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Major winter storm hits Maritimes

A new winter system is rolling through Canada’s Maritimes, with Newfoundland next in its path. As the storm moves across the provinces, it will bring high winds and heavy snow. Blizzard warnings cover all of Nova Scotia, which will be» 

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Caribou continue to decline despite hunting ban

It was once the biggest caribou herd in Canada. In the 1980’s the herd numbered over 700,00. In 2013, it was estimated at about 20,000, and now that estimate has declined to about 10,000. While the George River heard numbers» 

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Vancouver woman’s plea for Japanese elephant

If it was a human, it might well be considered cruel and unusual punishment. That’s what Vancouver blogger Ulara Nakagawa thought when she saw the elephant in what she describes as a “prison” in “one of the cruellest, most archaic» 

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Wild boars, feral pigs: double dose of destruction

It’s a growing concern for farmers and conservationists from Ontario westward to British Columbia. As the numbers of wild boars and feral pigs grow, so to does the damage they are doing to crops and land, livestock, and other wildlife.» 

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Canada’s Great Bear rainforest preservation deal

It has been 20 years in the making. Now an agreement has been reached among environmentalists, aboriginal groups, logging companies, and the government, to protect a massive area of British Columbia’s coastal rainforest. Valerie Langer, director of forest conservation for» 

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Will they or won’t they ban bunker fuel use in Arctic

The Arctic Council has been meeting this week in Stockholm, and one of the issues  under discussion is the ues of “heavy fuel oil” (HFO) by ships plying Arctic waters. As the U.S is the current chair of the Arctic» 

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North American energy ministers to meet in Winnipeg next week

As oil prices continue their downward slide, Canada will be hosting a meeting of North American energy ministers in Winnipeg, Manitoba next week, Ottawa announced Monday. Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr will meet his counterparts Dr. Ernest Moniz, the United States» 

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Groundhog Day in Canada once again.

It’s become a tradition, silly sure, but a fun event in the midst of winter.  It’s the annual rodent weather forecasting phenomenon.  Every February 2nd, it’s “groundhog day” in Canada. Canada being a huge country, there are several groundhog (marmot)» 

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Canadian government supports Inuit seal hunt

With a massive and ongoing campaign against seal hunting by various activist groups the seal-hunting industry in Canada had all but collapsed in the past several years. Unfortunately it also took with it a much needed source of revenue and» 

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Ancient mud from Canada: New tool to combat “superbugs”?

It seems for thousands of years, an aboriginal group on Canada’s west coast has been using a huge mud pit for medicinal purposes. A company has been formed to market the mud known as Kisameet Clay. Company officials  asked researchers»