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Anticosti pursuing UNESCO designation while oil drilling to begin soon

The island of Anticosti, in Gulf of the St. Lawrence, will be one of ten sites in Canada suggested for UNESCO World Heritage status. The Canadian government, through Parks Canada, will champion 10 applications to the United Nations body for» 

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Three-quarters of world significantly changed by humans

An international team of researchers has mapped where human activity has had the most impact on the natural environment leading to a “biodiversity crisis.” Results were surprising and there was some cause for optimism. ‘Human footprint maps’ were developed to» 

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Puffins starve: More climate change?

They are a quite distinctive seabird. Some 95 percent of Atlantic puffins breed around Newfoundland and Labrador,  and indeed are that province’s official bird. They do however have colonies all around Canada’s maritime provinces and in parts of the northeastern» 

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Human laziness leading to high death toll of bears

In Revelstoke, B.C., nine bears killed over garbage this week alone A conservation officer in British Columbia spoke out in anger this week over the need to kill “habituated” bears These are bears that have become used to entering residential» 

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Environmentalists call B.C. climate plan a failure

The western province of British Columbia (B.C.) released a “Climate Leadership Plan” which environmentalists have panned. A government-appointed team spent six months studying climate change mitigation but many of its key recommendations were rejected. Activist and government-appointed advisor Tzeporah Berman» 

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Yukon River swim by Denis Morin, a first!

Denis Morin celebrated his retirement with an amazing adventure. An avid riverboarder and swimmer, the 54 year-old Quebecer decided to tackle the Yukon River, all the way through Alaska to the Bering Sea. And he is the first person to» 

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International group of mayors unite against Great Lakes decision

Earlier this year a decision was made in the U.S, to allow a community to withdraw its municipal water from Lake Michigan, even though it was outside the Great Lakes water basin. A coalition of some 100 mayors and local» 

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Elizabeth May continues as Green Party leader

Elizabeth May, leader of Canada’s Green Party, announced this morning she is staying on in the position as leader. Last week Ms. May announced she was taking some time to reflect on her future after the party voted to support» 

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Sockeye salmon numbers plunge

The official forecast for sockeye salmon in western Canada’s Fraser River has dropped from 2.3 million to 1.1 million, reports CBC. If it holds, that would be the lowest number on record. The government has suspended all sockeye fisheries there» 

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Corporate water bottling coming under increased opposition in Ontario

The central province of Ontario has experienced a major heat wave and drought this summer putting a great strain on water supplies. Indeed residents in most communities all across Canada now regularly face water usage restrictions in summer. In spite»