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RCMP hands over long-held Louis Riel artifacts to Métis

As Canada carries on with his self-proclaimed determination to rectify past wrongs suffered by the country’s Indigenous people, those efforts are coming in all sizes. Last week at the United Nations, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out far-reaching plans, including» 

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Trudeau focuses on treatment of Indigenous peoples in UN address

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the United Nations Thursday as part of the organization’s annual gathering of world leaders. As expected, he focused on the treatment of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and his government’s plans to address their grievances and struggles,» 

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Lobster protest over alleged abuse of native fishing rights

“At $4-$5 a pound for illegal lobster, it’s easy money for poachers” (J Smith fisherman) Commercial lobster fishermen in southwestern Nova Scotia are angry. They’ve been staging protests outside of federal fisheries offices in the region over what they claim» 


The importance of community-based mental health programs in the Arctic

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   This week on Eye on the Arctic, we’re dipping into our video vault for a look at mental health services in the North.  For many northerners in Canada’s remote Arctic communities, the obstacles» 

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Thousands of indigenous elders meet in first national gathering

It is a huge gathering, and the first event of its kind in Canada. Thousands of indigenous elders from communities across the country are meeting to discuss issues of concern and share ideas. One of the organizers of this event» 

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Montreal refashions city emblems to honour Indigenous peoples

As Montreal celebrates the 375th anniversary of its founding, municipal authorities have presented changes to the city’s flag and its coat of arms to finally acknowledge and honour the contribution of Indigenous peoples whose presence on the island predates by» 

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Jean Paul Gaultier and Kent Monkman unite at MMFA

Jean Paul Gaultier and Kent Monkman tied the knot, figuratively speaking, at an event at Montreal’s Museum of Fine Art on Friday evening. “I had this idea because I thought it was the right thing to do.” Nathalie Bondil, the» 

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Learning about Canada’s Indigenous communities a key part of immigrant integration: expert

New Canadians need to learn more about Canada’s Indigenous people, their history, their contributions and the issues facing their communities, says Leonzo Barreno, the Global Chair in Journalism and Aboriginal Affairs at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan since 2003.» 

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Museum shows young people’s videos of life in Nunavut

Indigenous youth from the remote, northern territory of Nunavut have documented their lives on video and 27 shorts are now on display at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Most Canadians have not travelled to Nunavut and people who» 

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The politically correct effort to remove historical figures from the public

In recent years movements have sprung up to remove the names of prominent Canadian historical figures from public buildings, and/or their statues, primarily for their alleged role in attempts to assimilate or eliminate aboriginal culture. The latest to come under»