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Lawsuit against Catholic oratory in Quebec may proceed

It’s a case of alleged sexual abuse going back as much as 40 years ago and involves one of Catholicism’s iconic institutions in Canada, the St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal The Supreme Court of Canada in a 5-4 decision has» 

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Nadia’s Journey 2.0: interview with filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui

Award winning Montreal-based filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui is no stranger to controversy. She has a knack for finding subjects for her films that engender debate, force the viewer to question long-held beliefs, confront and shatter stereotypes. But she does all that» 

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Montreal begins public consultations on systemic racism

The first-ever public consultations on systemic racism and discrimination in Montreal began Wednesday. There have been various kinds of talks, meetings and declarations on the matter for over 30 years, but activists are are hoping that this time–maybe–more than a» 

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Trudeau in Paris for ‘Christchurch Appeal’ meeting

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Paris to join other world leaders and tech executives at a meeting aimed at finding a way to eliminate acts of violent extremism from being shown online. The meeting is being led by French» 

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Ontario court fines Islamophobe zealot $2.5M

Like a lot of other places, Canada is no stranger to anti-Muslim crusaders who fancy themselves ready to lead their fellow citizens into political battle. One of them is a self-styled media personality and former candidate for mayor in the» 

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Anti-semitism continues to fester in Canada

New statistics–both sickening and saddening–show the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Canada grew to an all-time high in 2018, increasing by 16.5 per cent over 2017. The figures are contained B’nai Brith Canada’s annual audit that tracks anti-Semitic incidents reported» 

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Effects of Christchurch attack being felt across Canada

The ripples from Christchurch continue to lap on Canada’s shores. As a Chinese-Canadian political candidate in Alberta was brought to tears after one of her campaign signs was defaced with racist graffiti and an advocacy group in Vancouver was announcing» 

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As congregations shrink, churches seek new ways to survive

Like in so many other Western countries, Canadians are attempting to cope with shrinking congregations as secularization across the country grows and survival tactics abound. Some tactics are traditional; turning churches into condos or tearing them down and building apartments.» 

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Canadian Muslim organisation against “honour” crimes

Just released is a new study on gender-based violence (GBV) called, “Dishonourable Violence: Changing the Narratives on Honour and Shame Among Muslim Canadian Communities”. It is the product of Islamic Relief Canada a non-profit humanitarian aid group and came following» 

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Sunday vigil remembers McArthur’s victims

A “Vigil for a Grieving Community” was held Sunday as people in Toronto gathered to remember the eight men killed by Bruce McArthur between 2010 and 2017. All eight victims had disappeared from the city’s gay village. All were dismembered»