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Figure-skating darlings chosen as Olympic flag-bearers

Many Canadians love to watch figure skating and will be delighted to learn that the winners of multiple competitions, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, have been chosen to carry the flag at the opening of the Winter Olympics in South» 

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Canada’s security law modified but still leaves serious concerns

It’s called Bill C-59. It is the Liberal government’s modifications to the previous Conservative government’s Bill (and subsequent law) C-51, but according to two advocacy groups, it also introduces a host of new issues and concerns. At the time many» 

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Liberals launch initial phase of Canada Service Corps

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today the launch of the initial phase of Canada Service Corps, a new national youth service initiative designed to ‘build a culture of service’ in young Canadians. Canada Service Corps is aimed at encouraging young» 

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Margaret Atwood faces social media backlash over #MeToo critique

Celebrated Canadian author Margaret Atwood is facing a social media backlash after voicing concerns about some aspects of the #MeToo movement in a newspaper opinion piece and for affirming “the right to fundamental justice” and due process for individuals accused of sexual» 

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Global warming vs the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are to celebrate the thrill of winter sports, but it seems winter is being less and less cooperative. With the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea, just weeks away, a new study shows increasingly fewer cities will be» 


Debt making Canadians feel ‘financially blue’: poll

More than half of Canadians are feeling blue about their finances, according to a national survey conducted for a charity and a financial planning standards body. It revealed that 21 per cent of Canadians spent too much during the recent» 

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Beloved Montreal priest dies

Father Emmet Johns was a priest in Montreal, but one who’s “chapel” was mostly the downtown streets of the city. His death at age 89 was announced this past weekend. In 1988, after a lifetime as a parish priest, at» 

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Montreal hospital investigates linguistic “incident”

No French? No treatment. Man claims he was insulted and belittled by Francophone doctor An incident at a hospital in the mainly French speaking province of Quebec is making news, but not in a good way. A Polish-Canadian resident in» 


‘Really scared’ girl has hijab cut by stranger: update

News media across Canada reported the case of an 11-year-old girl who was on her way to school on Jan. 12, 2018 when a man approached her with a pair of scissors and cut her hijab. This was said to» 


Wild weather changes for ever-ready Canadians

Ever wonder why Canadians talk so obsessively about the weather? Recent events may help you understand. For most of last week in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, temperatures were frigid around the -25 C mark with winds making it»