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Canada History: June 23 1985: Air India and Canada’s deadliest terrorist attack

It was 1985 and the beginning of summer in Canada, a time to think of vacations and travel. Hundreds of friends and family, many of Indian decent, had gathered at airports in Canada to wish others a fond farewell as» 

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Electric vehicles: the argument against subsidies

Many people buy electric vehicles in hopes of reducing greenhouse gases. Many provinces in Canada encourage buying “EV’s” by providing subsidies. A new study by the Montreal Economic Institute says the practice is “the least efficient, and most expensive” way» 

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Canada’s policy in Venezuela is ‘anything but neutral,’ says national labour coalition

The Liberal government’s approach to championing human rights and security in the Americas is one-sided and selective, says a Canadian labour and civil society coalition. Common Frontiers, an umbrella group of labour and civil society organizations, says Canada needs to play» 

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South Sudan famine averted but millions still face hunger

South Sudan is no longer classified as being in famine following an increase in international aid, but the country is experiencing the most alarming levels of food insecurity in its history, according to a newly released United Nations report. According» 

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Environmental rights as a human right: new proposals for Canada’s environmental laws

In a comprehensive evaluation, a government committee has made many recommendations to update Canada’s Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) Environmental groups are generally pleased with the recommendations and urge government to move quickly to adopt them. Kaitlyn Mitchell is a staff» 


Proposed security law gets mixed review

The Canadian government has proposed new legislation to replace a controversial anti-terrorism law which has increased the powers of security agencies and raised concerns about charter rights. Observers see good and bad in it. ‘A really good thing’ “The really» 

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National Aboriginal Day in Canada

The day was established in 1996 by then Governor-General Romeo Leblanc. Over one million Canadians identify as First Nations, Metis, or Inuit. In creating the day of recognition for First Nations contributions to Canada, the original proclamation read in part,» 

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Changes to information law fall short, say activists

While some proposed changes to Canada’s Access to Information Act are welcome, activists say they do not go far enough. This law allows Canadians to request information from the government and it provides for an independent Information Commissioner to handle» 

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Canada’s Marine Protected Areas: more scientific input and protection needed.

Recently 15 respected Canadian scientists sent a letter to Canadian politicians expressing concern about Canada’s current and future marine protected areas. All of the scientists are involved in various ways with marine research. Rodolphe Devillers (PhD) led the initiative. He» 

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Trudeau discusses climate change and economic ties with Chinese and Indian leaders

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke on the phone with his Chinese and Indian counterparts yesterday to discuss continued efforts to combat climate change, develop clean energy technologies and promote trade, according the Prime Minister’s Office. In his conversation with Indian»