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Climate change could expose Cold War relic and its toxic contents

It sounds like something from the X-Files: an abandoned top-secret nuclear weapons program, buried deep under Greenland’s ice sheet comes back to haunt humanity with its toxic contents. But Camp Century is not a figment of Hollywood’s imagination but a» 

International, Science and Technology

Blackberry bails from making smartphones

The Canadian high-tech firm BlackBerry is considered by many to be the father of the smartphone industry. At one time ubiquitous among business people, and the “hip”. BlackBerry had been losing market share as other manufacturers created more attractive technologies.» 

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Update: More rough water for Bay of Fundy tidal energy project

For decades people have thought of how to harness the potential renewable power of the Bay of Fundy tides in Canada’s east coast. These are the highest tides in the world, and as such extremely powerful as they advance and» 

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Canada, and the world’s, water crisis Part 2 of 5

In her new book, Boiling Point: Government neglect, corporate abuse, and Canada’s water crisis” Maude Barlow details the variety of situations that threaten Canada’s and the world’s supply and access to fresh water. “The water crisis is at our door» 

History, Science and Technology

Arctic shipwreck confirmed as Franklin expedition’s missing HMS Terror

Canadian officials have confirmed that a shipwreck found in uncharted waters of a remote Arctic bay earlier this month is in fact HMS Terror, the second of two British ships lost in the ill-fated 19th century attempt to sail through» 

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Canada, and the world’s, water crisis: Part 1 of 5

Nothing on earth can survive without water. Not plants, not animals, not fish. Humans can survive only about 3 days without it. Even though the Earth is filled with lakes and rivers, and rain falls from the sky, we’re running» 

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Study links internet addiction to mental health problems

A new study suggests that 42 per cent of 18 year old students are addicted to the internet and they have more mental health problems than those who are not. Researchers at McMaster University devised a new measure to determine» 

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The Arctic Council at 20 – View from Finland

The Arctic Council is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. The international forum has Canadian roots and was established on September 19, 1996 when the world’s circumpolar nations signed the Ottawa Declaration, outlining the new forum’s focus: sustainable development and environmental protection. To mark the» 

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Pokemon go..more troubles

It has become a worldwide fad game, but Pokemon Go is also getting many people angry. With people absent-mindedly walking into traffic, driving erratically, or bumping into other pedestrians as they walk with heads down, the latest incident involves a» 

Education, Environment, Health, Science and Technology, Society

Canadians and science literacy: We’re No 1…um..maybe not.

This is Science Literacy Week in Canada running from September 19-25th.  The purpose is to celebrate science, highlight scienctists and science communicators, demonstrate how exciting science is, and showcase the excellence and diversity of Canadian Science. Although libraries, universities, and»