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Public broadcaster music library closing, CD’s to be digitised, destroyed

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC (English) and Radio-Canada (French) is going through massive changes. With huge funding cuts from the government and increasing costs, this has meant equally massive staff and production cuts. Rapidly developing technological developments are also driving the» 

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Not all lungs are created equal, and that may lead to problems

In turns out that lungs are not as simple as what TV commercials and textbooks would have us believe. New research has shown that about a quarter of the population has variations that may result in breathing problems later in» 

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Alto’s Odyssey, sequel, launching tomorrow

Alto’s Odyssey is the video game sequel to the hit, Alto’s Adventure, that was released in Canada three years ago. “It wasn’t until six months later we could reflect and realize we had something that wasn’t showing any signs of stopping”» 

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Canada: Sales of electric vehicles and hybrids continue to grow

As more and more automakers join the fray, the choice of EV’s or hybrids for consumers continues to grow. Sales are now reflecting a greater move towards such vehicles. From the tiny Smart Fourtwo Electric (starting at $29,050) to the» 

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Canada lags in preparing for automation, says analyst

New technologies may lead to millions of job losses in Canada and governments here are not as prepared for change as they are in other countries, says a public policy analyst. Canada has already lost many jobs to automation in» 

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Cyber threat: FBI issues yet another warning about Huawei- ZTE

For years security experts in Canada and the U.S have been expressing concerns about Chinese high-tech firms and potential spying. Last week FBI director Christopher Wray told a U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that the government should be ” deeply» 

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A Canadian driver at the Daytona 500

Stock car racing is huge in the U.S. and arguably the biggest event of the season, is the Daytona 500, which attracts literally millions of fans and viewers each year. In 2006 the event listed 20 million television viewers D.J.» 

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New rules for ship fuel mean less pollution by 2020

For years Canadian organisations and others have been calling for Arctic shipping to stop the use of the heavy fuel oil (HFO), also known as bunker fuel, in commercial ships. This is the cheapest fuel available and emits a high» 

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Canadian stroke victims at higher risk of dying in rural hospitals

Canadians living in rural areas are at a significantly higher risk of dying if they suffer a stroke and are treated in a local hospital as opposed to those who get treated in larger urban hospitals, according to a new» 

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Scientific anger over college degree in homeopathy

A number of medical and scientific personnel are expressing their shock at an Ontario Community College. Starting this fall, Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, will offer a diploma in homeopathy, a practice the critics says is mere quackery. The critics are also»