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Arctic Indigenous leaders to push for permanent voice in world maritime body

A coalition of environmental groups is calling for a permanent voice for Arctic Indigenous communities at the world body that regulates the global maritime industry. Six Arctic Indigenous leaders from Alaska, Canada, and Russia are expected to travel to London» 

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IJC calls for public input into microplastics in Great Lakes

The growing concern over microplastics in the Great Lakes between Canada and the U.S.A, has attracted the attention and concern of the bi-national “International Joint Commission” (IJC). It is seeking public comment on recommendations it will soon make to Canadian» 

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Legal appeal of GM salmon decision

A court case is now awaiting a verdict in Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal. The case centres on government approval for the sale of genetically modified salmon as a food for human consumption. Ecojustice lawyers on behalf of environmental groups,» 

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Former Health Canada scientist against trade deals.

Canadian Shiv Chopra recently returned from the Hague where a mock international tribunal, and parallel “People’s Assembly”, were discussing if the multi-national bio-tech and chemical giant Monsanto, can be held accountable under human rights laws. Micro-biologist and veterinarian, for over» 

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Province puts water-bottling business on hold

The province of Ontario is proposing to suspend the creation or expansion of bottled water plants while it considers changing the rules that allow companies to take water to sell, reports Canadian Press (CP). The proposed changes come after a» 

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Documentary: California drought- another warning of climate change

The lush fruit orchards, nut groves, vinyards and vegetable fields of California supply food to almost all of North America and beyond. Reliable year-round sun and ample water have meant unparalleled yields for decades. But that has come at a» 

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Forest with rare species and animals preserved near Toronto

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has acquired two biologically-rich parcels of land just north of Toronto which will be a boon to nature lovers and hikers. Parts of the Happy Valley Forest have been opened to hikers and the trails» 

Environment, Indigenous

Muskrat Falls reservoir set for flooding despite hunger strike and protests

Work on flooding the Muskrat Falls reservoir in Labrador is expected to go ahead as planned despite a hunger strike by an Inuit artist and protests by Indigenous groups worried that the hydro megaproject will contaminate their wildlife food sources.» 

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Climate change doubles western U.S. forests burned: study

A new study suggests that human-caused climate change has doubled the amount of U.S. land burned by forest fires since 1984. The study’s lead author says climate change knows no borders and conditions are similar in Canada. A massive fire» 

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Huge free trade penalty against Canada

(note: comment submission form is located at the bottom of each story on the site) It is another example of what those opposed to international trade deals have been saying about the ability of sovereign governments to enact domestic policy»