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Port Vancouver fire raises health concerns, evacuations

Hundreds of people were told to stay indoors in the downtown core of Canada`s Pacific coast city of Vancouver on Wednesday (March 3) as a four-alarm fire blazed in the Port of Vancouver. As the fire smoldered the next day, health» 

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Group protests park use for commercial trips

An environmental group is going to court over a provincial government plan to give a private company the exclusive right to run guided horse trips in a protected wilderness park. The government of the western province of British Columbia issued» 

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Anger, frustration over extended cod fishery

Independent inshore fishermen in Newfoundland are angry and frustrated at a Department of Fisheries decision to extend the cod fishing season until the end of March again this year.  The season was supposed to end March 01, prior to spawning» 

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Legal fees over wind farms could waste families

Wind energy companies are demanding that four families in the province of Ontario pay $340,000 in legal fees for a court case the families lost in December. Families say case was in the public interest In civic cases in Canada, the» 

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Potentially toxic blue-green algae increasing everywhere

Zofia Taranu PhD-lead author of the international study looking into the growth in incidence of “blue-green algae” © supplied It’s become an annual news story in Canada in the past few years. Every summer there are more and more reports of» 

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Canadian advice helping Kenyan farmers

AVC professor Dr John Vanleeuwen has led student veterinarians to over several years to advise Kenya farmers and treat their animals. © University of Prince Edward Island Thanks to a Canadian veterinarian, small hold cattle farmers in Kenya have seen their» 

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Sharp decline in seabird population in British Columbia

Decline in marine prey fish blamed. They seem fairly ubiquitous, but researchers have found Glacous-wing gull populations in dropping sharply on the west coast of Canada. In fact, the gull population is down by about 50% since the 1980’s. The» 

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Canadian minister: Mining industry has no stronger partner than this government

The Canadian government has announced it is extending, for a year, a 15% Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for investors which was set to expire on March 31, 2015. The announcement was made Sunday (March 1) by Finance Minister Joe Oliver and Natural Resources» 

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February 27, 1842: “Rammed earth” and a church consecration

While “rammed earth” is not a familiar term now, it was not unusual in the 1800’s. Also not unusual is the consecration of a small church in a Canadian village. But there is something unique about St Thomas Anglican Church» 

Environment, Health

Epidemics expert: spend millions now to save billions later.

As humans push into more remote areas they are coming into contact with diseases rarely encountered before. Diseases confined to animals for example are now being transferred to human hosts, and then develop into disease which can be spread from»