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Politics: Looming environmental tax trouble for Trudeau.

An election concern in 2019 As part of his environmental platform Canada’s Prime Minister said he would impose a federal carbon tax on any province that didn’t institute their own tax. Alberta already has a carbon scheme of about $30» 

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Canada geese, 50 of them, electrocuted

Canada geese were found floating upside down, dead in the water up the river from Montreal last week. 50 geese were killed in what is suspected to have been a lightening strike, last Thursday, June 14th. A fisherman, near Contrecoeur,» 

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Horse-drawn Montreal calèches will soon be nothing but history

They’ve been around since the 18th Century, but Montreal’s famed horse-drawn carriages known as calèches will become a thing of the past by the end of next year. Meanwhile, pit bull dogs–maligned and feared by many, banned in 2016, then» 

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Antarctica- melting tripled to billions of tonnes annually

Two new and separate international studies show serious concerns about Antarctic ice. One international study showed vastly increased melting in the billions of tonnes, while the other Canadian led study showed the massive ice shelves were being undermined by warming» 

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More bad news for Canada’s East Coast cod fishery

There’s more bad news for the once thriving cod fishery off Newfoundland and Labrador on Canada’s East Coast–already in virtual total collapse. Citing a spring stock assessment that showed cod in decline, the federal government has announced a reduction in» 

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 Lost Franklin expedition: Final deal between Canada and U.K.

Specially prepared for their 1845 British expedition to find the fabled Northwest Passage, Sir John Franklin, his two ships, and his crew became victims to the Arctic weather. The fate of the expedition and the crew were lost to history» 

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G7 plastic charter not enough, say environmentalists

Only five of the seven countries agreed to a charter to limit plastic pollution, and the charter is a non-binding, voluntary agreement which will not solve the problem, says Farrah Khan, a Greenpeace Canada plastics campaigner. The charter focuses on» 

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Corporate control of marine biodiversity

(Skype interview at bottom) A recent study revealed a surprising fact: corporations control a large percentage of patents associated with genomes from marine organisms. An international study involving researchers from the University of British Columbia and the Stockholm Resilience Centre» 

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Atlantic salmon numbers drop for second year

The number of wild Atlantic salmon returning to North American rivers dropped 15 per cent in 2017 compared to the year before, reports the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Its latest report says only half of the 84 rivers it monitored met» 

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Climate action announced for smallest province

The governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island have pledged $47.8 million to tackle climate change and to help Canadians save money and reduce energy waste. Some of the money will go to improving energy efficiency in homes, businesses, industries,»