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The environmental and social impacts of Arctic tourism

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   The changing Arctic climate has opened up business and economic opportunities in everything from resource development to shipping. Arctic tourism is also becoming an increasingly lucrative as» 

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Moose warning sensors, expensive flop

Newfoundland has the highest concentration of moose anywhere. In the autumn moose/vehicle colllsions increase as they search for mates and often cross roads in the darkness after dusk and before dawn. Because they are tall, when a car hits them,» 

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Senior shocked to be deemed a terror threat

A 71-year-old grandmother was shocked to learn that her research for a public hearing on an oil pipeline triggered a national security investigation. Lesslie Askin took photographs of an oil company’s aging storage tanks near Burnaby Mountain in the western» 

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Climate change and abnormal behaviour of gannets

Normally gannets are wonderful parents, carefully guarding and feeding their single chick. This year  in  highly uncharacteristic behaviour, about half the colony on the cliffs in southern Newfoundland suddenly abandoned their nests leaving  many of the chicks to starve. Seabird» 

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Sixth lowest ice extent in Arctic

Image shows learge extend of ice melt compared to the orange line indicates the mimimum average at this time of year © NSIDC The summer Arctic sea-ice melt season is almost at an end. Northern residents in some areas are seeing» 

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Steep decline in prized eastern salmon

“These are frightening numbers,” said David Wilson of the Miramichi Salmon Association, referring to a decline in the salmon population returning to the world-famous Miramichi River in eastern Canada. People come from around the world to fish wild salmon that» 

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Oops! Swedish photo to promote northern Canadian city

One of the great attractions to bring visitors to Canada’s far northern cities, is to view the spectacular light show of the Aurora Borealis, or “northern lights” view of the Aurora Borealis is shown near A photo of the northern» 

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Groups sue to stop development in national park

Three environmental groups have gone to court to try to stop a plan to build overnight commercial accommodations in Jasper National Park, in western Canada. There are national parks across the country that were created to protect “representative natural areas» 

Environment, International, Science and Technology

Nature to put on a big light show tonight

They are called the Aurora Borealis, but more commonly as the “northern lights”. The bright aurora displays occur when charged particles in bursts of solar wind from the sun’s surface collide with gases in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The energy» 

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Wolf cull in Saskatchewan

The central prairie province of Saskatchewan is about to begin a temporary wolf hunt, starting Monday. Last winter was long and harsh and took its toll on wildlife. For wolves, a traditional prey, the whitetail deer, suffered greatly and the»