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Canada now has its own International Longevity Centre.

In terms of its population, Canada is ageing. There are now more people in this country who over the age of 65, than there are under the age of 15. Now Canada joins the ranks of some 17 other nations» 

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Bilingual Brain Symposium: Montreal Neurological Institute

The Montreal Neurological Institute is hosting a two-day international symposium this week, gathering `Multiple Perspectives on Bilingualism and the Brain`. The questions around language acquisition and retention are gaining value as research into the scourge of Alzheimer`s and dementia, increase» 

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‘Scaremongering’ about sunscreen worries scientist

Some Canadians believe the myths circulating on the internet and may be reluctant to use sunscreen as they go outside in the warming weather. Some bloggers claim sunscreen causes cancer even though such a thing has never been scientifically proven.» 

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Reversing blindness and stroke: new Canadian research

New research has led to a major advance in the eventual treatment for blindness and for repairing brain damage from stroke. Using stem cells and a newly invented biogel delivery medium, the researchers have shown greatly improved results in restoring» 

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Words from the Heart: The book for pre-natal loss

‘Words from the Heart’ began with two women, working together, both expecting babies. These women were nurses, working in the Intensive Care Unit of LaSalle Hospital, in a suburb of Montreal.  Both of them expecting boys, Sarah expecting twins. They» 

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Shedding new light on old stars

First time observation changes understanding of stars Scientists have witnessed for the first time a phenomenon in deep space, long suspected but never witnessed, and in doing so have discovered something surprising. Two scientists from Canada’s University of British Columbia» 

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Phoenix Sun Saga; the Quebec City chapter

The Phoenix Sun, finally left Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Saturday, after being stranded for two-and-a-half years in the down town port on the St. Lawrence River, north-east of Montreal. It was thought to be the final chapter in a tale that began» 

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Shark,ray study shows overfishing is depleting stocks

Reported catching of sharks , rays and related species have declined by as much as 20 percent since peak shark landings in 2003. Researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, wanted to examine the hypothesis that the reduction was» 

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Palmyra a tragic loss to the world: ROM Archaeologist

Professor Clemens Reichel is an Assistant Professor in the department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto, and Associate Curator at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto. Like many in the global archaeological community, he» 

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Other injuries can cause concussion-like symptoms

Many people with very minor head injuries or injuries to other parts of their bodies can experience severe symptoms like those caused by a concussion, and a new study sheds light on why. The symptoms can be debilitating and include»