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Investors urge G20 countries to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020

As world leaders gather in Buenos Aires for their annual summit, a group of nine international investors with nearly a trillion dollars in assets under management between them is urging the G20 countries to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020.» 

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Making biodegradable plastic from animal shells

Scientists at McGill University have found a way to make plastics on a large scale from the shells of lobster, shrimp and other crustaceans as well as insects. There already are plastics that are biodegradable but the process of breaking» 

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Climate change threatens human health: report

As report from the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, says the lack of progress on climate change threatens human lives and the viability of health care systems in Canada and around the world. The report says the most important thing» 

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Canada pledges to advance ocean science and develop ‘blue economy’

Canada is pledging $10.5 million to a United Nations initiative to advance our understanding of oceans and preserve their health, and develop a sustainable “blue economy,” harnessing the potential of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, federal officials announced Wednesday.» 

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Mother and baby killed by grizzly bear in Yukon: coroner

A 37-year-old woman and her 10-month-old baby are dead after being mauled by a grizzly bear outside their remote cabin in Yukon, in northwestern Canada. The Yukon Coroner’s Service said Valerie Theoret and her baby girl, Adele Roesholt, were killed» 


Youths want to sue Canada over climate change inaction

An environmental group has applied to launch a class action suit against the government of Canada alleging ‘its greenhouse gas reduction target is not ambitious enough to avoid dangerous climate change.” ENvironnement JEUnesse is based in the province of Quebec» 

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Online shoppers can reduce carbon footprint

Today is Cyber Monday, a day when big sales are promised to those who shop on the internet, but consumers may want to consider how their shopping habits contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. A recent survey by the package delivery» 

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Winter 2018-19: Worldwide – colder and hotter than “normal”

Several long-term forecasts have been released for the coming season and what has been the “norm” of late seems to be more abnormal conditions. Across Canada and much of the U.S.  the west will be generally warmer than than normal,» 

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Otter causing havoc in Vancouver

It otter go somewhere else A river otter in Vancouver has managed to get into the tranquil Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in the city, and has made headlines across the country. The problem is the otter is eating the» 

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Greenhouse gas: new record, more concern

The World Meterological Organisation’s latest bulletin  on greenhouse gasses shows a new record has been reached. The global average of CO2 is now 405.5 parts per million. The report notes that figure is now similar to the level of 3.5 million»