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Scientist seeks protection for dinosaur ‘highway’

Hundreds of dinosaur footprints have been found embedded in flat rocks in the western province of British Columbia. The prints suggest the area some 1,500 km northeast of Vancouver was a kind of thoroughfare for dinosaurs between 115 and 117» 

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Scientific community concern over genetic manipulation

Scientists are always trying to push the boundaries of knowledge, but now some are calling for a pause in a specific area of research. The ability to now “edit” the human genome,  or “genetic engineering” has the potential for great» 

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Canadian discovery: maple syrup as powerful antibiotic delivery platform

It is one of the world’s great natural sweeteners, totally organic, renewable and sustainable, and Canadian Canada, and especially the province of Quebec, provides the vast majority of the world’s maple syrup, but now new Canadian research seems to indicate» 

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Floating nuclear power stations for Arctic?

An Ontario company is proposing the idea of small floating nuclear stations to power mining sites and towns in the Arctic. At a mining symposium last week in the Arctic city of Iqaluit in Nunavut, Dunedin Energy Systems suggested the» 

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Ovarian cancer patients should get DNA test: study

Women who have ovarian cancer should get genetic testing for the benefit of family members, suggests a new study from the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and two other hospitals in Montreal. ‘One of the most lethal cancers’ “Ovarian cancer» 

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E-waste a huge and growing problem

Almost 42 million tonnes of electric and electronic waste was dumped around the world last year.  The news comes from a UN study released on Sunday by the United Nations University The report is called The Global E-waste Monitor 2014:» 

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History, April 18, 1950; The “jet age” began in Canada

The Americans for all their wealth and technological power, had never seen anything like it. From a documentary “too good to be true” the Jetliner peels off like a fighter jet, in fact the later Cf-100 fighter jet bore some» 

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Cirque du Soleil soon to be under new management

Cirque du Soleil‘s Guy Laliberté informed staff on Thursday they would be the first to know when the company is sold. The legendary Montreal-based entertainment enterprise is reportedly in talks with American equity firm TPG and China’s FOSUN. Professor Patrick Leroux» 

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World Uranium Symposium ends in Quebec City: Film Fest begins

The World Uranium Symposium brought together over 200 experts and delegates from around the world, including indegenous people from Mongolia, India, South Africa and representatives from the Navajo and the Cree from North America, to talk over the biggest threat» 

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Geography, geomatics, and new Canadian learning technology.

A new concept in teaching geography and related subjects such as social studies is being unveiled today The Geoliteracy Project is designed to make the subjects more interactive and as such much more interesting for young students. The made-in-Canada 3-D»