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LED street lamps: less expensive but with new concerns

Throughout North America cities are switching their streetlights from the previous standard of high pressure sodium lamps, to new LED lights. The reason is cost. The LED’s use about half as much electricity and are claimed to last twice as» 


What is Canada doing to protect the environment? Read RCI’s reports

Is Canada doing enough to protect the environment? Read RCI’s recent reports on policies, decisions and propositions of the Canadian political and justice systems in issues related to climate change and environmental protection. Climate Week NYC By Marc Montgomery,Tuesday 19 September,» 

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Yukon Astronomical Society wants dark sky designation

Yukon, one of the three northern territories in Canada, may be well known as the ‘land of the midnight sun’, but now a group of amateur astronomers wants it to be a destination for the winter night sky spectacles, produced» 

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Tomorrow is World Rhino day: Will poaching wipe them out?

(public comments allowed on all RCI stories- form is at bottom)  If you have never seen a rhino in the wild, It’s possible you never will, and at the present rate, very probably that your children won’t. September 22 is» 

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Trudeau focuses on treatment of Indigenous peoples in UN address

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the United Nations Thursday as part of the organization’s annual gathering of world leaders. As expected, he focused on the treatment of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and his government’s plans to address their grievances and struggles,» 

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Polar sea ice: growth in south, loss in north

Two poles, two extremes Polar sea ice extent in the Arctic has reached its summer minimum for the year according to data from NASA. The minimum was reached on September 13, and NASA says it’s the eighth lowest on record.» 

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Canada pledges help for Mexico following devastating earthquake

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is preparing to help in Mexico following Tuesday’s devastating, magnitude 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City. The US Geological Survey has predicted up to 1,000 people could die in the disaster. As rescue workers continue» 

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Climate Week NYC

A gathering involving a substantial and varied group of interested parties, including some Canadian politicians and stakeholders, is meeting all this week in New York City. The week long series of events coincides with the major political gathering at the» 

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Cuba recovering as Hurricane Maria approaches

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, was directly hit by Hurricane Irma last weekend. The destruction is widespread and severe. “It would be quite a blow should Maria hit Cuba” Richard Paterson, Country Director for CARE International, based in» 

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Seismic upgrades for British Columbia infrastructure

Seismic upgrades are necessary in several areas of the west-coast province of British Columbia. Vancouver Island, which is particularly vulnerable to severe damage in the event of a major earthquake, is getting upgrades on two bridges. Janelle Erwin, regional deputy director»