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ARTS-Doc film: THE TAMING OF THE QUEUE” by Josh Freed

You line up at the cash register, line up for service, and for this and for that. You wait on the telephone after being put on hold, you wait in traffic jams, you wait and wait, and nobody, or almost» 


Yukon bar gets its notorious human toe back

A bar in Canada’s northern Yukon Territory that serves a notorious cocktail with a severed human toe is celebrating today after an alleged thief who made off with the bar’s freshest digit returned it back along with a letter of» 

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Parents influence children’s activity, weight levels

Government statistics show that parents influence how active their children are and their chances of being overweight or obese. The numbers show that for every 20 minute increase in the activity of a parent, a child’s physical activity will go» 

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Legal clinic challenges panhandling law

A community legal clinic in Toronto is going to court to challenge a law against panhandling in the province of Ontario. Clinic finds law violates rights The Fair Change clinic says the law violates several constitutional rights guaranteed by the» 

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Electric vehicles: the argument against subsidies

Many people buy electric vehicles in hopes of reducing greenhouse gases. Many provinces in Canada encourage buying “EV’s” by providing subsidies. A new study by the Montreal Economic Institute says the practice is “the least efficient, and most expensive” way» 

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Cycling to work reduces stress, researchers find

Researchers at Concordia University have found that cycling to work can help reduce stress and improve work performance. About six per cent of Canadians cycled to work in 2011 and that number is believed to be growing. It is however,» 

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Canada: When a house earns more than you

The title may be a bit confusing at first, so we’ll explain. Canadian housing has long been criticized as being greatly overpriced. Generally house prices had more or less followed general salary rates and inflation, so as a very rough» 

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The kinder gentler parking meter

No-one has a particular fondness for parking meters. Old style mechanical meters are slowly being replaced by digital metering systems. These are perhaps even less appreciated as, unlike the old system, they give no indication of un-used time still available» 

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The LINK Online Sun. June 18, 2017

The LINK Online © iStock CANADIAN CHILDREN NOT DOING SO WELL UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, issues an annual report on how countries are doing when it comes to the welfare of their children and youth. This year it revealed that» 

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Broadband tax rejected, cell phone charges reduced

Broadband and internet services in Canada, like cell phone services are among the most expensive in the world. And today, a parliamentary committee’s recommendation that new taxes be applied to broadband service, was immediately rejected by the Prime Minister during»