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Soaring warm temperatures in Arctic

The most northerly weather station in the world is at Cape Morris Jesup off the north coast of Greenland. Normally at this time of year temperatures would be in the -24 to -30 range.    Instead they’re hovering around zero and» 

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Flooding emergency in Brantford, Ontario

Flooding on the Grand River near the city of Brantford, Ontario was the reason for an emergency evacuation today. Mayor Chris Friel declared the state of emergency this morning and is imploring people to leave their homes, and to stay» 


New Arctic fishes book will help manage change

The mysteries of the fishes that live in the Canadian Arctic are unravelled in a new book that provides a baseline that will help understand how they are affected by climate change. The book was co-edited by scientists from the» 

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Rain and flooding causing problems in southeastern Canada

Heavy rain and mild temperatures are causing problems in many regions of southern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick today. Environment Canada issued severe weather warnings, cautioning that “significant” rainfall is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Greater Toronto Area, and» 

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Protecting Canada’s watercourses: new bill doesn’t do it says advocacy group

The federal government is proposing changes to the “Navigable Waters Act” which regulates development projects that have an effect on navigable waters. The 30 pages of changes were placed within the 416 page proposal called Bill C-69. Many people have» 

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New rules for ship fuel mean less pollution by 2020

For years Canadian organisations and others have been calling for Arctic shipping to stop the use of the heavy fuel oil (HFO), also known as bunker fuel, in commercial ships. This is the cheapest fuel available and emits a high» 


Ontario colleges funded to cut carbon emissions

Colleges in the province of Ontario are praising the provincial government’s gift of up to $200 million to reduce carbon emissions in the college system and up to $300 in interest-free loans to retrofit college and university facilities. The announcement» 


Canada to ban capture of dolphins, whales

The federal government will ban the capture of marine mammals like whales, dolphins and porpoises, according to proposed legislation presented by the governing Liberals in the House of Commons. The prohibition on fishing for cetaceans “with intent to take them» 

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Canada gets a new Fisheries Act – more environmental protection, Indigenous input

Canada’s new Fisheries Act gets generally good reviews A number of groups from scientists to fishing groups, to environmental groups have all said the new Fisheries Act is a step in the right direction. The Act was announced on Tuesday» 

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Alberta’s native ecosystems: status report- ecosystems losing ground

A new report says the western prairie province of Alberta has lost a significant amount of its native ecosystems between 1999 and 2015. The report says  during that time human activity converted some 23,000 square kilometres of native ecosystems into either»