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Canadian Energy Strategy: an agreement in July?

A Canadian Energy Strategy is in the works, negotiated by the premiers of the 13 provinces and territories, according to unnamed sources.  There is talk of a deal by July, but Professor Nelson Wiseman, Director of the Canadian Studies program in» 


Winter’s legacy: potential for major damaging floods

As Canada enters it’s first few days of spring, it seems the wild winter in central and especially maritime Canada has left a potentially disastrous legacy. Already with the heavy snow load, a number of building have suffered roof collapses» 

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Long bitter winter forces Lynx to town

Once again this year, an exceptionally cold and long winter is causing normally very shy lynx to approach towns in northern Ontario searching for food. In one case a rather relaxed lynx is seen in the town of Terrace Bay» 

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Plastic microbeads- a toxic substance in waterways-from the Great Lakes to the Arctic

They are very tiny beads usually made of polyethylene, which is a very common plastic used for example, to make plastic bags. The microbeads are found in a wide variety of facial scrubs, body gels, and in toothpaste to act» 

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Global forest fragmentation threatens biodiversity

In what they call a shocking result, scientists have found that 70 per cent of the world’s forests are within one kilometre of a town, road or other disturbance, and that is putting biodiversity at great risk. Effects ‘truly, truly» 

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Canadian scholars unite in a report for action on climate change

As human activity is being cited as a major cause of global warming resulting in climate change, Canada has also often been pointed out as being lax on initiatives to reduce greenhouse gasses. In a unique effort, more than 60» 

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Mayors of Canada’s two most populous cities, Montreal and Toronto, team up

The mayors of Canada’s two most populous cities, John Tory of Toronto and Denis Coderre of Montreal, announced Wednesday (March 25) they are going to work together on such issues as housing, infrastructure and public transit. “The two solitudes are over,”» 

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Harsh winter; frozen Ontario vineyards

The Niagara region is the most prolific wine-producing region in Ontario, and one of the two major regions in Canada, the other being the Okanagan Valley area of British Columbia. But following a bumper harvest 2013, Niagara grape growers were» 

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Maple syrup production: a poor season coming?

Canada, the world’s major producer of sweet maple syrup is facing a potential problem this year. Ontario, Quebec and to a lesser extent New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI, as well as the northeastern US states, are dealing with an» 

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Record low winter Arctic ice: lowest since satellite coverage began

The Colorado-based National Snow and Ice Data Centre has just released its assessment of the Arctic ice extent for this winter. The NSIDC’s  earlier predictions have held true and they say the greatest sea-ice extent this season was on February»