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Canada history: Jan.17, 1880 – The Canadian who invented American slapstick film

(to comment on any RCI story, scroll down to very bottom of page) He was known for many years throughout the U.S. as “the King of Comedy”, except, he was Canadian. Charlie Chaplin, W.C Fields, Harold Lloyd, Gloria Swanson, and» 

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Song for Canada’s 150th birthday year

“Music is the landscape of Canada” Marc Jordan  It’s called “Music Monday” and it started twelve years ago as a way to promote the value of music education for children and young people in schools and communities. Every year on» 

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Canada Post: celebrating Canadian UNESCO sites

Canada post has released five new stamps. The stamps show fascinating world heritage sites as named by UNESCO, so declared for their importance to world history and heritage The other stamps in the latest issue of the Canada Post UNESCO» 

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Canada history: Jan 13 1885 – the Fuller Brush Man

For most of the 20th century Fuller Brush and the concept of door-to-door sales was familiar to literally everyone in North America, and indeed in several other countries around the world. While many are still aware of the American–based  Fuller» 

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Canada history: Jan 12, 1945 Japan bombs Saskatchewan

With the Second World War at a crescendo in Europe and the Pacific, in the middle of Canada, many thousands of kilometres away from both, a young Saskatchewan boy accidentally discovered one of the stranger weapons of the war. On» 


Canadian History: Learn more with Marc Montgomery

Marc Montgomery brings back forgotten chapters of canadian history to Radio Canada International. Read his latest contributions below.  Canada history: Jan 10 1920- Founding of the League of Nations The world had finally worn itself out. The First World War» 

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Canada history: Jan 11 1815- the “Father of Confederation” is born

It is officially “Sir John A. Macdonald Day” in Canada. The day was declared by an act of Canada’s Parliament in 2002 to commemorate the birth of the man who is considered to be the father of the Canadian Confederation,» 

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Empire of the Son: Bridging continents, immigration, and the gap between parent and child

Theatrical presentation of lives and emotions explored Canada’s Tetsuro Shigematsu, a former national radio host, has travelled widely in this country and the world. Perhaps his greatest voyage though has been this most recent trip backward to his father’s life» 

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Canada history: Jan 10 1920- Founding of the League of Nations

The world had finally worn itself out. The First World War with its horrific loss of life, destruction of Europe and near bankrupting of dozens of nations, had come to an end. Out of the destruction  of the war, and» 

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Canada history: Jan 9, 1953 The last woman hanged in Canada

Her name was  Marguerite Pitre. On this date at 35 minutes past midnight, she became the thirteenth, and last woman to be hanged in Canada. Her crime was being an accomplice to mass murder in connection with the bombing of»