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Massive bee loss in Ontario

Highest documented loss in Ontario  The latest report from Canada’s beekeepers shows overwinter losses in Ontario this year were the highest in Canada at 58% A typical winter loss in Canada is around 15%.  Paul Kozak, provincial apiarist for the» 

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Revenue Canada charity audits continue to stir the political pot

Finally speaking to the simmering controversy over its political-activities audits, the Canadian Revenue Agency says it is going by the book. Long-standing debate on the matter flared up again last week after two charities, PEN Canada, a member of the» 

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Inuit want NEB review of Arctic seismic testing

A tiny community in Canada’s Arctic wants a judicial review of a National Energy Board decision that approves seismic testing for oil and gas in nearby waters. The testing is scheduled to begin next summer and will be carried out» 

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Mission on Mars (simulation) ends

It’s called “Hi-SEAS” but it’s all about space, in fact, a mission to Mars. the crew of six must eat, sleep, and work within the confined space of the small dome for 4 months. Lockwood says it could be “challenging”» 

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Arctic oil spill would spread quickly: report

A major oil spill in Canada’s western Arctic would likely spread quickly towards Alaska and possibly Russia, according to research funded by the World Wildlife Fund. “We’re definitely concerned,” said Frank Pokiak, chair of the Inuvialuit Game Council in Inuvik» 

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Canadians bring water to help Detroit

A convoy of Canadians carrying water over the border from Windsor, in Ontario, across the river to Detroit, in the United States, got a lot of attention yesterday. They brought 1000 litres of tap water in plastic jugs, to a» 

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Arctic shark teeth fossils may contain clues about climate adaptation

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North When we think of climate change and the Arctic, it’s usually polar bears or seals that come to mind. But it turns out animal fossils dating from 50» 

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Federal toxic chemical list draws fire from Environmentalists

Canada’s pro-business Conservative government and environmentalists are squaring off again. The latest skirmish follows the release of an Environment Canada list updated earlier this month of an 363 harmful chemicals going into Canadian air, land and water. Anti-fracking activists are» 

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Inuit and Greenpeace issue warning about Arctic seismic testing

Activists from Inuit communities in Canada’s far north were set to take part in protest Wednesday in Nunavut. The protest at Clyde River, a tiny Baffin Island hamlet just above the Arctic Circle. is part of a growing backlash against seismic testing» 

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Space Studies Program in Montreal this summer

The International Space University was the brainchild of three students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.  In 1987, two Americans, Peter Diamnadis and Todd B. Hawley, and Canadian, Bob Richards, were concerned that space-exploration was becoming increasingly polarized, particularly between»