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Lumber wars: Duties and penalties as tactics

The cards are stacked- H Nelson Late Monday, the United States announced it would impose immediate countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber imports of up to 24 percent.  It also said the duties were retroactive to imports of 90 days» 

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Oops! When is a puffin not a puffin?

When it’s a penguin! Yesterday, April 25, was World Penguin Day. It’s timed to roughly coincide with the annual march to the sea of penguins and to bring awareness to their situation. Emperor penguins in Antarctica. April 25 was World» 

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Government warns of job losses in lumber trade war with U.S.

The federal government warned forestry workers and lumber producers Tuesday to brace for another bruising trade war with the United States, as President Donald Trump’s administration announced that it is imposing duties of up 24 per cent on Canadian lumber» 

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With continued reductions in military spending, Canada faces NATO partners in May

Canada’s Prime Minister will be heading to Sicily in May for a meeting of the NATO allies. U.S. President Trump has made strong calls for NATO partners to fulfil their NATO defence spending obligations. Canada is among those falling behind.» 

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Freeland shares stage with Ivanka Trump at women’s summit

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland participated in a panel discussion featuring some of the most powerful women on the planet on Tuesday. Freeland took part in a keynote panel discussion on scaling up women’s entrepreneurship, at the Women20 Summit» 

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Ontario tries to cool superheated housing costs: Toronto and region

In the face of skyrocketing housing and rental costs, the Ontario government has followed the lead of the west coast city of Vancouver. In the face of many claims that foreign investors are artificially inflating housing prices, Ontario has put» 

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The Antarctic too is under stress and threat

We are hearing more and more about stress, and threats to the Arctic, but not so much about Antarctica. Most people would tend to think because the Antarctic is so distant and cold, that it’s a pristine environment and relatively safe» 

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A call for action after clothing factory disaster

Today is the fourth anniversary of the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh which killed 1,130 workers and injured 2,500. Since then, activists have tried to get 72 clothing and shoe retailers around the world to divulge the names and» 

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Gender bias for births among Indian immigrants

A new study shows that preference for male babies of some immigrants from India continues here in Canada. The study was published Monday April 24 in the online science publication, Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada (JOGC) under the title,» 

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Canada wants a bigger share of India’s defence procurement market

Ottawa is working towards strengthening its defence and security ties with New Delhi and hopes the country’s high-tech defence industries will make greater inroads in India’s ambitious arms procurement program, says Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. India has been the»