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Coalition wants ex-president of Haiti barred from Montreal performance

A coalition of seven Montreal organizations is pressing Canadian politicians to keep  former Haitian president Michel Martelly from appearing on stage in Montreal this Friday. The coalition, comprised of mainly Haitian-Canadians, says Martelly, who sings under the stage name of» 


New chapter in Canada’s political scandal: disruption to Parliament promised

The ethics scandal that’s been dogging the governing Liberal party had a new twist today, one that has the opposition fuming. An all-party Justice Committee has been hearing testimony into allegations of undue political interference in a legal case of» 

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Is democracy in trouble? New book looks at solutions

Have we now become “too dumb for democracy”.  Well, not really in that sense The subtitles are fairly self-explanatory about what’s in the new book, “Why we make bad political decisions, and how we can make better ones” The book» 

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Canadian Senate finally lets the cameras in

Say one thing for the political appointees known as Canadian senators, they sure know how to hold their ground. By most accounts, they were members of the last legislative chamber in the Western world to keep TV cameras out. No» 


Canada’s top bureaucrat resigns amid SNC-Lavalin controversy

In the latest chapter of the controversy surrounding the SNC-Lavalin engineering firm, Michael Wernick, the clerk of the Privy Council has sent a letter of resignation to the prime minister. The job of the clerk is to provide non-partisan advice» 

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Kenney wants to lower wages for young Alberta workers

There’s an election coming in Alberta and Opposition Leader Jason Kenney is taking something of an unorthodox tack to try to attract votes. Kenney says that if elected, he is prepared to roll back the province’s $15-an-hour minimum wage to» 

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Facebook to control political ads in Canada

Facebook has announced plans to comply with a new Canadian law aimed at preventing foreign interference in elections. There will be a federal election in October 2019 and the social media giant says its “ads transparency tools” will be launched» 

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European Union to begin new travel document requirement

New travel requirements for Europe Canadians are used to fairly easy travel to most countries around the world, especially Europe. Show your passport and that’s about it.  Well, for Canadians and some 60 other countries like the U.S., it’s about» 

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SNC Lavalin scandal: Another faux-pas for the Liberal government?

The scandal that is rocking the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has grown yet again. The government also seems to be continuing on a rocky path and strategy. An emergency meeting of the Justice Committee investigating the situation was shut» 

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Texting driver gets four years in prison following fatal crash

There’s virtually no doubt that texting while driving in a hare-brained idea–-dangerous, really, really stupid and sometimes lethal. But Canadians persist in doing it despite sporadic publicity campaigns and a periodic bumping of fines and license suspensions aimed at getting»