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Feeding birds in winter: both a good and bad idea

Winter is a tough time for most animals, birds included. Humans have long enjoyed helping out by providing food in birdfeeders. But for many years now, scientists and other researcher have been saying that’s both good and not so good» 

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Saving endangered species in Canada missing proper Indigenous input: study

When it comes to taking care of the land we live on, you really have to wonder why so many of the rest of us don’t listen to the people who have been living on it for thousands of years.» 

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Will Canada win the race for lab-grown “meat”?

If it looks like meat, tastes like meat, is it meat? It’s called “cultured protein”, but generally known as lab-grown meat, but not only meat, but potentially eggs, poultry flesh, fish flesh and even milk. The process involves taking some» 

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Campaign aims to get children back to nature

Canadian children are spending more time with screens and less time out in nature and that is having a negative effect on their physical and mental health, says Jill Sturdy, a manage with Nature Canada. This non-profit has worked to» 


You love whales? Read RCI’s reports on them

You love whales and plan to go whale watching this summer? Read our articles on these fascinating creatures, the dangers they’re facing and the numerous projects and studies that have been launched to protect them. Belugas use personalized sounds to» 

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Pro-pipeline protesters set to make presence felt on Parliament Hill

Disgruntled and angry workers from Canada’s West are rolling a convoy of trucks up to Parliament Hill to express their displeasure at federal environmental policies. Their arrival in Ottawa comes as Petro-Canada finalizes its plans to build fast charging stations» 


Land donation honours nature lover

A diverse piece of land in the western province of Manitoba will be conserved and will continue to provide a home for several species, some of them species at risk, announced the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Bob Mickelson had an» 

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Western energy workers head for Ottawa in giant truck convoy

A giant convoy of trucks festooned with slogans and driven by disgruntled western energy sector workers is heading east, bound for Ottawa and a three-day protest on Parliament Hill beginning Tuesday. About 160 trucks left Red Deer, Alberta Thursday morning» 

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Weather app launched by Canadian government

“As climate change brings more extreme variations in weather, Canadians are using mobile devices to stay up to date,” says a statement from the government department, Environment and Climate Change. And that is the reason it gives for launching a» 

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Seafood mislabelled along supply chains, say researchers

A new study confirms that Canada has a problem with the mislabelling of seafood, but also that the problem exists throughout the supply chain. Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario collected 203 samples from multiple points and found»