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Eye on the Arctic – Week in Review 12/05/19

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   On this week’s news round-up, we bring you some of your most read stories on Eye on the Arctic this week: – What does the sinking of the» 

Environment, International, Science and Technology

Ancient waters widespread deep underground

Researchers collect samples of water that may be millions of years old. © K. Voglesanger Scientists have discovered ancient waters flowing in deep rock formations in locations around the world. The waters have a chemical makeup that suggests they can support» 

Health, Science and Technology

Canadian research could save hearts, and keep skin smooth

It is one of those marvelous, unexpected scientific discoveries. While researching an aspect of heart disease and stroke, researchers at the University of British Columbia stumbled upon a way to slow ageing of the skin caused by exposure to the» 

Arts and Entertainment, Economy, International, Science and Technology

The last vinyl record plant in Canada..going going..

  The presses at RIP-V just south of Montreal. RIP-V was making a profit but with increased demand, it was either expand or sell. Co-owner Dubuc said a US offer was too good to turn down. © RIP-V There are only» 

Economy, International, Science and Technology

Another historic Canadian building to be lost

At one time, the Commercial Cable Co. Building at Hazel Hill, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, was one of the main hi-tech buildings in all the continent. The site was built by two American businessmen in 1888 to break the stranglehold» 

Health, Science and Technology

Exciting Canadian advance against breast cancer

 Nobody had done this before. Researchers at Dalhousie University were testing a combination of two drugs and found they stopped and even killed off a particular type of aggressive breast cancer. Paola Marignani PhD, lead the research team. She is» 

Economy, Environment, International, Politics, Science and Technology

Race to claim the North Pole heating up

Arctic ice is retreating year after year which will eventually make the region much more accessible to development.  Arctic nations have been racing to map the Arctic seabed with a view to extending their claims to territory, specifically the seabed» 

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Studying the costs of “green” proposals

A vast majority of Canadians would like to see a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental groups have proposed several actions and policies to achieve this. Germain Belzile is a professor at École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (HEC).» 

Economy, Environment, Health, International, Science and Technology

Great Lakes water levels finally on the rise

Residents and industries that rely on North America’s Great Lakes for sustenance are breathing a sigh of relief–at least for now. A new report says the water levels of the lakes are on the rise, ending the longest-ever recorded period» 

Economy, Health, International, Lifestyle, Science and Technology

Foods that fool: Healthy promises, but maybe not quite so.

The box of cereal on the store shelf has lovely pictures of fruit on it, but there may be no actual fruit in the cereal inside. The container may say “natural fibre” boldly on the front, but carefully looking on»