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TPP trade deal: Economist not convinced of promised benefits

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a vast, comprehensive 12 nation deal, which includes Canada. Many promises have been made to Canadians about how it will open up new markets for Canadian goods. Atif Kubursi (PhD) is professor emeritus of economics at» 

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World Social Forum to meet in Montreal next summer

The World Social Forum will take place in Montreal next summer, from August 9 to the 14th, 2016. It is the first time the global event is taking place in the northern hemisphere. “A convergence of the global civil society”» 

Animals, Economy, Environment, International, Politics, Society, Work & Labour

Goats for Calgary’s weeds?

Goats may be the solution for Calgary‘s rampant dandelions. The largest city in Alberta, has been challenged by weeds in the last few years. The bright yellow dandelion seems to be everywhere in June, taking over parks, and boulevards and» 

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Canada has water, the U.S wants it.

Once again this year, severe drought hit west coast  North America and the south-western US. This put enormous pressure on existing water supplies for agriculture and cities across a large section of the continent.  Also again this year, the situation reached crisis levels» 

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International defence of Inuit seal-hunting, goes to EU in Brussels

A new pan-Arctic Inuit organization is took its case on seal hunting directly to the European Parliament today. The organization called Inuit Sila is based in Copenhagen and has been defending and promoting Greenland Inuit seal hunters for three years, but» 

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Whales too have “culture”

People tend to adopt habits from those they associate with. This could be things like clothing, or speech patterns and dialects. A Canadian study of sperm whales has found out this “cultural” adaptation occurs with the whales as well. Also» 

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Shell halts Arctic exploration

Royal Dutch Shell is calling it quits in the Arctic, for now. In a press release today from the The Hague, Netherlands, the company said it made the decision following disappointing results from an exploratory well it just completed. Shell» 

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Mayor issues climate change challenge to business

The mayor of Vancouver is recruiting businesses to get involved in the fight against climate change. Ten companies and organizations have already signed the Vancouver Climate Pledge which commits them to “voicing their support for stronger action on climate change» 

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Arctic energy: What can polar regions learn from each other?

Energy security and the cost of living are constant challenges in most polar regions. While the South focuses on things like offshore drilling and how northern resources can be accessed to fuel southern regions, less attention is paid to both the energy challenges and» 

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Melted permafrost could cost $57 trillion: study

Arctic permafrost is warming and, as it does so, the organic matter it contains decays and emits greenhouse gasses which contribute to climate change. Unchecked, this melting of frozen ground is projected by scientists to cost the world an additional»