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Alto’s Odyssey, sequel, launching tomorrow

Alto’s Odyssey is the video game sequel to the hit, Alto’s Adventure, that was released in Canada three years ago. “It wasn’t until six months later we could reflect and realize we had something that wasn’t showing any signs of stopping”» 

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Black History Month: time for it to go?

Black History Month may have outlived its usefulness according to Bee Quammie, a young writer, speaker and producer in Toronto. At the beginning of February in 2017, Quammie aired her views on the CBC’s National news broadcast, talking about why it» 

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Canada: Sales of electric vehicles and hybrids continue to grow

As more and more automakers join the fray, the choice of EV’s or hybrids for consumers continues to grow. Sales are now reflecting a greater move towards such vehicles. From the tiny Smart Fourtwo Electric (starting at $29,050) to the» 

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Olympic gold again for skaters Moir and Virtue

Canadians at home and at gatherings across the country went wild when figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir made history by capturing their fifth Olympic medal, this one their second gold at the Pyeongchang Games. Their winning ice dance» 

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Trudeau family visiting India

The Trudeau family are repeating history in a visit to India. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first visit was as a boy, with his father Pierre Trudeau. “About 35 years ago, when I was 11 years, I came to India on» 

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Virtue and Moir making history in skating

Virtue and Moir, the ice skating duo that have transfixed audiences and fans alike, are skating in a final chapter of their amazing career together. What began 20 years ago in London, Ontario, when the pair were eight and ten,» 

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Justin Bieber exhibit opens in hometown Stratford, Ontario

Justin Bieber started busking as a boy, guitar in hand, on the steps of Stratford‘s Avon theatre. He was not even 10 years of age, but his goal was to raise enough money to take his mom to Disney World. “We» 

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A Canadian driver at the Daytona 500

Stock car racing is huge in the U.S. and arguably the biggest event of the season, is the Daytona 500, which attracts literally millions of fans and viewers each year. In 2006 the event listed 20 million television viewers D.J.» 

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Canada to bring up North Korea, Venezuela and Ukraine at Munich Conference

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has a long list of world crises she would like to discuss with her counterparts at the Munich Security Conference in Germany this weekend, according to Canadian officials. The North Korean nuclear crisis, the situation» 

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NGOs ‘need to do better’ to prevent staff sexual misconduct: Save the Children

Humanitarian organizations need to do a better job of sharing information with each other and the public in general to prevent sexual predators from joining these organizations and exploiting vulnerable people, says the head of one of Canada’s largest humanitarian»