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Smartphone producers need to do more to stop kids from getting addicted to devices

Apple and other smartphone producers need to do more to fight addiction to these ubiquitous devices among children, says a Canadian global affairs analyst and a former spokesperson for UNICEF. Michael Bociurkiw’s call comes as two major Apple investors –» 

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Canadian researchers learn to reprogram cells to fight TB

A team of Canadian researchers may have discovered a new way to combat tuberculosis by learning to reprogram the body’s own immune cells to kill invading TB bacteria, according to a new study published online today in the journal Cell. According» 

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Mystery donation is largest ever for mental health

Canada’s largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital has just received a 100-million-dollar anonymous donation. This is the largest-ever Canadian donation for mental health and will be dedicated to finding the causes and cures for mental illness. Over six million» 


Opioid-affected babies should be kept with moms, say doctors

The Canadian Paediatric Society has issued new guidelines for the health care of babies born suffering from exposure to their mothers’ use of opioid drugs during pregnancy. The number of children born with neonatal abstinence syndrome is going up in» 

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Breastfeeding with a smartphone not smart

Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding an infant while on a smartphone can be bad for both mother and baby. This was one of several findings revealed in an article in last weekend’s Globe and Mail newspaper by Eric Andrew-Gee. Under the provocative» 

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Ozone hole: international cooperation works

Decades ago scientists sounded the alarm that a large hole in the Earth’s ozone layer had formed over Antarctica. The ozone layer protects the Earth, and our skin and eyes, by absorbing much of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. NASA» 


Dementia: campaign aims to reduce stigma

Almost half of Canadians would not want people to know they had dementia, according to a survey done for the Alzheimer Society. The poll suggests 46 per cent of respondents would feel ashamed or embarrassed if they had dementia and» 

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Booze warning label experiment abruptly ends

Industry pushes back against warning labels The idea was to test the effects of warning labels on the habits of excessive alcohol consumption. The experiment, a Canadian first, and in some senses a world first, was to have large bright» 

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Montreal warns of smog on ice storm anniversary

Officials in the city of Montreal have issued the latest of several smog alerts today and they hope to improve air quality by restricting the use of wood-burning appliances made popular after the devastating ice storm of 1998. Freezing rain» 

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Beer Yoga: combining spirit with the spiritual

Beer drinking and yoga-a marriage of two popular activities Yoga is supposed to relax the mind and spirit, and I guess, enlighten, to some extent. There is now a fad for “goat yoga”, “cat yoga” and “hot yoga” amongst others.»