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You are being manipulated by your phone

You may think you’re in control, but perhaps not. The people who design apps for you phones and other electronic devices know more about us than we do. They use well-known techniques and design them into the coding of the» 

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World heritage site: Rideau Canal contaminated

It is featured in virtually every tourist promotion photo of the Canadian capital, but Ottawa’s downtown section of the Rideau Canal has a secret. Testing has revealed that the canal is contaminated with toxic waste. It now joins a list» 

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New fathers: information site on the way

Many expectant fathers, and recent dads, have found they seem to be left out when it comes to advice about the transition to parenthood. A new comprehensive web site will seek to include this previously ignored segment of society. Deborah» 

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Study: “vaping” does lead to smoking cigarettes

A new Canadian study seems to put paid to an argument that e-cigarettes keeps young people away from smoking tobacco. In fact, the study says just the contrary The study involved some 44,000 teenage students in Ontario and Alberta and» 

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Smoking kills 125 people a day, costs billions: study

The Conference of Board of Canada says smoking is responsible for a “devastating health burden” that highlights the need for the government to toughen its efforts to cut the use of tobacco. Using figures from 2012, the board’s study found» 

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New figures reveal severe lack of convictions in sexual assaults

Statistics Canada has released startling figures about the lack of criminal convictions in sexual assault cases. New research by the government recording agency made public Thursday showed that only about one in 10, (12 per cent) of sexual assault cases» 

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Ontario moves to limit anti-abortion protests

All three major political parties in the province of Ontario have voted together this week to quickly pass a new law regarding anti-abortion protests. This comes after municipal politicians in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto, had been discussing a ban on» 


‘Reduced-sugar’ products may not be as healthy as expected: study

A new study suggests that packaged foods that are labelled ‘no added sugar’ or ‘reduced in sugar’ are healthier but may not be as healthy as consumers expect. Analysis of over 3,000 food labels in a University of Toronto database» 

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Pollution causing one in six of all deaths: report

Pollution is linked to an estimated nine million premature deaths each year, according to a report from the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health. Health and environmental authors used data from the Global Burden of Disease study to produce the» 

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Canadian airports relax attitude on medical marijuana

Marijuana is still illegal in Canada, except if you have a prescription to possess small amounts for medical reasons. Previously, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority agents (CATSA) would call the police when a passenger was found in possession of marijuana.»