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Canada’s newest (Arctic) National Park

Canada’s Minister of the Environment and for Parks Canada was in the Arctic this week to officially open Ukkuksiksalik National Park. The park surrounds Wager Bay, an inlet extending about 100 kilometers inland from Hudson Bay. Map showing location of» 

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Canadian farmers and international campaign against G7 “New Alliance”

It was an initiative created by the then G8 countries in 2008 called the “New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.“ However, dozens of advocacy and civil society groups around the world including the United Church of Canada, (UCC position)  » 

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Development plans for national park alarms UNESCO

UNESCO wants Canada to delay hydro and petroleum development in Wood Buffalo National Park, reports the Globe and Mail newspaper. The park in northwestern Canada is one of the largest in the world. Its territory covers 44,807 km2 making it» 

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Nadine Track captures an aboriginal spirit in her photography

Nadine Track used her camera first perhaps to distance herself in her native Lebanon. Then, on arriving in Canada, she pursued photography and quests that have brought her closer to this country’s history and First Nation heritage. It all began» 

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Avril Lavigne recovers, Chad Kroeger awaits surgery

Avril Lavigne,and Chad Kroeger, the royal couple of Canadian rock music, are both living the ‘health is wealth’ maxim. Avril Lavigne, the punk-goth princess, behind the mega-selling albums worldwide, has emerged from her hiatus, confirming she is recovering from a» 

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Open letter to politicians from Canadian health professionals

Recently several major medical organizations in Canada joined together under the auspices of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to create an open letter to Canadian politicians. It offers 15 recommendations for politicians to guide health policy decisions» 

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Smokey Saskatchewan: Wildfires in the west cause health warning

Smoke from dozens of forest fires in the central prairie province of Saskatchewan is blanketing almost the entire province. The smoke is affecting residents from Uranium City in the north to Oxbow in the southeast — and all points in» 

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National food policy an election issue?

Food Secure Canada has been advocating for a national food policy in Canada for several years. With the upcoming fall federal election the advocacy group has formed a coalition with farmers, food banks, and community food organizations to raise several» 

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Ocean acidity could collapse food chain, scientist

The world’s oceans absorb carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels, making them more acidic and less hospitable to micro-organisms that support the marine food chain, says Alfonso Mucci, a professor of geochemistry and oceanography at McGill University. Ultimately, acidification could» 

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Line 9 protest in Toronto Monday morning

Line 9 is the pipeline that runs from Sarnia, Ontario up through the Greater Toronto Area and on to the Montreal region. It is undergoing a second reversal, or ‘re-reversal’. According to the Enbridge company website, it ”has been operating the»