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Canada – U.K. Arctic music & policy show looks to build bridges

Ask the average person in the South what they know about the Arctic and things like ‘ice’ or ‘polar bears’ usually top the list. But a new radio show launched this month wants to help change that. Dispatch, from the Cold Front comes» 

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Magnitude 4.9 earthquake jolts northwestern Vancouver Island

A moderate earthquake has shaken the area off northwestern Vancouver Island, the second since Wednesday. No injuries or damage was reported due to the 4.9 quake which struck at 4:28 a.m. PT Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Earthquakes Canada» 

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Climate change induced habitat flooding threatens vulnerable wood bison: study

Climate change is causing extensive lake expansion and is flooding key habitat for the threatened Mackenzie wood bison herd in the southern Northwest Territories, according to a new study. The Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary, on the western shore of Great Slave» 

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A learning experience about the endangered Monarch butterfly

It is one of the greatest migrations of any creature, let alone for a relatively tiny insect. Each year in the autumn, Monarch butterflies embark on a massive migration of 2,000 to 5,000 kilometres from places in the US and» 

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Climate change, changing predator-prey habits in Arctic

Researchers had thought this might happen. With the Arctic sea ice melting sooner, and forming later, and with decreasing ice extent, one of the world’s biggest predators, the killer whale, has been moving further into new areas, and for longer» 

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Canada’s melting glaciers contributing to sea level rise

While it is of great concern that ever more sea-ice is being lost in the Arctic and now also record lows in the Antarctic, it should be noted that sea-ice loss is not a contributor to sea-level rise. The same» 

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Unique ecosystems protected in St. Lawrence River

A non-profit conservation group has acquired three new pieces of land in the St. Lawrence River enabling it to protect some unique ecosystems that are home to vulnerable species of plants and animals. They add to areas already protected by» 

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Canada history: Feb 17, 1932: The end and beginning of the mystery of the Mad Trapper

It is one of the many enduring legends and mysteries of Canada’s far northern frontiers. Who was this man? They didn’t know then, and they still don’t know now, and probably never will. The story begins in summer of 1931» 

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Oceans losing oxygen, harming marine life

A new study has found the world’s oceans have lost two per cent of their oxygen in the past 50 years, mostly because of climate change. The losses are most pronounced in the North Pacific and Arctic Oceans. ‘Far-reaching biological» 

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Antarctic sea-ice heading for record minimum

What people often forget is the fact that the Earth’s two polar regions are completely different. The Arctic is an ocean surrounded and interspersed by land, while the Antarctic is a continent surrounded by ocean.  Thus the ice behaves differently.»