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Shania Twain touring eastern Canada

Shania Twain might be home for Canada Day this year. The girl who grew up in northern Ontario is currently on her 2018 ‘Now Tour’, and will be leading the sing-a-longs in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City next week. At» 

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Mosaiculture: back by popular demand

Mosaiculture, the horticultural wonder that was such a hit last summer, is opening today in the same location across the river from the parliament buildings in Ottawa. Last summer, Mosaiculture was first created to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian» 

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Unemployment rate falls to lowest level in 21 years

Unemployment in Canada was a problem for fewer people in April this year, according to figures released by Statistics Canada. The federal agency said the rate was the lowest it’s been in 21 years. 453,100 people were receiving the wage» 

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Canadians: Longer work days, shorter work week

Undoubtedly if you asked, people would like to work fewer hours, and have more time off. In times past, people thought that by our present time a shorter work week was bound to happen. In spite even of relatively recent» 

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U.S. Coast Guard turns to Canada for help with designing its new heavy icebreaker

With growing concerns over its apparent “icebreaker gap” with Russia and an urgent need to replace its only operational heavy icebreaker the United States Coast Guard has turned to Canada for help in designing the future generation of its polar-class» 

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Canada was ninth-largest recipient of asylum seekers in 2017

War, violence and persecution drove 16.2 million people from their homes in 2017, bringing the total number of displaced persons in the world to 68.5 million, according to the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR. ‘Canada should be proud,’ says lawyer» 

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World’s biggest environmental crime investigation

Environmental crime estimated at $150 billion/yr Wildlife and forestry crime is the fourth largest crime area internationally after illegal drugs, counterfeiting, and human trafficking. Things like killing elephonts and rhinos for tusks and horns has long captured world media news,» 

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Boycott of American and Trump products underway

Boycotts of American products have been encouraged across Canada over the last week. On Twitter it has taken shape with the hashtag #BoycottUSProducts. Many Canadians became incensed by the treatment of Prime Minister Trudeau in the wake of the recent» 

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Cannabis law approved: legal October 17, 2018

Cannabis consumption will be legal in Canada on October 17th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this afternoon. Canada’s upper chamber, the Senate, approved Bill C-45, last night by a vote of 52-29 vote with two abstentions. The proposed bill had gone» 


New species of ancient marine lizard discovered

Paleontologists at the University of Alberta have discovered a new species of ocean lizard that lived between 70 and 75 million years ago. The specimen is unique in that its muscle and skin is well preserved and scientists could even»