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Weaponised A.I.: Google says no, but is that enough?

One of the world’s leading tech developers, Google, says it will no longer develop artificial intelligence programmes for the military once the current contract expires. This comes on the heels of internal resignations over military work along with a protest» 

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Antarctica- melting tripled to billions of tonnes annually

Two new and separate international studies show serious concerns about Antarctic ice. One international study showed vastly increased melting in the billions of tonnes, while the other Canadian led study showed the massive ice shelves were being undermined by warming» 

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Health myths debunked in new book

At a time when so many people believe crazy things they read on the internet, a McGill University professor has written a book to explain science and why people should put their faith in that instead. No, explains Joe Schwarcz,» 

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Cannabis inspired beer in Manitoba

With the prospect of recreational use of marijuana becoming legal, companies are eagerly seeking new opportunities in a basically brand new market, and one potentially worth billions of dollars Now two companies in the western prairie province of Manitoba have» 

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Corporate control of marine biodiversity

(Skype interview at bottom) A recent study revealed a surprising fact: corporations control a large percentage of patents associated with genomes from marine organisms. An international study involving researchers from the University of British Columbia and the Stockholm Resilience Centre» 

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AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio: Make sure people who lose jobs due to AI get help and don’t fall through cracks

Er Shen’s interview with world-renowned artificial intelligence guru Yoshua Bengio Canada maintains a prominent position in the global artificial intelligence (AI) boom and his home to some of the pioneers of the industry such as Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun and Yoshua» 

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Coming to Canada? Biometric data collection expanding

Canada will be joining many other countries around the world in collecting biometric data such as electronic fingerprints and photographs of visitors. The country has been working on a biometrics programme for the past few years and will begin implementing» 

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Global Water Futures conference: Water problems seeking solutions

Its becoming more common to hear of unexpected flood disasters, drought disasters, and lack of safe drinking water, not only in Canada, but around the world. A major initial gathering to discuss issues concerning water is wrapping up a four-day» 

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The Mountains Report 2018

It may not be obvious to many, but hundreds of millions of people around the world depend on mountains even when those mountains are far distant. For example rivers supplied by glaciers have created complex ecosystems while providing vital water,» 

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Electric snowmobile created in Canada generates huge interest

Three McGill University engineering students were working on an electric car when they got the brilliant idea to transfer the technology and create an electric snowmobile. The idea took off. It attracted investors and client interest across North America and»