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High Arctic climate research lab gets another reprieve

A group Canadian scientists is breathing a sigh of relief after the federal government announced a last-minute infusion of badly needed cash to keep one of the world’s northernmost climate research stations in the High Arctic going for another 18» 

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Canadians and wireless tech

Canadian use of internet and wireless phones, continue to rise This morning the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released its annual Communications Monitoring Report. The CRTC is a public regulatory agency for broadcasting and telecommunication and its annual reports» 

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Cancer detection: Canadian team wins international award

The best inventions are effective, simple in design, easy to use, and being simple, not prohibitively expensive. That’s what a team of recent electrical biomedical engineering graduates of McMaster University students have come up with. They developed a concept for» 

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Anthropology: new non-destructive test discovered

Often anthropologists and palaeontologists and other scientific researchers when testing for certain forensic and lifestyle factors in a specimen, examine the teeth of a specimen. Teeth have proven an excellent source of information during tests and analysis to determine such» 

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Urbanization can affect evolution, human health

As cities expand they are changing the evolution of some plants and animals and that could have unintended effects such as increasing the spread of disease, according to a recent study. For example, there are now mosquitoes that live in» 

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Young hockey players may return too soon after concussion: study

New sophisticated imaging shows that young hockey players who have had a concussion may still have changes in their brains after having been cleared to go back to playing. Researchers at Western University studied players between the ages of 11» 

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You are being manipulated by your phone

You may think you’re in control, but perhaps not. The people who design apps for you phones and other electronic devices know more about us than we do. They use well-known techniques and design them into the coding of the» 

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World heritage site: Rideau Canal contaminated

It is featured in virtually every tourist promotion photo of the Canadian capital, but Ottawa’s downtown section of the Rideau Canal has a secret. Testing has revealed that the canal is contaminated with toxic waste. It now joins a list» 

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Harnessing the energy of the Fundy Tides- update

The still controversial effort to generate electrical power from what is claimed as the world’s highest tides, is temporarily on a pause. Cape Sharp Tidal Venture, a joint venture of several companies, had installed its first revised technology late last» 

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Canadian documentary reveals pyramid secrets

It is one one of the most fascinating mysteries of history and engineering. How were the Egyptian pyramids built? And especially the biggest pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Khufu. The oldest Egyptian papyrus ever found has revealed vast new information»