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RCMP has intercepted 3,800 asylum seekers crossing illegally into Quebec since Aug. 1

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has intercepted more than 3,800 asylum seekers who have crossed the Canada-U.S. border in Quebec illegally during the first two weeks of August, the federal police force said Thursday. The figures were released at a joint technical» 

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Boost the response to refugee claimants, urge advocacy groups

While congratulating all levels of government for their response to the surge in asylum seekers crossing into Canada, advocacy groups are calling for some improvements. Tents have been set up for refugee claimants. Advocacy groups applaud these kinds of efforts» 

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Judge slams Canada’s system for detention of asylum seekers

A judge has set free a refugee claimant and called the system for detaining some asylum seekers arbitrary and Kafkaesque. This refers to a book written by Franz Kafka which describes a senseless and menacingly complex justice system. A judge» 

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Chinese baby formula made in Kingston, Ontario

Chinese authorities are preparing for the baby boom they anticipate as they phase out their “one child” policy. They’ve invested in a manufacturing facility in the small city of Kingston, Ontario, to provide baby formula for the next generation. “It» 

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UNICEF Canada educating refugee children in Jordan

UNICEF Canada is grateful for the generosity of Canadians and the Canadian government in supporting their work around the world, but particularly for the refugees out of Syria. Now five million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries Rob Jenkins is the» 

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Canadian military builds camp to house asylum seekers near U.S. border

The federal government is deploying about 100 Canadian soldiers to build a temporary camp to house up to 500 asylum seekers near the Canada-United States border in Quebec. The soldiers from Joint Task Force East will set up modular tents» 

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Muslims in Quebec City get their cemetery

Muslims in Quebec City finally have something to celebrate. They now have a cemetery of their own. Quebec City mayor Regis Labeaume points at a map as he announces the establishment of a Muslim cemetery, in Quebec City on Friday,» 

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The LINK Online Sun. Aug 6, 2017

Featuring Lynn Desjardins, Carmel Kilkenny and Levon Sevunts (video of show at the bottom) Today on The Link Deadly heat for Southeast Asia A new study released this week forcasts more deadly heat for southeast Asia. Published in the journal,» 

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Census reveals social fabric of Canada changing

The 2016 Census results released this week, on ‘Families, households and marital status’, had many Canadians talking about some of the interesting findings. Love and languages More Canadians are living alone and without children in the home, in part due» 

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Olympic Stadium housing influx of asylum seekers

Olympic Stadium has been outfitted with 150 temporary cots in an area that will help shelter the hundreds of asylum seekers streaming into the province of Quebec. Cots have been set up to respond to the influx of asylum seekers»