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Today’s kids are not ‘physically literate’

A new and extensive research study of thousands of Canadian children found that generally Canadian children are not doing well when it comes to “physical literacy”. More than just a measure of physical fitness, this is a Canadian-inspired concept which» 

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Smoking destroys the environment, says WHO

The UN’s World Health Organization says tobacco use is not only killing about seven million people a year, it also has a devastating impact on the environment and on sustainable development. A report issued today says production of six trillion» 

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Tobacco plain packaging spreading worldwide

The Canadian Cancer Society is lauding what it calls tremendous momentum worldwide for plain packaging on tobacco products. An international report says there are now 25 countries and territories moving forward with plain packaging including Canada. Plain packaging was implemented» 


Eliminate cervical cancer in Canada, urge doctors

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) wants Canada to be the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer.  In 2017, an estimated 1,550 Canadian women were diagnosed with the disease and an estimated 400 died» 

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The ultra-ultra isolation endurance challenge

Two Canadians and an American are set to embark upon a most unusual physical, and perhaps psychological, endurance challenge. John Witzing, 43, an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer from the city of Peterborough Ontario, and personal trainer Josh Chessman, 28» 

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Tuberculosis fight to get $13B USD a year

The World Health Organization says TB is the world’s deadliest infectious disease which infected 10 million people in 2017 and killed 1.6 million. The disease is caused by bacteria, is contagious and predominantly affects the lungs. World leaders meeting at» 

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World first: blasting heart blockages

Innovation in medical procedure (video illustration at bottom) A new Canadian invention has been used to clear blocked heart arteries. The new technology has been used successfully for the first time at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Dr. Stéphane» 

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Publicly-funded drug plan under consideration

Canada is the only industrialized nation which has a publicly-funded, universal health care system but no national plan to cover medications. Some Canadian provinces and territories subsidize drug costs to varying degrees, sometimes to specific groups like seniors or low-income» 

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Canadians pessimistic about their ability to keep pot away from minors: poll

With less than a month to go until recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada, the majority of Canadians are pessimistic that the legislation will achieve one of its main stated goals: keeping pot away from minors, according to a new» 

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Patches and the medical advances of 3D printing

Patches is a 9-year-old who had a massive problem, one that would likely have killed her eventually. The small dachshund had a large tumour on the skull. Approached by a colleague at Cornell University in the U.S., it was decided»