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Jim Cuddy & friends in “Back Fort Mac” benefit concert

Jim Cuddy, the frontman of Canada’s much-loved Blue Rodeo, is performing tonight with friends, to raise money to help the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta. The northern city is working to get back to normal in the wake of the» 

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Mount Polley mine reopens after toxic spill

The gold and copper mine, known as the Mount Polley, in the interior of British Columbia, will reopen nearly two years after its tailings pond collapsed, causing an environmental disaster. An aerial view of the toxic slurry in the nearby» 

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Canada’s fish stocks severely depleted: Oceana report

Less than a quarter of Canada’s fish stocks are considered healthy and the status of almost half is unknown, according to a new report released today. The report by Oceana Canada, a charity dedicated to protection of the country’s three» 

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The end of the Great Lakes? Water deal causes concern

The mayor of a small Ontario town is livid over a U.S. decision allowing another small city in the U.S. to draw its water from the Great Lakes. Leamington mayor John Paterson, whose town is on Lake Erie and relies» 

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Marmot die-off worries conservationists

It’s not yet known why half of the marmots died in the central region of Vancouver Island on Canada’s Pacific coast. The groundhog-like mammals are about the size of a housecat and they hibernate in the winter. It seems 36» 

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Prairie storm thrashes conservancy celebration

A nasty prairie storm chased people indoors towards the end of a celebration to mark the 20th anniversary of a major protected area called Old Man On His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area last weekend. The area measuring 53» 

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Nature’s lawnmowers: 106 green alternatives for Calgary

The western prairie city of Calgary Alberta has concerns about invasive plants in its parklands. The city wants to reduce invasive plants to ensure native species are overrun thereby maintaining the natural wildlife habitat and species survival. Rather than have noisy» 

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Warm temperatures mean decline in Pacific salmon

Record warm temperatures have been recorded along the Pacific coast of North America this past week. Last year also saw record heat in and around the Pacific. The federal agency known as Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has just released» 

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Giant turbine test gets go-ahead for Bay of Fundy

A provincial environment minister has approved a plan to install two giant turbines for tidal power research in the Bay of Fundy, off Canada’s east coast, reports Canadian Press (CP). The bay has the highest tides in the world with» 

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Margaret Atwood awarded prestigious Pinter Prize

Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist and poet read throughout the world, was awarded the 2016 PEN Pinter Prize in London on Thursday. The 76-year Atwood, whose whose novels include “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which won the 1987 Arthur C. Clarke Award»