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Ontario farmland: threatened by urban sprawl

Southern Ontario is the most heavily populated area in Canada. The region is colloquially known as the “Golden Horseshoe”, the relatively prosperous area stretching from just east of Toronto, around the end of Lake Ontario, through Hamilton to St Catharines» 

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Warming climate again listed as threat to Polar Bears

A new report has once again indicated climate change as a principle threat to polar bears. The news came in the release of  International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)  “Red List of Threatened Species” The IUCN was founded in» 

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Updated update; GM Salmon approved as food in USA

It was only last week that Canadian ecological agencies were in court challenging Canadian government approval for a company which has created genetically modified salmon at its operation on Prince Edward Island. The groups say the government ignored its own» 

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COP21: View from Yukon, Canada

In the run up to the United Nations climate change conference in Paris (November 30- December 11), Eye on the Arctic spoke to different leaders from across Canada’s North. In this interview series we explore how climate change is affecting» 

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Minister calls for tough action on climate change

Canada’s new environment minister has blamed past governments for taking too little concrete action on climate change and she is asking the whole country to step up, reports Canadian Press. Catherine McKenna’s speech reaffirms the newly-elected Liberal government’s plan to» 

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On World Toilet Day UNICEF sounds alarm on lack of proper sanitation

Over 800 children under the age of five die every day because of lack of access to toilets and clean water, says UNICEF. Millions of others are in danger of falling behind in their physical and mental development, because of» 

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Captivating film documents tough little puffin

The Atlantic puffin is an iconic seabird that comes to Canada’s eastern coast to breed after spending months alone at sea in punishing conditions. Scientists don’t know much about the birds, but what we do know is a set out» 

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Canada’s energy regulator continues controversial pipeline proposal review

Canada’s federal energy regulator will continue its review of two controversial oil pipeline proposals even as the new Liberal government plans to toughen environmental standards for such projects, says Canada’s natural resources minister. Speaking on a teleconference call from Paris,» 

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Update: Genetically modified salmon legal case

Environmental groups in Canada which have been fighting a lengthy battle over genetically modified salmon, finally had their day in court. An American-based international operation called Aqua-Bounty has set up a development facility in Canada’s maritime province of Prince Edward Island» 

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Climate change warnings coming on some gas pumps

In what is believed to be a global first, climate change warnings will soon be mandatory on gas pumps in the western city of North Vancouver, British Columbia. City council has unanimously passed a resolution ordering gasoline stations to use»