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New health concerns over a recent tiny, and annoying arrival in Canada

Mosquitoes in Canada have become more than just an extremely annoying nuisance. As vectors carrying disease, they can be of great concern. Certainly in Canada in recent years a species carrying West Nile disease has been a concern. Now in» 

Animals, Environment, Science and Technology, Society

Aerial mapping to assess damage from invasive crab

A private conservation group will take aerial photos of an estuary in eastern Canada to try to assess the damage caused by the invasive species, the European green crab. The Nature Conservancy of Canada manages over 1,100 acres in the» 

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Antares explosion ended experiment by Canadian students

NASA’s Antares shuttle to the International Space Station exploded moments after lift-off on Tuesday as four boys from Kamloops, British Columbia, watched in shock. The four students had a science experiment on board.  Gathered at one of their homes to» 

Animals, International, Science and Technology

Ancient dinosaurs, fossil poachers, and a strange mystery solved

A 50 year old mystery involving ancient dinosaur bones and the very strange creature they belonged to, has finally been solved. Philip Currie is one of the most respected paleontologists in the world.  He is professor and Canada Research Chair» 

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Food containers: when re-usable is not necessarily better

A new study has shown that the increasing use of re-usable commercial plastic produce containers, has a drawback; bacterial contamination of the containers After the first limited study of the containers last year found unacceptable levels of bacteria and pathogens,» 

History, International, Science and Technology

Recreating cities from antiquity for your mobile device

Imagine visiting an ancient ruined city around the Mediterranean and seeing what it actually looked like, the exact rooms, buildings, and city itself when they were whole several thousand years ago. An archaeology professor and tech team from the University» 

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Canada urged to stop lagging on climate change

Academics from across Canada are urging the federal government to stop lagging behind other developed nations and take the lead on mitigating climate change. Fifty-five researchers and professors of from different fields have joined to form Sustainable Canada Dialogues to» 

Health, Science and Technology, Society

Infant colic reduced with probiotics: study

Babies with colic cry a lot and parents know too well that nothing seems to help. But a new study suggests that probiotics could ease their bouts of fussiness. An infant is deemed to have colic when he or she» 

International, Politics, Science and Technology, Society

World scientists ask Canada to stop restrictions

Over 800 scientists from 32 countries have written to Canada’s prime minister asking that he ‘remove excessive and burdensome restrictions and barriers to scientific communication and collaboration faced by Canadian government scientists.” ‘A rapid decline in freedoms and funding’ The» 

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Breast cancer common but some is preventable

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among Canadian women, but up to one third of cases can be prevented, according to research. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Canada and a time when inventive events are»