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Rare white deer seen in northwest Ontario

People around the small town of Stratton Ontario had been seeing something very rare during the summer, an all-white deer. Stratton is located about 400 kilometres west of the northern Ontario city of Thunder Bay. Stratton is just north of» 

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Coco Rocha, Canadian supermodel, hates selfies

Coco Rocha is a Canadian model who works with the best international designers and graces the covers of the major fashion magazines. Now she’s a co-author as well.  Her new book, “Study of Pose”, features 2,000 pages of her best. Photographed» 

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Ontario students top internationally in computer literacy

Ontario students scored among the highest in computer literacy, in an international test.  Last year, they were part of the 60,000 grade 8 students, young people of 13 or 14 years of age, in 20 countries that took part in» 

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The world as seen from space; like never before

He is known as an astronaut and for five months was the commander of the crew aboard the International Space Station. Canadian Chris Hadfield has just published a book of amazing photos taken from space. It’s called “You Are Here:Around» 

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Ontario lakes becoming “jellied”

Decades ago sulphourus pollution from industrial smoke stacks floating in the air ended up aborbed in water molecules and falling as acidic rain.  Action was taken to greatly curb those pollutants, but now, although greatly reduced, the legacy of acid» 

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Report finds a sharp increase in youth self-harm

Over the past five years, there has been an 85 per cent increase in the number of Canadian children who are admitted to hospital because they have intentionally harmed themselves, according to a new report. The information gathered by the» 

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Fencing in caribou to help their survival

Caribou across the country are declining due to a number of reasons, not the least of which is industrial activity in their habitat. This is especially so in for woodland caribou in central Alberta where oil sands projects are booming» 

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Beware the killer shrimp

It’s small, really small, but apparently savage. The scientific name for this creature originating in eastern Europe in the Black Sea is Dikerogammarus Villosus. It and its nasty cousin Dikerogammarus haemobaphes, are only about 2-3cm long, but Hugh MacIsaac, a» 

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How a study of Mars weather can help forecasting on Earth

There is weather, there is climate, and now there is macroweather. All three are being studied on Mars. The idea is to help understand weather dynamics on Earth. Shaun Lovejoy PhD is a professor of Physics at McGill University in» 

Animals, Economy, Environment, International, Science and Technology

Tuna quota increase surprises, dissappoints conservationists

The 19th meeting of International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) concluded this week in Genoa, Italy with decision to raise quotas on bluefin tuna. Among conservationists there is great surprise and shock at the decision. The government»