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Pollution causing one in six of all deaths: report

Pollution is linked to an estimated nine million premature deaths each year, according to a report from the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health. Health and environmental authors used data from the Global Burden of Disease study to produce the» 

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Canadian airports relax attitude on medical marijuana

Marijuana is still illegal in Canada, except if you have a prescription to possess small amounts for medical reasons. Previously, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority agents (CATSA) would call the police when a passenger was found in possession of marijuana.» 

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‘Please offer me a seat’ campaign in Toronto

‘Please offer me a seat’ is the great idea one woman in Toronto developed to help herself, and many other transit users in Canada’s largest city. Kate Welsh came up with ‘Equity Buttons’. An artist, educator and self-described activist, Welsh» 

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Best and worst places for women in Canada

Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast, is still the best city in Canada for women, and Windsor, Ontario in southern Ontario, is still the worst. These are the findings of an annual study by Kate McInturf of the Canadian» 

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Bill might stop employers from requiring high heels

Ontario might soon be the second province in Canada to stop employers from requiring women to wear high heels at work. Earlier this year, the province of British Columbia (B.C.) amended its Workers Compensation Act to make it illegal to» 

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Oxfam decries exploitation of hotel housekeepers

The charity Oxfam Canada set up a bed in downtown Toronto to illustrate the exploitation of female hotel housekeepers. A report it issued today features interviews with current and former employees of hotels in Canada, the Dominican Republic and Thailand.» 

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The Loneliness Project seeks to ease the hurt gently

Sometimes, beauty and caring are their own rewards. Sometimes, mixing those virtues with a healthy dose of empathy and compassion can go a whole lot farther than you ever imagined. Melissa Korda © Courtesy: Melissa Korda Sometimes, if you are lucky,» 

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Drone strikes commercial plane, a first in Canada

A collision between a drone and a commercial aircraft approaching Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport last week has drawn the wrath of Canada’s usually placid federal transport minister, Marc Garneau. “This should not have happened, that drone should not» 

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New Canadian study suggests that trees can play a part in a longer life

There are a million reasons to love trees, those perennial plants that rise from the ground, come in all shapes and sizes, whose branches grasp at the sky. Toronto High Park’s cherry trees in the spring. They may do a» 

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Were you a miner? McIntyre powder update

Ontario gov’t pledges $1 million for research After years of effort by a miner’s daughter, it’s starting to have an effect. Janice Martell was the daughter of a miner in northern Ontario. He was one of thousands of miners in»