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History: Aug. 25, 1860- the longest railway bridge in the world.

In its day, and even before completion, the Victoria Bridge in Montreal was being hailed as an engineering marvel. At some 3 kilometres long, it was also the longest railway bridge in the world. Opened officially on this day, August» 

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Three-quarters of world significantly changed by humans

An international team of researchers has mapped where human activity has had the most impact on the natural environment leading to a “biodiversity crisis.” Results were surprising and there was some cause for optimism. ‘Human footprint maps’ were developed to» 

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A world competition- with serious overtones- comes to Canada

The Olympics are over, but there is another kind of Olympic-like international competition going on right now here in Canada. It’s a friendly competition, but one with a much more serious purpose, in fact life and death. It too requires» 

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The search for Terror continues (HMS Terror that is)

It was and remains one of the longest maritime mysteries ever. At the end of this month Canada will continue the search to solve another part of that mystery. What happened to the 1845 Franklin expedition’s ships and crew in» 

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A world’s first? Challenging the North Atlantic-autonomously

It has been years of work for a variety of engineering and computer science students at the University of British Columbia. They are now just a day away from the final phase of all that work and perhaps accomplishing something» 

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Almost 4,000 Canadians want to go into space

The Canadian Space Agency, received 3,772 completed applications. In June the agency announced its fourth recruitment campaign, seeking two people for the next wave of Canadian space travellers. August 15th was the deadline for applications, and already the CSA has revealed that 69» 

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Little headway reported in softwood lumber talks

As an October deadline approaches, Canada and the U.S. continue to grapple with a trade dispute that sometimes seems like its been going on forever. Despite being the world’s largest partners, an agreement on softwood lumber continues to elude both» 

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Radioactive liquid nuclear waste: stop the transport

Radioactive liquid nuclear waste could be transported by armed convoy, 1100 miles over the Great Lakes water system from Chalk River, Ontario to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina for the first time, and it could begin as soon as September.» 

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Greenland shark about 400 years old: study

A new study confirms the belief that Greenland sharks are the longest-living vertebrates on earth. Researchers caught 28 of the elusive animals and estimated one female was about 400 years old. Greenland sharks all over the world “They are an» 

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The LINK Online July 30, 2016

On The LINK Online this week features Carmel Kilkenny. Lynn Desjardins, and Terry Haig. April Nowell, expedition leader, in Azraq, Jordan, in 2014. © James Pokines April Nowell, a University of Victoria paleo-anthropologist, led the team from Canada, Jordan and the United»