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American Indian Movement patrolling in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, captial city of the province of Manitoba, has a new community patrol unit. AIM members began patrolling the streets for the first time Wednesday evening. © CBC/Cliff Simpson “We need to bring it back for our future, for our kids,» 

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Canada 150: C3-a coastal connection adventure- Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific

Canada is celebrating its 150 anniversary this year and a huge variety of projects have been envisaged for this important occasion. The Students on Ice Foundation, unique in itself, has developed yet another uniquely special event. Get a substantial ship» 

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Supreme Court to decide on huge Peel wilderness watershed

It’s an area in Canada’s Yukon territory that is twice the size of Belgium, or one and a half times the size of Switzerland. The Peel watershed is about 68,000 square kilometres of wilderness, largely untouched with no permanent settlements» 

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She won! Canadian named “global teacher”

After being selected as a finalist from an initial 20,000 nominees, she made it to the long list of 50 candidates. Maggie MacDonnell then was flown to Dubai to join the 9 other finalists where she selected as the winner» 

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Polar bears, climate change, a new problem for some northern communities.

It seems climate change is changing the bear’s habits and bringing them into communities where they have been very seldom seen before.  We’re not talking about the Arctic either, but in northern Ontario around James Bay. Communities like Moose Factory,» 

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Grizzly Truth: trophy hunting, money, conservation, tourism

The Grizzly Truth. Yes it’s about bears, magnificent, huge, powerful bears. But they’re not the unpredictable killing machines so often portrayed, nor are there even that many of them left. A new documentary looks at the various myths, and the» 

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Canadian a finalist for prestigious “global teacher” prize

Don’t kid yourself about a teaching prize, it’s worth one million dollars US! A Canadian woman, Maggie MacDonnell from Nova Scotia who is teaching in northern Quebec is now among the short list of ten potential winners. These were chosen» 

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Update: Seismic oil and gas exploration in Arctic waters postponed again

It has been controversial since it was first proposed by a consortium of oil and gas companies in 2011.  The consortium wants to conduct seismic exploration off the coast of Baffin Island but have faced strong opposition to the plan.» 

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Highly Enriched Uranium transport objected to by First Nations

Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) currently being stored at the nuclear facility at Chalk River, Ontario, is to be transported to a facility in South Carolina for processing. The plan stems from a 2010 agreement that would allow the United States to» 

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Canada – U.K. Arctic music & policy show looks to build bridges

Ask the average person in the South what they know about the Arctic and things like ‘ice’ or ‘polar bears’ usually top the list. But a new radio show launched this month wants to help change that. Dispatch, from the Cold Front comes»