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Huge wild fire inferno, massive evacuation- Alberta town

It is the largest emergency evacuation in Alberta history. Record breaking heat and no rain in the past few weeks have left forests and grasses in the prairie provinces tinder dry. An image of the fire Tuesday as it burned» 

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Canadian GMO soy producers, EU, and the CETA trade deal

The national association representing the soybean industry in Canada wants to know why the European Union is delaying approval of genetically modified soy products. Soy Canada sent a letter to the European Commission requesting a formal explanation for the EU» 

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U.S. stops trying to ban trade in polar bear parts

Inuit hunters in Canada are celebrating a major victory after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to stop pushing for an international ban on the trade in polar bear parts. “Though we remain concerned about the commercial use of» 

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Muskox rump hair indicative of climate conditions and diet

Forensic scientists have long used chemical and other analyses of hair and teeth to determine such things as diet of an individual, usually for historical purposes. Now researchers at the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University in Denmark, are using similar» 

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Human records confirm climate warming science, (or vice versa)

A vast multitude of scientific studies from all over the world have been showing rapid warming and climate change since the industrial revolution. Now, an international research team has been poring over records of physical observations meticulously and continuously recorded» 

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The Link Online Sat. April 30, 2016

Your hosts, Carmel, Lynn and Terry. Nine out of ten Muslim Canadians are optimistic about life under PM Justin Trudeau’s government. © CP/Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press A survey released this week, concerning the attitudes and perceptions of Muslims in Canada made widespread» 

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National Snow and Ice Data Center loses ‘eye in the sky’

Just as the Arctic experiences one of the most unusual weather patterns in history, a satellite malfunction has forced the U.S.-based National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) to suspend its daily sea ice extent updates until further notice. One» 

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Diving park innovates to save the shipwrecks

Diving is a big draw for Brockville, Ontario. The location, in the Thousand Island region, on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, is a great destination for divers. Now it is aiming to get even better, by adding a human» 

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Vets, volunteers team up with aboriginal communties in the North to minister to stray dogs in need

Nobody actually knows how many stray dogs live on earth, but the estimates are staggering. Over a billion? Maybe. Slightly less? Maybe. Strays and roaming dogs in the north are getting more help. © cbc.ca What we do know is that» 

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Environmentally aware: a matter of mind..over mind

We just marked Earth Day on Friday, April 22, but are we really doing all that well in our efforts to be more responsible in trying to reduce our environmental footprint? Apparently added education about the effects of our personal»