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Draft rules would oblige petroleum industry to cut methane

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and the Canadian government has taken a step toward reducing emissions of it in the oil and gas industry. Draft regulations released yesterday would result in a 45 per cent drop by 2025. Environment» 

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Two islands important to turtles now protected

Many turtle species in Canada are endangered and now, two islands important to them are protected in the province of Quebec. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has announced another success in its ongoing efforts to acquire and protect lands through» 

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Eye on the Arctic: Video Archive

In the days before mass media reached the remote corners of Canada, before Twitter and Facebook, the art and artists of Canada’s Arctic were the main conduit for northerners to communicate their culture and communities to the rest of the» 

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Federal government takes first step in protecting ‘really neat’ underwater ecosystems

The federal government has taken the first step in its plan to create one of Canada’s largest Marine Protected Areas in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)» 

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Insect herbivores: predators and prey in a global study

An international effort for the first time collected coordinated data on  predation patterns at different latitudes and different elevations (altitudes) in a global study. While it was known there is more biodiversity towards the equator and more in valleys than» 

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High-speed train closer to reality

High-speed train proposals and promises have become a regular occurrence in Southern Ontario. But perhaps this time it will become a reality. On Friday, Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynn, announced a high-speed railway between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. “The best time» 

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Barn owls at risk from rat poison, cars

A new study suggests barn owls near the western city of Vancouver are adapting to an urban environment but face risks from the use of rat poison and from cars as they hunt along roadsides. Wildlife biologist Sofi Hindmarch explains» 

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B.C. conservationist wins $10,000 award

Anne Sherrod, a researcher, director and campaigner for the Valhalla Wilderness Society, has won the inaugural $10,000 Glen Davis Conservation Leadership Prize. Sherrod has campaigned for decades to preserve several of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes in the western province of» 

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Ancient ice: drill cores tell of Arctic climate thousands of years ago

In the 1980’s scientists drilled down more than a kilometre into an Arctic ice cap. The resulting core samples date back to the Holocene period ranging up to 12,000 years ago. What scientists have now discovered using new technology to» 

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Vancouver Parks bans cetaceans at aquarium

It has been a contentious issue for several years at marine parks around the world.  Protesters have long been saying, whales and porpoises should not be kept in the small pools of such parks, and not be used for entertainment.»