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Seismic testing suspended in Arctic waters

Aboriginal groups in Canada’s northern Baffin Island are relieved that a consortium of energy companies has suspended plans for seismic testing in nearby waters. They are worried that the very loud noise projected into the water is harmful to the» 

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Don’t feed bread to the ducks, says biologist

Feeding bread to ducks is a bad idea on many levels, says Steve Carr, a biologist at Memorial University in the eastern city of St. John’s. As the weather warms up, Canadians get outdoors and some of them like to» 

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Earlier wildfire forecast on the mark

Predictions earlier this year for another destructive forest fire season seem to be coming true. Last year, records were set in terms of both the number and amount of forest burned across Canada and this year the season has started» 

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Phoenix Sun Saga; the Quebec City chapter

The Phoenix Sun, finally left Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Saturday, after being stranded for two-and-a-half years in the down town port on the St. Lawrence River, north-east of Montreal. It was thought to be the final chapter in a tale that began» 

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Shark,ray study shows overfishing is depleting stocks

Reported catching of sharks , rays and related species have declined by as much as 20 percent since peak shark landings in 2003. Researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, wanted to examine the hypothesis that the reduction was» 

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Arctic mine’s contentious request

An Inuit organization has asked a federal minister to get involved in a dispute in the Arctic. Bernard Valcourt, the federal Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development minister, now finds himself caught between a huge mining company asking him to intervene» 

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Palmyra a tragic loss to the world: ROM Archaeologist

Professor Clemens Reichel is an Assistant Professor in the department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto, and Associate Curator at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto. Like many in the global archaeological community, he» 

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Great Gardening weekend at Montreal’s Botanical Garden

The Great Gardening Weekend at Montreal’s Botanical Garden is really a festival of gardening and gardeners! Sylvie Perron, the Chief Horticulturist at the Botanical Garden says this is the largest event of its kind in the province of Quebec.  It’s» 

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Seafood identified through online system

Consumers can find out where their seafood came from and who caught it through a seafood traceability system developed in Canada called This Fish. In 2009, a group of fishermen from Vancouver Island off Canada’s western shore decided they needed» 

Animals, Environment

Calgary woodpeckers lovely, but becoming pests

Damage in the thousands of dollars It seems some woodpeckers in the western city of Calgary Alberta have developed a bad habit. A retirement community on the outskirts of the city is being targetted by woodpeckers who are drilling into»