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UNICEF struggles to meet needs of Rohingya children in Bangladesh

Jean-Jacques Simon is worried about vaccination. The Canadian spokesperson for the United Nations children’s agency in Bangladesh needs to find money to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya children who have fled a vicious campaign of ethnic cleansing in their» 

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How non-Christians helped create Christmas spirit

The popular Christmas tunes we know so well: Jewish creations Most people don’t realize that a great many of the iconic songs of Christmas were in fact created by Jewish entertainers. A new –and rather unique- film looks at this» 

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Religion and influence on government and public life

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law” That’s part of the preamble to the Canadian Constitution. However, it is a fairly recent concept as the Constitution Act dates back only» 

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LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture: Citizenship for sale?

The 15th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture, sponsored by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, took place in Toronto on September 25th, but this year’s edition expanded the lecture format. The lecture is named in honour of Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin, two giants of» 

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Lawyer urges more action on deportations

There are about 15,000 foreign nationals on Canada’s list for deportation but some of them cannot be expelled because their countries will not take them back. Some work and contribute to society. Others are in detention because they are either» 

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Canada braces for a potential flood of asylum claimants

(to post or read public comments on all RCI stories, scroll to very bottom of page) It was a U.S programme called Temporary Protection Status (TPS). It granted tens of thousands of Haitians and others, temporary ability to live and» 

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Saudi Arabian purge and Yemeni blockade, frightening turn of events

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman is the self-appointed head of the newly-formed Saudi Anti-corruption Committee. It is holding 201 powerful individuals, including 11 princes, captive in luxury hotels, including the Ritz-Calton in Riyadh. With the blessing of his» 

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Immigration: benefit or burden?

Is immigration an opportunity, an asset for Canada or just a costly burden for Canadians? It’s a complex question to which there are no easy answers: there are so many conflicting figures, cases, ideological constructs, or simply political spin, perceptions» 

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Directive aims to cut the number of children in immigration detention

The Canadian government has announced measures to help keep children out of immigration detention and keep families together “as much as humanly possible.” Refugee claimants may be held in detention in cases where they are unidentified, considered to be a» 

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A Canadian Muslim campaigner against extremism speaks out

A Canadian Muslim is facing an Islamic fatwa against his life. Pakistani-born Tarek Fatah, Canadian author, columnist, broadcaster and Muslim, is an long-time outspoken critic of extremist interpretations of the Koran.  Although Canadian, he also hosts a broadcast in India»