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Climate action announced for smallest province

The governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island have pledged $47.8 million to tackle climate change and to help Canadians save money and reduce energy waste. Some of the money will go to improving energy efficiency in homes, businesses, industries,» 

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Ontario vote will hamper prime minister’s efforts on climate change

Voters in the province of Ontario have sent a stinging rebuke to the ruling Liberal Party reducing it to a rump, and they voted massively for populist Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives. Ford has promised to take Ontario out» 


Whale buried, bones now excavated for study

Scientists and volunteers gathered on Canada’s Vancouver Island on May 31, 2018 to dig up the bones of a 10-metre-long grey whale. The whale had washed up on Wickaninnish Beach on the Pacific coast in April 2015. The choices were» 

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Global Water Futures conference: Water problems seeking solutions

Its becoming more common to hear of unexpected flood disasters, drought disasters, and lack of safe drinking water, not only in Canada, but around the world. A major initial gathering to discuss issues concerning water is wrapping up a four-day» 

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Plastic policy sought at G7 and in Canada

Canada is expected to propose a charter to reduce plastic pollution at the upcoming meeting of the G7 leaders in Charlevoix, Quebec. More than 40 Canadian environmental groups are urging the Canadian government to promote such a charter at the» 

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Contamination forces closure of shellfish fishery in Lower St. Lawrence

Contaminated water polluted by runoff from farms, upstream sewage discharges and bird droppings has forced the closure of shellfish fishery in parts of Lower St. Lawrence, federal authorities announced this week. The seasonal mandatory closure affects the maritime regions of» 

Trees up to 1,000 years old being felled by logging companies in spite of rules against it

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The fall of giants: irreplaceable trees logged

(public commenting open on all RCI stories-scroll to bottom) These are some of the biggest, oldest living creatures that have ever existed in Earth’s history. It’s ethically wrong, it’s ecologically destructive”, Ken Wu, executive director, Ancient Forest Alliance After decades» 

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Plastic bags be gone!

Montreal ban in effect Montreal had banned thin and single use plastic bags earlier this year, but had added a grace period for stores and customers to comply. That grace period ends today. The ban on the common ultra-thin bags» 

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The Mountains Report 2018

It may not be obvious to many, but hundreds of millions of people around the world depend on mountains even when those mountains are far distant. For example rivers supplied by glaciers have created complex ecosystems while providing vital water,» 

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Scientists and NGOs call for ban on class of pesticide

International and domestic call to ban neonicotinoids This week more than 200 scientists from several countries around the world have written an open letter calling for international action to end the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, known commonly as “neonics”. The»