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Non-profit warns of acetaminophen link to liver failure

The common analgesic acetaminophen is the leading cause of liver failure in Canada and the non- profit Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Canada (ISMP) has issued a bulletin asking that it be used safely. It notes that about 4,500» 

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Expanding pharmacy services could help save nearly $26B: study

Expanding medical services offered at local pharmacies to help Canadians quit smoking, manage heart disease and offer flu shots could save Canada’s health care system billions of dollars, according to a new report released today by The Conference Board of Canada. The report, entitled» 

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Government to fund research on brain diseases, disorders

Neurological conditions affect an estimated 2.3 million Canadians and the government will spend millions on brain research to try to help. Among the disorders and diseases are depression, stroke, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, autism and Parkinson’s. Canada has the highest rate» 

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Toronto subway air quality: as bad as Beijing

A study of the three metropolitan subway systems in Canada’s three major cities shows some surprising results. The systems were tested in Vancouver on the west coast, and in Toronto and Montreal in central Canada. The findings were published in» 

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A call for action after clothing factory disaster

Today is the fourth anniversary of the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh which killed 1,130 workers and injured 2,500. Since then, activists have tried to get 72 clothing and shoe retailers around the world to divulge the names and» 

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Gender bias for births among Indian immigrants

A new study shows that preference for male babies of some immigrants from India continues here in Canada. The study was published Monday April 24 in the online science publication, Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada (JOGC) under the title,» 

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Employers anxious about marijuana in the workplace

The Canadian government will soon legalize the recreational use of marijuana but employers say it has failed to take steps to prevent its use in the workplace. Employers in Canada are legally obliged to ensure the safety of their workers,» 

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Airline overbooking leading to seat bumping can sure ruin a lot of well-planned trips, among other things

It hasn’t raised the kind of backlash that followed the bumping and roughing up of a 69-year-old doctor on the now-infamous United Airlines flight sitting on the tarmac last week in Chicago, but the experience of a Prince Edward Island» 

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Children of war; happier in conflict than in peace?

It seems a strange situation, children who were happier in a rebel camp at war, than they are after they gain their freedom. These are children who were abducted as child fighters or female sex slaves, and camp workers, and» 

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Hockey, concussions, psychiatric disorders

Hockey is fast, and at times rough, especially as you rise through the ranks to the top league, the National Hockey League (NHL) Hits have always been hard but as players have become bigger, stronger, faster, the hits have become»