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Rio Olympics: can too much exercise/training cause heart problems?

Athletes preparing for the Olympic games must push their physical condition to the limit. Athletes not at the Olympic level, often push their bodies to their own limits. Some have suggested this can cause heart problems later in life. Reports» 

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Twin babies who sleep together cry less: study

A Canadian neonatal nurse has won an award for her work which includes a study on the benefits of putting twins to sleep together. Kathryn Hayward is an assistant professor at the Dalhousie University nursing school. Seeing twin infants when» 

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Jim Cuddy & friends in “Back Fort Mac” benefit concert

Jim Cuddy, the frontman of Canada’s much-loved Blue Rodeo, is performing tonight with friends, to raise money to help the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta. The northern city is working to get back to normal in the wake of the» 

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History: June 27, 1854-The Canadian inventor who saved the whales

 Some 160 years ago, whales were being actively slaughtered by the thousands in the quest for things like their baleen, used in women’s garments, and for things like fishing rods, umbrella stays, buggy whips, etc. but especially sought after was» 

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A primer on the benefits (or not) of Vitamin D

We’ve heard much over the years about the benefits of Vitamin D supplements–the so-called sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain and–of special interest to Canadians and» 

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Quebec and Bombardier reach ‘definitive’ deal

Canadian aerospace giant Bombardier and Quebec have reached a definitive agreement for the province to invest US$1 billion towards the Montreal-based company’s troubled CSeries passenger jet program. When the deal is finalized, Quebec will own 49.5 per cent of a» 

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Canadian rescue flight returns to Rothera from South Pole station

A Canadian aircrew continues its daring mission to retrieve two people in need of urgent medical attention from a research station at the South Pole in the dead of the Antarctic winter. The Calgary-based crew – a pilot, co-pilot, flight» 

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Canadian satellites successfully launched from India

The Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launched two Canadian satellites last night from its Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, in southeastern India, said the Canadian Space Agency Wednesday. The launch vehicle delivered into the orbit Canada’s Maritime Monitoring and» 

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Canadians best at ‘digital detox’

It seems when it comes to social media abstinence during vacations, Canadians have an edge over our counterparts from other industrialized nations. According to a study released by Intel Security, the makers of McAfee security software, Canadians were the most» 

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Warm temperatures mean decline in Pacific salmon

Record warm temperatures have been recorded along the Pacific coast of North America this past week. Last year also saw record heat in and around the Pacific. The federal agency known as Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has just released»