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Ice and the Northwest passage- an unreliable shipping route still

New findings from on-site research have found that ice in the Northwest passage can still be too thick and ice conditions far too unreliable in summer for it to become a regular shipping route. Christian Haas (PhD) is Canada Research» 

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New hope for asthma sufferers

It may be counter-intuitive, but Canadian researchers say they have discovered a new path to fight  the ill-effects of asthma. Exercise. Thirty minutes a day, year round. Traditionally, people with asthma have been discouraged from exercising because of a belief» 

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End may be near in Gateway pipeline battle

Vancouver’s Federal Court of Appeal was set Thursday to hear a final day of arguments in a legal challenge against a massive pipeline project. The 12-hundred-kilometre twin Northern Gateway pipeline would transport diluted bitumen from Alberta’s oilsands to a terminal» 

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Sewage dump now an election issue in Montreal

Sewage, and the 8 billion litres of it to be dumped into the St. Lawrence River from Montreal. has now become a federal election issue. The city maintains the sewage release must take place to allow urgent repairs necessary to improve the» 

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Bariatric surgery outcome may hike suicide risk

People who have bariatric surgery but don’t achieve weight-loss afterwards have an increased risk of suicide, according to a new study from the province of Ontario. One to two per cent have disappointing results This type of gastric surgery is» 

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Green Party leader supports employees’ free speech

Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she supports civil servants’ right to free speech. At an election rally in the western city of Vancouver, May invited former federal government scientist Tony Turner to sing the song he composed exhorting Prime» 

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Marijuana and pain treatment, very few negative effects

While several studies have looked at the so-called “beneficial” effects of medical marijuana treatments, a new study has looked at the other side of the issue. The national, multi-centre study wanted to see if there were negative effects resulting from» 

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At last, some good environmental news

With a never-ending stream of worrying news about species loss and a declining environment, there is a tiny bit of good news. The impressive peregrine falcon is making a healthy comeback from the brink of extirpation in the province of» 

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Fathers get baby blues too: study

In Canada, a lot of attention is paid to pregnant women and depression they may face before and after the birth of their babies. But a new study has found that first time fathers-to-be also may suffer from depression and» 

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Canadian wins Nobel Prize in physics

Canada’s Arthur McDonald and Takaaki Kajita of Japan have won the Nobel Prize in physics for their work discovering neutrino oscillations. McDonald is a professor emeritus at Queen’s University and has been director at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNOLAB), in central»