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Concerns over investigator bias

There seems no end to controversy surrounding the Northern gateway pipeline project. The oil industry wants to build a 1,177 kilometre pipeline to connect the oil sands in Alberta to a terminal on the British Columbia coast. The British Columbia» 

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Unusual smuggler nabbed at US-Canada border

A Canadian man has been charged by both Canadian and US officials in what may at first appear to be an unusual choice for smuggling. US authorities have charged Kai Xu of Windsor, Ontario,  with smuggling goods, trade in endangered» 

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Canadian study changes knowledge of canyon rivers

Water flows down through a canyon, but new information from a Canadian study now changes just about everything that was thought about the dynamics of that flow. River flow through bedrock canyons is also climate-related, connected to mountain uplift, along» 

Environment, International, Science and Technology

Soot from Canadian wildfires increases melting on Greenland

Researchers studying Greenland’s massive ice-sheet are making some worrisome findings. Danish-born glaciologist Jason Box who has studied glaciers for two-decades is in the second year of a study called the Dark Snow project. He is with the Geological Survey of» 

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Historic international bison treaty

A treaty has been signed among several aboriginal tribes straddling the Canada US border in an effort to increase the numbers of bison. The “Buffalo Treaty” is to allow the free flow of the animals across the international border and» 

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Liberal opposition defeats ruling conservatives in New Brunswick provincial election

Canada’s Atlantic coast province of New Brunswick elected a new Liberal government on Monday (September 22), defeating the ruling Progressive Conservative party. It took more hours than usual for the results because the election count was stopped for almost two» 

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Canada’s vehicle emission promise not new: critics

Canada’s environment minister announced measures to curb vehicle emissions at a round table leading up to the UN summit on climate change in New York, but critics say they are not new and not enough. “This is just a re-announcement» 

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Your drinking water is drugged

We as a society consume a lot of pharmaceuticals: painkillers, hormone replacements, blood thinners,  anti-depressants, and many many others. Some people of course also take restricted, so-called illegal drugs,  cocaine for example. But none are absorbed 100 percent. Some of» 

Economy, Environment, International, Society

Supertankers in the St Lawrence

Large oil tankers traversing the often tricky currents and narrow and shallow sections of the St Lawrence are not new. Two crewmembers on the bow gives some perspective of the size of the supertanker, the first of possibly dozens to» 

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Fighting climate change is affordable: notables

The world can take steps to fight climate change and still have healthy, growing economies, says the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. The commission, made up of executives, former prime ministers, finance ministers and a World Bank official,»