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Ranking the most distinct and most endangered, birds

 A trio of researchers in British Columbia had been instrumental in a unique international effort involving the world’s birds. They created lists ranking birds in order of their evolutionary distinctness, and to what degree they are threatened with extinction. Arne» 

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Shipping company using drones in the Arctic

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North Shipping in the Arctic is no easy task. Distances from southern Canada to the country’s High Arctic is long. Trips can be slow going, with captains navigating through» 

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Hotel would degrade scenic park, say past managers

The government should say no to a proposed commercial development in one of Canada’s most scenic national parks, say three former Parks Canada managers. In a letter to Parks Canada, the three say allowing a private developer to build a» 

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Canadian university working toward solutions for water security

The issue of water security is of increasing concern around the world.  As demands increase for fresh water, and as the climate becomes more unpredictable, the number of people without access to safe water is increasing. McMaster University in Hamilton,» 


Vestiges of winter still causing problems

Winter may be “officially” over, but for tens of thousands of Canadians in eastern Canada, it sure doesn’t seem like.. Two huge wheel loaders (one digging from the other direction and not seen) are almost dwarfed by snow drifts across» 

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Canadian research reveals new clue to rapid Arctic ice melt

A new study of the Arctic’s vast Mackenzie river delta has discovered that an unexpected aspect of climate change is having a very big effect. Lance Lesack, a professor in both the Department of Geography and Department of Biological Sciences at» 

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Railway accident data in Canada ‘inaccessible,’ researcher says

Data about railway accidents in Canada is “worryingly inaccessible, sometimes conflicting and in certain cases not available at all,” according to University of Calgary researcher Jennifer Winter. In a report released by the university’s School of Public Policy titled “Safety in Numbers:» 

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A whopper of a tale, but it did get away, kind of

An American ice fisherman got a lot more than he expected on a recent fishing trip to Canada. He not only caught what is very probably a world record fish, but he himself got caught up in the law, and» 

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Canadian youth take action against climate change

Young Canadians staged 15 events across the country yesterday to protest the extraction of fossil fuels which, when burned, contribute to climate change. This followed a weekend summit in the eastern city of Halifax which drew 500 students to “learn,» 

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Arctic mining: unexpected social negatives for Inuit women

Proponents of development in the far north, often mining, claim it will bring needed employment and money to the region. While this is true, there are also unexpected social drawbacks for indigenous communities, especially for Inuit women. Professor Frank Tester,»