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Over 24 million children at risk, says UNICEF

The United Nations children’s agency, UNICEF, says that violence and conflict in the Middle East and North Africa have put in jeopardy the health of 24 million children. Most at risk are children in Yemen, Syria, the Gaza Strip, Iraq,» 

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Insect herbivores: predators and prey in a global study

An international effort for the first time collected coordinated data on  predation patterns at different latitudes and different elevations (altitudes) in a global study. While it was known there is more biodiversity towards the equator and more in valleys than» 

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Be alert but do not fear terrorism, advises security expert

While terrorist attacks are becoming more frequent, the chances of being killed in one are much less than drowning in your own bathtub. So says Phil Gurski, a former analyst with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and now head» 

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Reducing grocery store food waste

In recent years fingers have been pointed at grocery chains for tossing perfectly good food into the garbage bin.  Lots of it. It appears to be policy that as food approaches it’s expiry date, or “best before/sell-by ” date, many» 

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Canada’s terrorism threat level remains unchanged

Canadian officials have no plans to raise the country’s terrorism threat level in the wake of a deadly suicide bombing that killed 22 people and injured 59 others at the end of a concert by U.S. singer Ariana Grande at» 

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Canada takes part in massive Arctic air force drill in northern Scandinavia

The Royal Canadian Air Force has dispatched a C-130T aerial refueling tanker from Winnipeg to take part in a massive air force exercise in Northern Europe. The Arctic Challenge Exercise 2017 (ACE 17) organised by the Air Forces of Finland,» 

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‘Devastated’ Trudeau expresses Canada’s condolences to UK

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other Canadian officials are expressing their sorrow and shock following a terrorist bombing that killed 22 people, including an eight-year-old girl in the northern English city of Manchester Monday night. Fifty-nine people, including 12 children under» 

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Victoria Day and the ‘Mothers of Confederation’

Victoria Day is the occasion for the holiday many Canadians are enjoying today, at least in central and western Canada. The Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador do not celebrate. And, in» 

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Celine Dion and Drake win big at Billboard Music Awards

Celine Dion performed and Drake collected awards last night in Los Vegas, at the annual Billboard Music Awards. The Toronto-based rapper is now the biggest winner ever, but Quebec-born singer, Celine Dion was the musical star of the event. Her powerful» 

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Ottawa to discuss continental trade and defence in Mexico City and Washington

Canada’s foreign affairs and defence ministers are heading to Mexico City and Washington to discuss continental trade and defence issues after the United States formally notified Canada and Mexico last week that it wants to renegotiate a key trade agreement»