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DriveHer: ride sharing app for women only in GTA

DriveHer went into operation last Friday in the Greater Toronto Area, providing female drivers for women only clients. “For Women By Women” “For Women By Women” is the motto of the ride-sharing app that was created by Aisha Addo. Addo» 

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Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebrated today

Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is being celebrated today by Iranians across Canada and around the world. The word, which means, “new day” arrives on the exact moment of the spring equinox. Toronto is home to one of the largest Persian» 

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Kathleen Wynne prorogues legislature in Ontario

Kathleen Wynne, the Liberal premier of Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, made a bold move yesterday, proroguing the Ontario Legislature. The province, once the manufacturing powerhouse of Canada, is facing an election on June 7th, so Wynne is being accused» 

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The Reproductive Justice Story Project is listening

The Reproductive Justice Story Project was started by Kate Macdonald following a rough experience giving birth in Toronto’s St. Joseph’s Health Centre. “I had full-blown post-partum PTSD, I felt totally violated, and it really, really took a toll on me» 

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Zeppole: time for the Italian treat running out

Zeppole is the Italian pastry that comes in a variety of forms, from sweet to savoury, but they will only be available until Easter. They’re usually found in all the best Italian restaurants, bakeries and in many homes at this» 

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St. Patrick’s Day parade, the 195th edition in Montreal

St. Patrick’s Day is an occasion that has been celebrated since the Irish began arriving in Canada. In Newfoundland it’s even an official holiday. Festivities are becoming increasingly popular, taking over university campuses for better or for worse, and more communities» 

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Canada in top 10 for UN happiness ranking

Canada ranks 7th in the United Nation’s “Happiness” ranking. And while it’s great to be in the top 10, we are slipping. In 2013 we were ranked 6th.  The United States, however, dropped in the ranking to 18th place from 14th» 

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Canadian politician:questions of Sikh extremist sympathies

The leader of one of Canada’s three major federal political parties is finding himself in hot water today. Jagmeet Singh was elected as the leader of the left-leaning federal New Democratic Party (NDP) in October of last year, but certain» 

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Canada to bring in another 1,000 vulnerable women refugees

Inspired by its own success in relocating to Canada last year more than 1,200 mostly Yazidi women enslaved by ISIS, the Liberal government is vowing to bring in another 1,000 vulnerable women and girls from various conflict zones around the» 

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Humanitarian agencies helping Rohingyas brace for devastating monsoon rains

Humanitarian agencies working to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are racing to prepare the impromptu refugee camps that have sprung up along the country’s southeastern border with Myanmar for the arrival of devastating monsoon rains in late May or early»