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The study of marine dead zones

The inland sea of Cape Breton Island has an interesting if not unique feature. Scientists are studying an ocean “pit” feature to learn more about marine dead zones. Bruce Hatcher (PhD) is a member of the team studying the composition» 

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Canada lags in protecting nature: report

Canada ranks last among G7 countries when it comes to protecting land and fresh water, according to a report from the non-profit Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). Only 10.6 per cent of its massive landscape is protected and that» 

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Expensive resort rebuilds environment

A resort on Canada’s west coast is listed as one of the world’s most expensive and it is also one that has undertaken environmental restoration work worth millions of dollars. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is a luxury tent camp located» 

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Giant liquid natural gas pipeline and terminal stalled by legal challenge

A huge project set to develop a 900 kilometre gas transmission line and export port on the British Columbia coast has hit a legal roadblock. The provincial government had approved the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission  Line which would move fracked» 

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No end in sight in British Columbia wildfire crisis

Massive wildfires raging in Canada’s West Coast province of British Columbia entered their third week on Friday as reinforcements were flown in Thursday to help in the fight. About 225 Canadian Forces personnel arrived to join 150 soldiers already there» 

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Some big lifestyle changes may be coming for Canadians AND our animals

For the first time since 2007, Health Canada is planning some progressive changes to Canada’s Food Guide–changes that–if followed–will go a long way to make a whole lot of Canadians feel a whole lot better–and healthier. Make that Canadian humans» 

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More devastating news: another right whale found dead

There are so few North Atlantic right whales left, that every single one is critical to their survival as a species. There are estimated to be only about 500 to 550 left alive. In June, in what came as a» 

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Showdown over marijuana brewing between Ottawa and provinces

Canada’s premiers and territorial leaders have wrapped up their Council of the Federation meeting in Edmonton where they discussed NAFTA renegotiations, a boycott of the meeting by some Indigenous groups and what has become a contentious issue: the federal government’s» 

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Putting a dollar value on wetlands

Scientists and environmentalists have long known that wetlands (marshes, bogs) mitigate climate extremes. They absorb water  when there’s excess rain, and retain and release water when there’s drought.  Wetlands are something like a weather “shock absorber”. Knowing that however hasn’t» 

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Citizens of 3 countries asked to track butterflies

For the first time citizens of all three countries in North America–Canada, the United States and Mexico– are being asked to take part in the effort to document monarch butterfly breeding sites across the continent. The Mission Monarch Blitz, headed»