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Agreement ends mine blockade in northwest British Columbia

The owner of the Mount Polley gold and copper mine in the British Columbia interior has signed an agreement with a First Nation to review a tailing facility at another mine it plans to open later this year. The agreement» 

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Researchers score breakthrough in rare disease

Canadian doctors and researchers have made an historic breakthrough in fighting a a pernicious auto-immune disease that turns people in living statues. The disease, known as”Stiff Person Syndrome,” is marked by muscle rigidity, spasms, frequent falls and a “tin soldier’s» 

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August 26: anniversary of a revolution in radio

If Canadian Reginald Fessenden should be correctly credited with inventing modern radio transmission, then the invention of another Canadian, Edward “Ted” Rogers, of Toronto can be credited with another major revolution in radio. Advert from 1925 announcing the demonstration and» 

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Right to die legislation gets new support

The growing–and controversial–the right-to-die movement in Canada continues to simmer as the Supreme Court prepares for an October debate of the issue. The Canadian Medical Association recently softened its stand on the issue, declaring “the right of all physicians within» 

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A go-slow approach to Arctic tourism

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North Arctic tourism is often touted in Canada, and other circumpolar regions, as a sustainable way to promote economic development in remote northern regions. It both puts money in» 

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UFOs make us wonder about the wonder of it all

What is it about Unidentified Flying Objects that whets our imagination and tickles our fancy? Nearly 15,000 “celestial oddities” have been spotted over Canada over the past 25 years. © CBC How many of us have gazed up at a star-filled» 

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North gets new Research Council funding

The federal government will fund a new $17-million National Research Council program in Canada’s North. The Arctic-focused program will concentrate on resource development, transportation and shipping, marine safety technologies and community infrastructure. Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the announcement on» 

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Moose-mating project expands in Maritimes

The Nature Conservancy of Canada says 198 hectares of land has been added to the land already put aside, for the so-called ‘Moose-sex project’, bringing the total to 1,012 hectares. Moose number as many as 30,000 in New Brunswick, but» 

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Sports coalition wants unified approach toward concussions

Nine national sports advocacy groups are calling for a concerted–and unified–approach to dealing with concussions in Canada. Concussions ended former NHL star Pat LaFontaine’s career. © AP Photo/JOHN HICKEY Calling themselves the Canadian Concussion Collaborative, the advocacy groups want a more» 

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Recreational drones raise privacy concerns

A Vancouver man recently complained to police that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) visited his 36th floor condominium during dinner and then moved on to peek into other windows. His was not the first case reported. While Canada regulates commercial»