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The growing concern of farmland “land grabs” in Canada

Recently an opinion article was written by a member of Canada’s National Farmer’s Union (NFU). In it Doug Campbell expressed his concern about land grabs of farmland in the maritime province of Prince Edward Island, although the phenomenon occurs in» 

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Ontario moves to limit anti-abortion protests

All three major political parties in the province of Ontario have voted together this week to quickly pass a new law regarding anti-abortion protests. This comes after municipal politicians in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto, had been discussing a ban on» 


Advice on parents’ attachment to children in daycare

In 2011, more than half of Canadian parents used child care services for their children under 4 years old, according to government statistics. The trend is increasingly common as more women join the work force. But along with that, many» 

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Nova Scotia moving to make amends to the Mi’kmaq nation

This story began thousands of years ago when a people now known as the Mi’kmaq nation, roamed much of what came to be called Eastern Canada. They lived peacefully, working the land, hunting and fishing to survive. Then the white» 

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Crucifix will stay on wall of Quebec legislature

Quebec’s Liberal Party government says it will keep the crucifix that sits behind the speaker’s chair in the provincial legislature. Chair Filomena Rotiroti says there was consensus in the Liberal caucus that the crucifix should stay. The decision, announced Tuesday,» 

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Wi-fi, the internet of things, and your personal information

We are becoming more and more involved with technology that helps us keep track of things in our lives. However it’s also collecting personal data on us, and in some cases sending that information to third parties, whether it be» 

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Ban of face coverings: Criticism outside Quebec, but wide support inside

(to leave your comment on this, or any RCI story, go to bottom of page for the submission form) The mainly French-speaking province of Quebec recently banned face coverings for anyone receiving public service in the province. It is a» 

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Scots Canadians rejoice, Haggis is back!

After 46 years, Scottish haggis is back in Canada Scots have had enormous influence in Canada’s development. Indeed our first Prime Minister, and the man credited with creating Canada was a Scot.  In fact, Sir John A Macdonald’s first language» 

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After Weinstein, sex scandals hit Quebec personalities

Quebec entertainment scene rocked by two scandals. In the wake of vast media attention of the alleged abuse by Hollywood film producer,Harvey Weinstein, comes claims of misconduct against two major media personalities in Canada. First came allegations of inappropriate conduct» 

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Windsor to restore antique streetcar

The southwestern Ontario city of Windsor Ontario, long a major centre of manufacturing and distilling, has another claim to fame. Known alternatively as trams or trolleys, Windsor was the first city in Canada to have electric “streetcars”.  Like many other»