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The rate is falling but 5.3 million Canadians still smoke

Government statistics suggest 17.7 per cent of Canadians over the age of 12 smoked in 2015. That was down from 18.1 per cent the year before. There are campaigns throughout the country to encourage people to quit or never start» 

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Japan’s sex slaves in WWII. “The Apology”

It is another tragic chapter of WWII.  The Japanese Imperial Army forced tens of thousands of girls and young women from occupied lands to become sex slaves for their soldiers. Strange as it may seem, this horrible tale is not» 

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World Oral Health Day; Survey shows which countries are best

Today, March 20 was World Oral Health Day. About 44 percent of the world’s population has tooth decay, and gum disease is present in 15-20 percent of adults between ages 35-44. Many people are aware of oral health care, but» 

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Teens experiencing dating violence face more risk later

A new study suggests that people who experience physical or verbal violence in their teens are more likely to suffer abuse later on. Researchers at the University of Calgary studied young people from the ages of 12 to 18 to» 

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Canada 150: Canadian condom contest

The slogan is “ Do It for Canada”. OK, so it’s not really officially a part of the Canada 150 anniversary celebrations, but it is connected with one method of celebration. A commercial condom maker is holding a contest to» 

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Use of drugs by drivers called ‘extremely concerning’

The province of Manitoba’s public insurance corporation conducted voluntary roadside surveys towards the end of last year and found one in 10 drivers tested positive for drugs. Out of 1,230 drivers who took part, 124 were found to have taken» 

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Canadian a finalist for prestigious “global teacher” prize

Don’t kid yourself about a teaching prize, it’s worth one million dollars US! A Canadian woman, Maggie MacDonnell from Nova Scotia who is teaching in northern Quebec is now among the short list of ten potential winners. These were chosen» 

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Syrians stranded and dying six years after war began

Syrian refugees are stranded in squalid conditions in Europe, Turkey and the middle East, while Syrian civilians are stranded in their homeland at the closed borders unable to escape the violence and chaos in the conflict zones. “Of particular concern» 

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A body-checking ban in Canadian peewee hockey pays off

When Hockey Canada decided in 2013 to ban body checking in games involving 11-and 12-year-olds, no one was sure what the repercussions would be. Mark those repercussions down as positive. The results of a University of Calgary study are in» 

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The LINK Online, Sun, March 12, 2017

The LINK Online is hosted this week by Lynn Desjardins and Carmel Kilkenny Asylum seekers from Somalia cross into Canada from the United States Feb 26, by walking along train tracks into the town of Emerson, Manitoba. © CP/John Woods Undefended»