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First snow coming to southern Canada

Snow, or the first “measurable snow” will be making its debut in southern Ontario and Quebec tomorrow and continue over the maritime provinces through the weekend. A person makes their way to a streetcar as snow flies through the air» 

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Parental Leave extended in time, not money

Parental leave from the workplace, following the birth or adoption of a new child, is being extended in Canada, from 12 months to 18. The extension however, is one of time, not money, and only at the federal level. In» 


Charitable giving declines in Canada: report

Taking inflation into account, Canadians donated seven per cent less to charities in 2015 than they did in 2006, according to a new report. That represented a drop of about 600 million dollars. The proportion of Canadian families which made» 

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Pipeline delays; deliberate? Who’s to blame

The Trans-Mountain pipeline project to nearly triple its capacity of oil from Alberta to the Burnaby is once again becoming heated. Kinder-Morgan, the U.S. company that owns Trans-Mountain wants to double the existing pipeline but has come under repeated opposition» 

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Cultural divide in Canadian broadcasting: F-word OK in French

Complaint about the F-word on French media denied  (! Warning STORY CONTAINS CONTROVERSIAL LANGUAGE) It’s the “F-word”. It’s been feared by broadcasters and print media since, well, forever. At least in English. Though standards have relaxed and it does on» 

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Public services over private interests. The “We Own It” campaign.

There have been many instances around the world of public services being sold off to private companies. Another version is known as public-private partnerships or 3P in which building costs are shared by the taxpayer and a private company which» 

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Quebec’s controversial face-covering law faces constitutional challenge

A coalition of Muslim groups and civil liberty advocates has filed a constitutional challenge to a newly adopted provincial legislation in Quebec that effectively bans certain Muslim women from giving or receiving public services with their faces covered. The challenge filed Tuesday» 

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Big and bearded and sexy for charity

They’re known as the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club. And they’re showing off their furry manly charms as mermen, or in a more Newfoundlandish way, Merb’ys (mer boys).  Hasan Hal is the man behind the effort. Hasan Hai» 


Transport Canada to ban large containers of bath salts and baby powder in carry-on luggage

As of Nov. 27, passengers flying in and out of Canada will not be allowed to have large quantities of certain powders and granular materials in their carry-on luggage while at the same time Transport Canada is relaxing some rules» 

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More Canadians plan to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies: poll

More Canadians are planning to attend ceremonies to honour fallen soldiers this year according to a public opinion survey commissioned by the non-profit group Historica Canada. It found that 29 per cent of respondents plan to attend a Remembrance Day»