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Immigration minister in heated exchange with Ontario over asylum seekers

Immigration ministers from the provinces and territories gathered with federal minister, Ahmed Hussen, in Winnipeg today to discuss the issues they’re facing. “It’s divisive, it’s fear mongering and it’s not Canadian” Ontario and Quebec have recently been dealing with an» 

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Humanitarian agencies call for urgent ceasefire in southwestern Syria

Humanitarian agencies struggling to reach tens of thousands of refugees displaced by the latest government offensive to recapture rebel-controlled areas of southwestern Syria are calling for an urgent ceasefire and humanitarian access to the area. The United Nations Refugee Agency» 

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Teepee Justice Camps growing in Saskatchewan

Teeppee Justice Camp members say they are not going anywhere, despite the police having dismantled their camp near the provincial legislature in Regina, once already. Justice for our Stolen Children The Justice For Our Stolen Children camp at Wascana Park in Regina» 

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2010 Tamil migrant ship: expensive, toxic legacy

A tired tramp steamer called the MV Sun Sea  was a the heart of an international incident in 2010. Originally built in 1980 the 53 metre-long ship was loaded with 492 Sri Lankan Tamil migrants in Thailand and then headed» 

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Tragedy strikes cross-Canada farm education trip

Henk and Bettina Schuurmans, both aged 55, were dairy farmers in Floradale, just outside Elmira, Ontario. Their cross-Canada trip aboard a farm-tractor came to a tragic end this week when they were hit by a large truck on a highway» 

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Canada extends and boosts its contribution to NATO mission in Latvia

Canada is extending its NATO commitment in Latvia by another four years to March 2023 and will boost the number of troops in the country to 540 from the current 455, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday at the conclusion» 

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Canadian on trial in Germany for Holocaust denial

Canadian-born Monika Schaefer, 59, of Jasper, Alberta, is now on trial in Germany along with her 63-year-old German-Canadian brother, Alfred, who now lives near Munich. They are charged under German laws against “inciting hatred”. Both have been charged relating to» 

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Being Prime Minister: what are they like as people?

Leaders lives behind the scenes. In public life, our leaders often put on a “public face”, but what are they like when the microphones and cameras aren’t there? That’s the premise of a new book  called On Being Prime Minister» 

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Canada History: July 11, 1990, the crisis and death at Oka

Quebec provincial pollce officer killed during attack It was a conflict –a land dispute-that had its origins as far back as the early 1700’s. It reached a boiling point and international headlines on this day, July 11, 1990. That was» 

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Don’t let hatred of Trump lead Canada into costly trade retaliation blunder, says U.S. expert

Canadians shouldn’t let their hatred of Trump blind them into stumbling into a full-out trade war with the United States, says an American expert on international trade. Marc Busch, professor of International Business Diplomacy at the School of Foreign Service,»