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Infant colic reduced with probiotics: study

Babies with colic cry a lot and parents know too well that nothing seems to help. But a new study suggests that probiotics could ease their bouts of fussiness. An infant is deemed to have colic when he or she» 

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World scientists ask Canada to stop restrictions

Over 800 scientists from 32 countries have written to Canada’s prime minister asking that he ‘remove excessive and burdensome restrictions and barriers to scientific communication and collaboration faced by Canadian government scientists.” ‘A rapid decline in freedoms and funding’ The» 

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Breast cancer common but some is preventable

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among Canadian women, but up to one third of cases can be prevented, according to research. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Canada and a time when inventive events are» 

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Award-winning teen novel depicts OCD, goes global

As an author, Teresa Toten has received many messages from young people, some of them telling wrenching stories about their struggles to cope with obsessive compulsive disorder. This along with her personal acquaintance with children growing up with OCD compelled» 

Health, International, Science and Technology

New discovery in degenerative eye disease

According to the Foundation Fighting Blindness Canada, millions of people in North America live with varying degrees of irreversible vision loss because they have an untreatable, degenerative eye disorder that affects the retina. Part of the problem in combatting degenerative» 

Animals, International, Science and Technology

Hot fish on the move

Hot fish moving away from tropics A new study reinforces what fishermen are already seeing, which is that due to global warming they are catching different species of fish in their catch, fish normally seen in more tropical areas. This» 

Health, Science and Technology, Society

Ban on peanut butter substitute ‘short-sighted’

The decision to ban a product that looks like peanut butter, but is actually safe for those with deadly peanut allergies, has been called “very short sighted thinking” by a prominent allergist. In fact, Dr. Bruce Mazer of the McGill» 

Economy, Environment, Science and Technology

Canadian zero-emission public transit bus

A Canadian company has announced development of a new type of propulsion system for public transit busses. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company, New Flyer Industries, is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of heavy duty busses. The new concept involves batteries» 

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Prize for McGill study of abuse and young brains

“How does childhood abuse rewire young brains—and put victims at increased risk for depression and suicide?” reads an ad trumpeting a prestigious prize for McGill University Professor Michael Meaney. Meaney has won Switzerland’s  2014 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize Laureate» 

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Seniors moving to suburbs, study suggests

Canadians over the age of 65 are increasingly moving to the suburbs and that could affect their access to services, says Prof. Zachary Patterson, of the department of geography, planning and environment at Concordia University. He and other researchers studied»