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The importance of Canada-Norway relations in the Arctic

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   Transatlantic Science Week was held this week in Toronto, Canada from October 27-29. The annual event is organized to promote cooperation between Canada, Norway and the United States» 

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Premier Clark in trouble for promises to India’s workers

Premier Christy Clark, of British Columbia, on her recent trade mission to India, was quoted in a Times of India story, saying, “India needs a million skilled workers every year. We can help. If we can help train 3,000 and 300» 

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New health concerns over a recent tiny, and annoying arrival in Canada

Mosquitoes in Canada have become more than just an extremely annoying nuisance. As vectors carrying disease, they can be of great concern. Certainly in Canada in recent years a species carrying West Nile disease has been a concern. Now in» 

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Aerial mapping to assess damage from invasive crab

A private conservation group will take aerial photos of an estuary in eastern Canada to try to assess the damage caused by the invasive species, the European green crab. The Nature Conservancy of Canada manages over 1,100 acres in the» 

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Food containers: when re-usable is not necessarily better

A new study has shown that the increasing use of re-usable commercial plastic produce containers, has a drawback; bacterial contamination of the containers After the first limited study of the containers last year found unacceptable levels of bacteria and pathogens,» 

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Canada urged to stop lagging on climate change

Academics from across Canada are urging the federal government to stop lagging behind other developed nations and take the lead on mitigating climate change. Fifty-five researchers and professors of from different fields have joined to form Sustainable Canada Dialogues to» 

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Eye on the Arctic – Week in Review 10/24/14

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   On this week’s news round-up, we bring you some of your most read stories on Eye on the Arctic this week: An attack by a gunman in Canada’s» 

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Unique conservation plan on Canada’s east coast

It’s called the Bay of Islands Coastal Wilderness project, or the Wild Islands project Bay of Islands comprises dozens of small islands between Clam Harbour and Mushaboom Harbour (about 30km long) on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia © Google It’s» 

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Bison bullies in the Northwest Territories

When you’re as big as a bison, you tend to ignore annoyances like people, fences and even cars. This is become a problem for several communities in the Northwest Territorries. Even as far back as 2010, the issue was begin» 

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Alberta ranchers say elk herd out of control

Ranchers in the southern portion of the western province of Alberta say a herd of wild elk on a military base has grown too big and is damaging their grazing land. CFB Suffield property comprises some 2,690 sq km. about»