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International, Science and Technology

Looking into the secrets of black holes and supernovae

That’s one of the aspects of a new Japanese-led international space project called Astro-H. The new international probe uses five specialized x-rays and detectors to peer deep into monster black holes, and the traces of supernovae, gigantic explosions of stars» 

Animals, Science and Technology

Human behaviour triggers almost half of carnivore attacks: study

Attacks by large carnivores such as bears, cougars and coyotes could be reduced by almost half if humans were to cut down on risky behaviour outdoors and be more aware of their surroundings, says a new international study. “Remarkably, risk-enhancing» 

International, Science and Technology, Society

Editing the human gene: science and ethics

A recent development in genetics research has enabled scientists to cut and paste genetic information much more rapidly, more accurately, and much less expensive than ever before. Because of this, scientists also expressed concern about controlling the process especially since» 

Economy, Environment, International, Politics, Science and Technology, Society, Work & Labour

Will they or won’t they ban bunker fuel use in Arctic

The Arctic Council has been meeting this week in Stockholm, and one of the issues  under discussion is the ues of “heavy fuel oil” (HFO) by ships plying Arctic waters. As the U.S is the current chair of the Arctic» 

Education, Science and Technology

Human sounds convey emotions faster than words

It seems that ancient survival and communal adaptations still lurk in our brains. Research at McGill University in Montreal has found that people can detect the meaning and intent of non-speech vocalizations,, grunts, laughter, moans, growls etc, virtually instantaneously, faster» 

Environment, Health, History, Indigenous, Science and Technology

Ancient mud from Canada: New tool to combat “superbugs”?

It seems for thousands of years, an aboriginal group on Canada’s west coast has been using a huge mud pit for medicinal purposes. A company has been formed to market the mud known as Kisameet Clay. Company officials  asked researchers» 

Health, Lifestyle, Science and Technology, Society

Exercise during pregnancy good for baby and mom

A new study suggests pregnant women should exercise to combat high blood pressure, excessive weight gain and babies who are born too big. Hypertension is hard to control in pregnant women, and sometimes they must be hospitalized. Too much weight» 

Immigration & Refuge, Science and Technology, Society

Toronto IT company launches computer collection drive for Syrian refugees

A Toronto-based IT company that specializes in refurbishing and recycling old electronic equipment is launching a collection drive to benefit Syrian refugee families in the Greater Toronto Area. Dennis Maslo, managing partner at Computation Ltd., said the idea of the» 

Science and Technology, Society

Biometric identification ‘creepy,’ warns report

The use of the human body to identify people is becoming increasingly common raising concerns about privacy, identity theft, and misuse of personal information. Police have used fingerprints to for years, but new technology is permitting the use of eye» 

Economy, Environment, International, Science and Technology

Arctic Frontiers- Day 3- satellites

While not the subject of any particular speaker, panel, or general discussion, our journalist on site at the tenth annual Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromso Norway, has found that the topic of satellites is often in the background of many»