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Your drinking water is drugged

We as a society consume a lot of pharmaceuticals: painkillers, hormone replacements, blood thinners,  anti-depressants, and many many others. Some people of course also take restricted, so-called illegal drugs,  cocaine for example. But none are absorbed 100 percent. Some of» 

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Robot sub may have found earliest habitation

Researchers scouring the water off Canada’s northern Pacific coast may have found the earliest evidence of human habitation in the country.  Experts from the University of Victoria and the government department responsible for national parks used an unmanned underwater vehicle» 

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Bobolink and barn swallow promising programme

For years a variety of environmental groups have been noting the decline of small grassland birds. According to the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), both bobolinks and barn swallows, once very common, are now listed» 

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Artificial sweeteners may raise blood sugar: study

New research suggests artificial sweeteners may set the stage for diabetes in some people.  Acknowledging the study is preliminary, scientists in Israel found that mice who had consumed artificial sweeteners had higher blood sugar and altered bacteria in their gut.» 

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Climate change and abnormal behaviour of gannets

Normally gannets are wonderful parents, carefully guarding and feeding their single chick. This year  in  highly uncharacteristic behaviour, about half the colony on the cliffs in southern Newfoundland suddenly abandoned their nests leaving  many of the chicks to starve. Seabird» 

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Drugs should be tested for children’s use: experts

Many Canadian children are given prescription drugs that have not been tested on their age group and that puts them at risk, says an independent panel of experts. The Council of Canadian Academies was asked to look at the issue» 

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The Birth of the “Voice of Canada”

Radio Canada International signed into existence For several years in the late 1930’s high-level discussions were held by Canada’a official broadcaster and government officials suggesting that Canada should join several other nations and create an international shortwave service. March 20-2014.One» 

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Sixth lowest ice extent in Arctic

Image shows learge extend of ice melt compared to the orange line indicates the mimimum average at this time of year © NSIDC The summer Arctic sea-ice melt season is almost at an end. Northern residents in some areas are seeing» 

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New Canadian research: Implant failure and anti-depressants

Anti-depressants have become widely used in our society, and very helpful in most cases. However, a new study may point to some concerns with patients getting dental implants and also taking common anti-depressants of the family of  Selective Serotonin Reuptake» 

Science and Technology

Scientists pick a landing spot on hurtling comet

It will be a tricky manoeuvre and a first, but European Space Agency scientists will try to land a probe on a a 4-km long comet zooming through space at 55,000 km/h on November 11. After studying the potato-shaped comet they»