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Three Canadian cities in top 10 of Economist livability rankings

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its latest rankings of the world’s most livable cities and Canada has placed three–Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto–in the top 10. The Unit ranks 140 cities on a number of factors every year and there» 

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Rope skipping tries to make the leap from its playful past….to the Olympics

It’s kind of crazy when you think about it: how come a sport that very likely goes back thousands of years–maybe as far as what has now become the game of soccer–has never made it to the Olympics? Rope skipping.» 


Organized sport does not interfere with children’s free play: study

There has been concern in Canada that families may over schedule their children in organized sports to the detriment of free play. Free play is seen as important to a child’s overall health and development. A new study from the» 

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Blue-green algae kills dogs, increase as temperatures go up

Three dogs died in late July 2018 right after coming into contact with blue-green algae in the St. John River in the eastern province of New Brunswick. Blue-green algae is a misnomer. The substance is actually not algae but a» 


Dollarama recalls toys containing potentially harmful chemicals

Discount retailer Dollarama is recalling more than half-a-million plastic “Skip Ball” toys containing high levels of phthalates that exceed Health Canada regulations. “Studies suggest that certain phthalates, including DEHP, may cause reproductive and developmental abnormalities in young children when soft» 

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Save safe injection sites in Ontario, plead nurses

Nurses are the latest group to express “grave concern” that the new government in the province of Ontario may stop funding services designed to protect injection drug users. The new health minister, Christine Elliott said on July 24, 2018 that» 

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When you eat, as important as what you eat, says researcher

For optimal health, people should only eat over an eight to 10-hour period on a daily basis, says the author of a new book called The Circadian Code. The body’s internal clock is closely attuned to sunrise and sunset, and» 

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Dionne quintuplet’s museum to open in North Bay

The Dionne Quintuplets, were the five baby girls born to Oliva and Elzire Dionne on May 28, 1934 in Corbeil, Ontario. They became an international sensation and made headlines for years after their birth. The story, thought a miracle at» 


Breastfeeding right after birth helps save babies’ lives: UN report

An estimated 78 million newborns are at a higher risk of death and disease each year because they do not get their mothers’ first breastmilk rich with nutrients and antibodies within the first hours of being born, according to a» 

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Heat wave breaking several records in British Columbia

Heat at record temperatures for over a week now is taking its toll in British Columbia. On Sunday, July 29th, 13 locations, most in the interior of the province, broke long-held records. Lytton got to 41.4 C while Whistler Village»