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Toronto wants to revoke bar licences where violence occurs

Toronto, Canada’s largest and most culturally diverse city, has seen a very significant increase in gang violence and shootings in the past couple of years. Although not always, these incidents and tragedies have often occurred in or near establishments where» 

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The LINK ONLINE Apr. 5, 6, 7, 2019

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon,  Marie-Claude, and Marc (Video of show at bottom) The scandal within the ruling Liberal Party government, gets another jolt The ongoing dispute over allegations that the highest ranking members of the Liberal government were trying to» 

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Councillor who delivered racist remarks cast from her caucus

A local councillor in Montreal’s Anjou borough has been expelled from her party’s caucus following remarks she made about being treated by a doctor wearing a Hijab. “A veiled woman…grrrrr…if it hadn’t been an emergency I would have refused to» 

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Canada grants asylum to one of Edward Snowden’s ‘angels’

A Filipino woman and her daughter who sheltered U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden while he went into hiding in Hong Kong in 2013 boarded a plane to Toronto Monday after Canada granted them asylum, according to a charity that sponsored the» 

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World happiness list: Where does your country fit?

Nordic countries happiest “Happy as a Finn”. Perhaps if the trend keeps up this could become a new expression in language.The seventh annual world happiness survey is out. Produced for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network it surveys 156» 

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Ottawa to spend more on border security and processing claimants

The federal government plans to spend $1.18 billion over the next five years to tighten border security and speed up the processing of asylum claims. The plan, announced Tuesday in the 2019 federal budget, seeks to stem the flow of» 

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Most Canadians hold positive views about immigrants: survey

Canadians have the highest proportion of people favourable to immigrants when compared with the world’s top migrant destinations, reports the Washington-based Pew Research Centre. The report says 68 per cent of Canadian believe immigrants make their country stronger while 27» 

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International survey on nationality: Who is “accepted”

Who is a “real” …. (insert your country here) Does someone “belong” to your country, or not?  It seems there are about six categories of opinion according to the international polling agency Ipsos. A second survey just released by the» 

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RCMP faces another hurdle trying to clean up its act

Black RCMP officers–both current and former–are coming forward with stories of racist treatment in Canada’s national police force, charges the force is calling “deeply troubling.” The complaints–expressed to Radio-Canada–come two months after Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale announced he was» 

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Support for survivors of gender-based violence announced

Just ahead of International Women’s Day, the Canadian government has announced several projects to support people who have survived gender-based violence. The YWCA in Montreal will receive $850,000 to improve services to newly-arrived immigrant women survivors. Project activities will help»