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Privacy commissioner calls for action to protect personal information

Appearing before a committee of the House of Commons, the privacy commissioner said Canada’s privacy law is “quite permissive and gives companies wide latitude to use personal information for their own benefit.” Daniel Therrien said it is not enough to» 

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The end of passwords: Coming soon to a device near you

You have a password for your computer, your phone,  your email, your social media sites, forum sites, etc etc. It gets confusing and you forget them. Or, you use the same one for almost everything, which is a bad move.» 

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Mono virus linked to 7 serious diseases: study

The Epstein-Barr virus is best known for causing mononucleosis but a new study suggests it increases the risk for some people of developing seven other important diseases. These are lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease,» 

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Canadian developed technology moving toward zero waste in smart phones

Electronics manufacturers are constantly exhorting people to buy new model mobile phones, and age also takes its toll on batteries, forcing people to buy new. As for old phones, these are to some extent taken apart manually to get at» 

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Cafe culture clash: lap-top free zones

Cafe culture in Montreal has thrived for decades. From the big chains that have grown in popularity to the local independent neighbourhood haunts, Montrealers, like many people across Canada, love their coffee. “More like a library vibe” But the wifi-zones» 

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Alcohol limits too high: new study

A new international study suggests that the recommended limits for drinking alcohol are too high in Canada and many other countries. The study in the Lancet medical journal found that people who consumed more than five glasses of wine or» 

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And then there were three: mega bio-chem merger

Multi-billion dollar Bayer takeover of Monsanto conditionally approved In recent years, multinational chemical and bio-tech companies have engaged in mega mergers. Where once there were eight major entities in the worldwide seed, chemical and development fields,  Dow and Dupont merged,» 

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Class action settlement against hip replacement device

A settlement has been reached this week in the Quebec class action lawsuit against the Depuy ASR hip replacement system. These were subject to a worldwide recall in August 2010 due to problems with the metal on metal devices. The» 

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Scientists are free to speak, repeats government

A recent poll showed that more than half of Canadian scientists employed by the federal government still feel they cannot openly discuss their work. Scientists were muzzled by the previous Conservative government, but when the Liberals were elected in 2015,» 

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Tracking the world’s fishing fleet

For the first time, fishing vessels world-wide can be tracked. Researchers from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia along with other institutions, have developed the new global fishing dataset. Kristian Boerder (PhD candidate) at the Boris Worm Lab at Dalhousie is»