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Russian ICBM launches showcase its modernized nuclear deterrent, Canadian expert

While much of the international attention has been focused on growing tensions between North Korea and the United States over Pyongyang’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, Russia conducted two successful test-launches of its new nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles over the» 

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Invictus Games set to begin Saturday in Toronto

A sporting extravaganza gets underway Saturday in Toronto when some 550 athletes from 17 countries parade into the Air Canada Centre for the opening ceremonies of the Invictus Games. In the stands will be celebrities ranging from Prince Harry of» 

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Canadian military helps fight Daesh in remaining stronghold

It is believed there are up to 2,000 Daesh (ISIS)  holed up in the northern Iraqi city Hawija,one of their last strongholds which they have held since 2014. A battle for the city of about 150,000 in northern Iraq has» 

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The Canadian hero of Dunkirk:  some recognition at home

Parks Canada honours Commander James Campbell Clouston  The Montreal-born British Royal Navy commander’s family was on hand for the ceremony, including his grandson Milo Clouston, left, his son, Moray Clouston, right, and Moray’s wife, Maggie Clouston. © (Jay Turnbull/CBC It was» 

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Embattled Ukrainian president to visit Canada

Ukrainian President to visit Canada Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is in New York today where he is holding talks with several world leaders during the opening of the U.N.General Assembly. A press release today from the Canadian Prime Minister’s office» 

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Should Canada join U.S. ballistic missile defence program?

The dizzying tempo of North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons development program is raising questions in Ottawa whether Canada too should join the American ballistic missile defence umbrella despite uncertainty over its efficacy, costs and any meaningful Canadian role» 

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Is Canada responsible when its arms sales are used against civilians

53 % say no Most people, including Canadians, don’t realize that Canada is a major exporter of military hardware abroad, in fact one of the top ten 10 exporters of military and defence technology in the world. In light of» 

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U.S. has no obligation to protect Canada from North Korean ballistic missile attack, MPs told

The good news is that despite its often colourful and bizarre threats to annihilate its foes, the regime in North Korea does not see Canada as a threat, Canadian diplomatic officials told a parliamentary committee in Ottawa Thursday. “In fact on» 

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The U.S.-Canada plane dispute: U.K. joins the fray

It began with a plan for Canada to buy 18 Super-Hornet fighter jets from Boeing as a stop-gap measure to fill a gap in Canada’s air defences. The just revealed price tag of around $6-billion has itself raised concern in» 

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Theresa May coming to Ottawa

Theresa May the British Prime Minister, will be in Ottawa on Monday September 18th to talk with Prime Minister Trudeau about the trade challenges facing Bombardier. May is joining forces with Canada to confront a major trade dispute brought about by U.S.»