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Scientists urged to stop relying on self-reports

People are notoriously bad at accurately reporting what they eat and how much they exercise, so scientists should stop basing their research on self-reporting, says an article in the International Journal of Obesity. And people should take with a grain» 

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Experimental film shows life and death of RCI antenna site

For interdisciplinary artist Amanda Dawn Christie it started out many years ago as a sound project, trying to capture the radio signals people were hearing in their sinks, toasters and fridges near the Radio Canada International shortwave transmitter site in» 

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Sex-ed update for Ontario schools gets strong support from experts and students

“Sex-ed curriculum update” is how most media outlets are describing the province of Ontario’s new “Updated Health and Physical Education Curriculum“, released on Monday.  The program will be introduced into classrooms, from grade one to the end of high school,» 

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Changed advice on preventing peanut allergies

“Avoid peanuts” may have been exactly the wrong advice to give parents with babies susceptible to developing an allergy to them. A new study suggests that regularly exposing at risk infants to small amounts before they are one year old,» 

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Future Arctic, how the north affects the world

While many people have heard of changes happening in the Arctic over the past few short decades, one man has been seeing them happen first hand. Edmonton, Alberta-based author, journalist, photographer Ed Struzik had spent some 35 years on scientific» 

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Hundreds more trees victims of Dutch Elm disease

Charlottetown to begin cutting 300 trees. They are majestic soaring trees, providing shade in hot cities, and life for birds and animals.  But hundreds more elms are to set to be cut down again this year, this time in Charlottetown,» 

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Ebola battle continues

Although it has faded somewhat from the headlines, the fight to contain and halt the spread of deadly Ebola infections continues. The second contingent of Canadian military personnel has arrived today in Kerry Town, Sierra Leone, south of the capital» 

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Homeopathic ‘vaccines’ do not work, say scientists

Scientists and doctors say homeopathic preparations sold as alternatives to vaccines are a dangerous distraction and should be taken off the market. Immunization has become a hot topic in Canada since several measles cases have cropped up, mostly among people» 

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Appeal to stop exemption of fish farms from certain pesticide controls

Dozens of people representing business leaders, commercial and recreational fishing associations, scientists, lawyers and environmentalists are calling on Prime Minister Harper to halt the implementation of the proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations. The concern is pesticide chemical use by so-called fish» 

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‘Teens increasingly sleep-deprived,’ says study

The number of hours teenagers sleep has decreased over the last 20 years and many are getting less than the recommended nine hours a night, reports a large study from Columbia University in the U.S. Although the subjects were American,»