union comes out against pipeline

In a press release this week, Canada’s largest private sector union says the Northern Gateway pipeline will bring more harm than good to the Canadian economy The proposed pipeline would run from a town called Bruderheim in Alberta, 50 kilometers» 

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Toronto condo-craze invades neighbourhoods

Toronto’s red-hot housing market has led to a flurry of condominium development, in an effort to provide housing and capitalize on the big returns available to developers. High-rise condominiums in the foreground and the green woods of High Park in»