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Canada History: June 23 1985: Air India and Canada’s deadliest terrorist attack

It was 1985 and the beginning of summer in Canada, a time to think of vacations and travel. Hundreds of friends and family, many of Indian decent, had gathered at airports in Canada to wish others a fond farewell as» 

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UN reports a record number of refugees

Since 2000, the number of people who have fled their homes has nearly doubled to 65.5 million, reports the UNHCR. It found that in 2016, one out of every two displaced people was a child. More than half of displaced» 

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Algonquin College failed in Saudi Arabia

Algonquin College‘s foray into Saudi Arabia did not end well. Algonquin College in Ottawa © algonquincollege.com The Ottawa-based public post-secondary school was anticipating revenues of $100 million dollars when it first set up the men only trade school in Jazan, Saudi» 

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British Columbia: Back again- the language on signs

Chinese only signs alienate residents The town of Richmond British Columbia has grown exponentially in the past few decades. From what had been a relatively sleepy area decades ago of mostly “white” Canadians, some 78.000 in 1981, with a tiny» 

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Airbnb facilitates free temporary housing for refugees

The hospitality company, Airbnb has launched a new internet platform to help refugees and others in need to connect with hosts willing to provide temporary housing for free. Starting today, chosen relief organizations and non-profits in Canada will be able» 

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Immigration: benefit or burden?

As soon as the word “immigration” is uttered, it incites a litany of opinions and questions. Is there a Canadian equivalent of the American dream for immigrants? Who are these immigrants to Canada? Where do they settle? What are they» 

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The LINK Online Sun. Jun 4, 2017

Your hosts  Lynn, Levon, and Marc.   (the half hour audio is below, the full hour-long video is at the bottom) This week the Link was on location at the Montreal Convention Centre (Palais des Congres) for the 2017 Immigration» 

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Couillard says “time is right” to reopen talks on constitution

Philippe Couillard, Premier of the French-speaking province of Quebec, held a press conference this afternoon to announce his intention to reopen the discussion concerning Quebec’s position in Canada. Premier Philipe Couillard making the case for reopening constitutional discussions to include» 

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Chinese lawsuit alleges multi-million dollar Canadian immigration scam

A case of alleged immigration fraud is now headed to the Yukon Territory Supreme Court in Whitehorse. The plaintiffs are Chinese companies, Ningbo Zhelun Overseas Immigration Service Co. Ltd., and Mega International Labour and Immigration Services Inc. (Mega) Eleven defendants» 

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Asian heritage month: Norm Kwong ”The China Clipper”

It was another case of sheer talent, drive, and determination breaking down barriers. In this case, it was in sports, business, and politics. Norman Kwong became the first Chinese-Canadian to play in the Canadian Football League (CFL).  At 5’9” and»