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Lost Franklin expedition: tourists can swim over HMS Erebus wreck

If you have lots of money, and a couple of weeks this summer, you could enjoy a very rare experience to view one of the Franklin ships up close. The doomed mission was attempting to find a passage from the» 

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First-ever guidelines for Type 1 diabetics who exercise

People with Type 1 diabetes must be careful to control their sugar levels and doing exercise can make that more difficult and even dangerous if they miscalculate. But now an international team of researchers and clinicians led by York University» 

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Canada History: Jan 24, 1978 Soviet radiation across the Arctic

On September 18, 1977, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (CCCP) launched a reconnaissance satellite dubbed Cosmos-954. In Russian it was a “Controlled Active Satellite” while the Americans knew it as a “RORSAT”- radar ocean reconnaissance satellite.  Its purpose was» 

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Could evidence of life on Mars be found in a crater?

It’s one of many questions scientists are asking as they study core samples taken last year from the giant Chicxulub crater in Mexico The researchers are looking for evidence of bacteria within the rock. As Professor Gordon Osinski says, we» 

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Bilingual brain more efficient, may age better: study

A new Canadian study suggests that the brains of people who are bilingual are more efficient and may be less vulnerable to aging or dementia. A team led by Prof. Ana Ines Ansaldo at the University of Montreal recruited older» 

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Canada history: Jan 22, 1992 The first Canadian woman in space

It was on this day, the 22 of January 1992, that Roberta Bondar joined an extremely elite group. She blasted off as a payload specialist aboard the shuttle on STS-42 to become the first Canadian woman in space and the» 

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Canada’s tax man scanning your social media posts

You might want to think twice about posting online images of your new big boat, or expensive car or vacation, or major home renovations. It’s now been revealed that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is  scanning social media sites for» 

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Extending hours for hospital visits shows positive benefits

Generally in Canadian hospitals there are specific and limited times for families and friends to visit patients in hospital.  That is changing. From the couple of hours at a time during specified periods in the day, the new thinking is» 

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Many asthma patients may not actually have the condition

A new Canadian study suggests that 33 per cent of people diagnosed with asthma do not actually have the respiratory condition. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, concludes that some adults diagnosed by their doctors» 

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Canadian research leads to new discovery in head and neck cancers

It’s technically complicated but a research team doing a secondary examination of previous research discovered an important factor in cancer development. Cancer research is often focused on genetic mutation, but this new research looked instead at the process affecting how»