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Cost of migrants crossing “irregularly” into Canada average $14K each

(public comments open at bottom-Comments will be posted after moderating) It is illegal to cross into Canada anywhere other than at an official border point. The Trudeau government however has changed the terminology from illegal crossing to irregular crossing. After» 

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Costs of processing ‘irregular’ asylum bids rising

So-called “irregular” asylum seekers are costing the federal government about $340-million this year, or about $14,000 per person. And that number is expected to rise as more people seek asylum in Canada. The figures are contained in a report, “Costing» 

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Gander Flight School draws international students

Gander Flight Training School has been producing pilots for over twenty-five years and now it’s the destination for more and more international students. The town in north-eastern Newfoundland was at the centre of aviation history. Gander was the last stop» 

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Harry Leslie Smith, senior pod caster, dies

Harry Leslie Smith, the man who described himself as “the world’s oldest rebel”, died early this morning following a short hospital stay in Belleville, Ontario. At the age of 95, Smith had over 250,000 twitter followers at #HarrysLastStand, the same title» 

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Syrian man stranded for months at airport in Malaysia arrives in Vancouver

A Syrian man who was stranded for seven months at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and then spent two months at a Malaysian immigration detention centre arrived in Vancouver on Monday night. Hassan Al Kontar was greeted at the Vancouver» 

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Lifetime ban from U.S. travel for Canadian marijuana investor

There were concerns this would happen, and it has, again. A Canadian investor in the cannabis industry has been permanently banned from entering the U.S. He is the second such investor to receive a lifetime ban from the U.S. In» 

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Donations enable hundreds of refugees to settle in Canada

A handful of philanthropic leaders donated almost $3.5 million triggering an effort that will enable 685 refugees refugees to settle in Canada before the end of 2018. Had this not occurred, a government allowance of more than 1,000 spots for» 

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Mountain Equipment Co-op apologizes for racist marketing

Mountain Equipment Co-op, the outdoor equipment company that has thrived in Canada over the last 47 years, is now awakening to the diversity of the country. “We need to represent the diversity that is Canada, and if we don’t, we» 

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Trudeau apologizes for past exclusion of Jewish refugees

Canada’s prime minister is set to apologize for what he will call the country’s moral failure in denying asylum to Jewish refugees during World War II. In one key event in June of 1939, the government of Canada rejected a» 

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Seeking to fill skills shortages, Ottawa increases immigrants quota

The government has unveiled an immigration plan that will see Canada increase the number of newcomers from 310,000 this year to 350,000 in 2021. The announcement came Wednesday in Ottawa from Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, who added that additional funding»