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COP21: View from Nunavut, Canada

On the occasion of the United Nations climate change conference in Paris (November 30- December 11), Eye on the Arctic has been speaking with different indigenous leaders from across Canada’s North. In this interview series we explore how climate change is affecting» 

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Canada doubles international contribution for developing countries climate change fund

On the eve of the international climate conference in Paris, Canada has announced it is more than doubling its previous contribution to help fight climate change in developing countries. The announcement was made Friday at the Commonwealth leaders meeting in» 

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Facebook quizzes called a ‘privacy nightmare’

Millions of people are taking quizzes on Facebook without realizing may give away a lot of private information that can be bought and spread far and wide across the internet. Sometimes a friend will send a quiz that purports to tell» 

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Putting a new spin on galaxies

A university researcher in Ontario has shaken up the world of astrophysics recently. George Conidis is a York University PhD candidate in astrophysics. who has just received a prestigious MITACS* award this week for his work in understanding the universe. He discovered» 

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Biodegradable plastic is no solution: UN report

Switching to plastic that is biodegradable will not solve the massive problem of plastic in the world’s oceans and the damage it does to marine creatures and the environment, says a new report from the United Nations. The UN Environment» 

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Crib bumpers again called dangerous

A new U.S. study confirms that Canadian doctors’ advice to keep bumper pads out of babies’ cribs is best. Sleep safety for babies is an ongoing concern and the subject of many studies in western countries. For example, parents have» 

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Warming climate again listed as threat to Polar Bears

A new report has once again indicated climate change as a principle threat to polar bears. The news came in the release of  International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)  “Red List of Threatened Species” The IUCN was founded in» 

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Dread clearing the drive? There’s an app for that

‘I don’t wanna’ Snow is starting to accumulate in different parts of Canada and many Canadians are dreading the thought of having to shovel snow out of the driveway to free their cars each time the snow falls. There are» 

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Updated update; GM Salmon approved as food in USA

It was only last week that Canadian ecological agencies were in court challenging Canadian government approval for a company which has created genetically modified salmon at its operation on Prince Edward Island. The groups say the government ignored its own» 

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Minister calls for tough action on climate change

Canada’s new environment minister has blamed past governments for taking too little concrete action on climate change and she is asking the whole country to step up, reports Canadian Press. Catherine McKenna’s speech reaffirms the newly-elected Liberal government’s plan to»