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The end of the ATM could start in Quebec

Gone by 2028 They have become ubiquitous around the world. The automatic teller machine or ATM. They are a handy way of accessing your bank account practically from anywhere in the world. But their time may be limited. The Caisse» 

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Russian embassy lashes out at Trudeau and warns of fallout for Arctic cooperation

The Russian embassy in Ottawa lambasted Justin Trudeau in a sharply worded tweet on Thursday, decrying the prime minister’s comments about President Vladimir Putin and warning that such “unacceptable” statements could be “counterproductive” for the bilateral cooperation in the Arctic» 


Canada’s political leaders, not so popular

Canada’s political leaders were undoubtedly all elected by a majority of voters with hope for the future. It seems that hope and approval fades fairly quickly in Canada according to a new survey by the Angus Reid polling agency. Canada’s» 

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Mr, Mrs, Miss, no more. Government agencies told to be ‘gender neutral” with public

A new directive to  Service Canada employees tells them to try to avoid terms like Mr., Mrs., Miss, father, mother, etc. According to documents obtained by Radio-Canada, those employees who interact with the public are to avoid such terms to» 

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Canadian Government introduces new gun restrictions

Citing an increase in gangs and gun crime, yesterday the federal Liberal government introduced new restrictions and obligations for gun ownership in Canada, called Bill C-71. Tony Bernardo is the executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), a» 

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Canada’s privacy watchdog launches investigation into Facebook

Canada’s privacy watchdog has launched an investigation into Facebook to look into whether the social media company may have violated the privacy rights of Canadian users by improperly sharing their private account data with a political consultancy company working on» 

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Canada moves to dilute Finnish bid to ban dirty fuels from the Arctic

As the world maritime body prepares to consider a Canadian proposal to mitigate the risks of heavy fuel oil pollution in the Arctic, Ottawa is trying to water down a plan by Finland for an outright ban of the highly» 

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Canada to join dangerous Mali peacekeeping mission.

The large central African republic of Mali has been beset with bitter internal violence since Taureg uprising in the north in 2012. This was followed by a military coup in 2013, and although an election was held later, infighting among» 

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Kathleen Wynne prorogues legislature in Ontario

Kathleen Wynne, the Liberal premier of Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, made a bold move yesterday, proroguing the Ontario Legislature. The province, once the manufacturing powerhouse of Canada, is facing an election on June 7th, so Wynne is being accused» 

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Former Tory leader Brown out of Ontario election race

What a difference a couple of months makes in politics. Just ask Patrick Brown, the erstwhile leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. In January, it appeared Brown might be bound for the premiership of Canada’s largest province, given the unpopularity»