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New research gives a better understanding of concussions

  Concussion effects last longer than thought A Canadian-Dutch collaboration into concussion research used a new technique to discover how the brain works around concussion damage. The study, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) revealed interesting information about concussions and» 


The “dry January” movement

It’s a simple idea. After a period of perhaps heavy alcohol consumption during the Christmas holidays, take one month off and abstain completely from alcohol. Sue Vandermorris (PhD, C.Psych) says that going dry in January is a good idea because» 


Worry about insomnia makes it worse, say experts

Not enough sleep and poor quality sleep are prevalent among Canadian adults, according to government statistics analysed in 2017. A report concluded about one-third of adults sleep fewer hours per night than what is recommended for good physical and mental» 


Doctors urge parents to have children immunized

Among the flood of suggested New Year’s resolutions comes one from pediatricians asking that parents resolve to have their children get all their vaccinations. Immunization is offered free of charge to all Canadian families to protect against a host of» 

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Fitness expert suggests how to stick with it

It is common for Canadians to resolve to get fit at New Year’s, but many quit after the first month or two. Personal trainer and fitness expert David Kim-MacKinnon says it is difficult to stick with it and only half» 

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Feds issue warning to owners of Fraser River islands

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans is going after the owners of islands located in the Fraser River for what environmentalists have long said are actions that threaten the survival of salmon, steelhead and endangered white sturgeon in the region.» 

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New Food Guide expected to spark much controversy

Canada’s updated Food Guide will be released this year. It’s the first time in 11 years, Health Canada is releasing a revamp and it’s going to make some waves. Rumoured recommendations in the new guide have many in the country’s» 

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Ski program for Indigenous youth continually moving ahead

A program to improve the health and well being of Indigenous youth through outdoor sport and play really appears to be working in the Canadian West. Spirit North is doing just fine, thank you very much. Led by a former» 

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Your presence is requested at a brief respite from the world’s madness

Let’s pull no punches. It’s been a rough, rough year for way too many residents on Planet Earth. You know who they are. You might even be one of them. Answers abound on what to do. I’ve got a brief» 

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Debbie Travis’ latest book: Design Your Next Chapter

Debbie Travis, the serial TV host and entrepreneur, has a new book out, sharing her insights and experience in personal transformation, as well as several other people’s amazing stories. When I spoke to her during the week before Christmas, she»