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Six-in-ten Canadians say lack of new pipeline capacity represents a crisis: poll

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians believe that the lack of pipeline capacity to move oil from Western Canada to overseas markets constitutes a crisis for the country’s economy, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute. The research comes» 

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Goodale warns of growing right-wing hate

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says hate groups, including white supremacists and neo-Nazis, are a growing threat in Canada. And, Goodale says, internet providers have an obligation to make sure they don’t provide a platform for spreading fear and hate.» 

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Extreme weather strands cabinet minister, others in cars

Unusual weather caused flooding, stranding a provincial cars in the eastern city of St. John’s yesterday. A snowstorm dumped 10 centimetres of snow in just two hours and then more than 18 millimetres of freezing rain and rain topped it» 

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Netflix sci-fi series used real footage of Lac-Mégantic disaster

Makers of the Netflix original sci-fi series Travelers have had to apologize and promise to edit out a few seconds of footage after it emerged that they had used real-life images of the Lac-Mégantic train disaster in a scene depicting a» 

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Messages in Bottles: Magdalen Islands man has over 100

Messages in bottles became the hobby of Jean-Guy Poirier who now has 104 in his collection. It all began in 2004 during a walk on one of the beaches on the Madgalen Islands, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. “After I» 

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Risk for breast cancer may be more accurately predicted, sooner

In Canada, one in eight women are expected to develop breast cancer one in 31 will die of it. Now, scientists says a simple saliva test could help gauge with “unprecedented accuracy,” a woman’s risk of developing the disease during» 

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 Radio Canada International: Spectres of Shortwave

It started out as an art project, but circumstances changed and it became an artistically inspired documentary look at the former shortwave service. It deals in part with the history of the shortwave transmission site, its massive antenna array, and» 


Most of Quebec’s long guns still unregistered with deadline fast approaching

With the deadline for Quebec gun owners to register their firearms just over two weeks away, the vast majority of guns in the province remain unregistered, according to government statistics. Quebec instituted its own provincial registry for non-restricted firearms or» 

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Concerns about civil rights over new drunk driving law

New drunk driving laws have come into effect in Canada, and have caused quite a stir in the legal community not the least of which involves civil rights issues Micheal Engel (BA, LLB) has a legal practice in Toronto specialising» 

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Libraries call for more access to digital books

Canadian public libraries say multinational publishers are not making best-selling titles in e-book or e-audiobook formats available to them just as demand is skyrocketing. When the digital forms are made are available, the libraries say prices are excessively high and»