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Cannabis: the young developing mind and later depression and suicidal tendencies

A new study finds an apparent association between consuming cannabis when young and a later incidence of depression and suicidal tendencies in young adults. Lead author of the study is Dr Gabriella Gobbi (PhD, M.D.). She is a professor of» 

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We can edit the human genome, but should we?

CRISPR is a recent technological breakthrough in simplifying gene editing, It’s potential is enormous and at the same time it raises great concerns. Those concerns exploded when a Chinese scientist edited the genetic sequence of an embryo (germline) to create twin» 


Black blood donors sought in Quebec

It’s Black History Month in Canada and among the many planned events, the blood agency in the province of Quebec is seeking blood donations from black people and women in particular. Sickle cell anemia is more prevalent in people with» 

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Seafood mislabelled along supply chains, say researchers

A new study confirms that Canada has a problem with the mislabelling of seafood, but also that the problem exists throughout the supply chain. Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario collected 203 samples from multiple points and found» 

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RCMP reviewing how it handles fentanyl

Canada’s national police force is reviewing how its members should handle fentanyl. There had been fears that officers faced high risk when dealing with the drug. However, new research suggests that they are not likely to overdose on the drug» 

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The Capital City Condors: a team to root for, really root for

Anyone who doubts the importance of the lessons hockey can teach–at least when it’s run by people who really get it–needs only to take a look at the Capital City Condors. Based in Ottawa, the Condors were founded 11 years» 

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Book warns about chemicals in everyday objects

Plastics are everywhere and while there is concern about their disposal, two authors are warning about the chemicals they may contain. Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie have updated a book they wrote ten year ago called Slow Death By Rubber» 

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Stronger gun control urged by new doctors’ group

Canadian doctors and other health-care professionals have formed a new group to fight for strong gun control laws including a ban on handguns and assault weapons. “Guns represent a growing public health threat. Statistics Canada reports that firearm-related violent crime» 

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A gorgeous Down East town grapples with an ugly industrial legacy

Things are getting downright ugly in the gorgeous Newfoundland and Labrador community of St. Mary’s. An unbearable smell fills the air. How unbearable? “It’s hard to explain the smell to you,” says the town’s voluntary deputy mayor, Steve Ryan, to» 


Protect Canadians from chemicals in receipts, urge environmentalists

A small experiment suggests that levels of hormone disrupting BPA and BPS spike in the bodies of people who have handled thermal paper receipts. These bisphenols are added to a chemical mixture to coat the paper used for printing receipts,»