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Ticket bots banned in Ontario

Major concerts and events sold out in minutes So there’s a show you’ve been waiting to see, or an event, and as soon as the tickets go on sale…they’re sold out. But you can buy them on other sites, scalper» 

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Butterflies, live, at museum will chase winter blues

Winter in Canada is long, cold and dark, but the Canadian Museum of Nature will brighten things up by offering visitors the chance to walk among dozens of species of butterflies starting tomorrow. The butterflies come from two sustainable farms» 

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Canadians’ interests revealed in Google searches

Hurricane Irma was one of the topics most searched by Canadians in 2017, according to the 17th annual survey of top-trending searches on Google. The hurricane that battered the Caribbean and Florida starting on August 30th  was also widely searched» 


Food prices, trends to change in Canada: report

The price of food is expected to increase two to three per cent for Canadians in 2018 and food trends will likely change to meet the growing demand for convenience, according to the Food Price Report. This report was prepared» 

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Christmas: season of joy, and stealing packages

Thieves take advantage of online buying/delivery practices As we near Christmas, more and more people it seems are doing shopping online.  Packages then are delivered to your door by post or courier. The trouble is that if no-one is home» 

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Unhealthy food consumption increases dramatically in Canada: study

Almost half the foods Canadians eat are highly processed products that are poor in nutrition and increase health risks, according to new research commissioned by Heart & Stroke Canada. Even worse, children between the ages of nine and 13 are» 

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Christmas trees chopped for conservation

Chopping down spruce trees in a particular protected area is okay, in fact is encouraged by conservationists in the western province of Saskatchewan. It may seem odd, but the Nature Conservancy of Canada is inviting people to come to the» 

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Parliament’s skating rink is officially open

It’s a first and part of Canada’s 150th Anniversary celebrations. A National Hockey League size skating rink has been built on the grounds of Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa. The scene on Parliament Hill Thursday afternoon © Hill cam It has been» 

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How non-Christians helped create Christmas spirit

The popular Christmas tunes we know so well: Jewish creations Most people don’t realize that a great many of the iconic songs of Christmas were in fact created by Jewish entertainers. A new –and rather unique- film looks at this» 

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Beer: Constitutional battle reaches Canada’s Supreme Court

“Free the Beer” legal case While Canada’s Prime Minister eagerly promotes international free trade deals abroad, that’s not the case within Canada itself. One of the barriers between provincial trade involves beer. Each province controls its own sales of alcohol,»