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More and more skilled professionals facing uncertain futures

It’s been almost two years now since Canada’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, noted that Canadians should get used to what he called “job churn.” Morneau was referring primarily to short-term employment that might include a number of career changes, generally» 

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UPDATE: More recalls related to valsartan drugs

Health Canada has updated and enlarged its recall notice regarding the blood pressure drug, valsartan. Eight more products have been added to the list as a precaution. The drug is used to control blood pressure for those at risk of» 

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Old contact lenses add to microplastic pollution

An American study has found that old contact lenses are becoming a source of more plastic pollution in waterways and oceans. The study said that in the U.S alone about 45 million people wear contact lenses.  Arizona State University researchers» 

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How traditional Inuit knowledge guides research: Eye on the Arctic video archive

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North. In today’s instalment, a video from our documentary archive. The Arctic is warming at twice the rate as the rest of the world and Arctic indigenous communities are» 

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Keep those Twitter fingers (thumbs?) greased, you might get discovered

Ever dream of being a published author? Just in case you missed it, the Toronto Public Library is the process of writing and publishing–INSTANTLY–a novel. How INSTANTLY? How about one tweet a time? “I sat on a bench reading my» 

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Canada history: Aug 16, 1947, first flight of the Beaver

It was perhaps not a particularly remarkable event that day, but one that has had huge repercussions world-wide since. On August 16, 1947,  a brand new type of plane took off from the DeHavilland factory and airstrip at Downsview, just» 

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Concordia University opens first genome foundry in Canada

Life for a lot of Montreal-based Canadian research scientists just got a whole lot exciting–and a lot less tedious–this week. On Monday–coinciding with a two-day conference that drew participants from around the world–Concordia University officially opened its new robotic facility» 

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Where are you and where have you been? Google knows!

Tracking function turned off? Maybe not quite. It seems that in this digital age of privacy concerns, even disabling certain tracking functions on your smartphone doesn’t entirely protect your information A recent Associated Press investigations shows Google services could still» 

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Airbnb challenged by Fairbnb in Toronto

Airbnb, the short-term rental platform, has been a boom for some people, and a major bust for others. Recently in Toronto, Canada’s largest city with a population of over 2.8 million, a condo owner won a case against a person» 

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Saudi youth group apologizes for maladroit tweet

A Saudi Arabian youth group is apologizing after an image it posted on its Twitter account was interpreted by many social media users as a veiled threat of 9/11-style attacks on Canada following the ongoing diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and»