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CNE, ‘The Ex’ opens tomorrow in Toronto

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) officially opens tomorrow. Canada’s largest fair, with about 1.5 million visitors last year, is more affectionately known as ‘The Ex’ as in, short for Exhibition. The All-Canadian Red Hot Burger is a nod to Canada’s 150th» 

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Chinese baby formula made in Kingston, Ontario

Chinese authorities are preparing for the baby boom they anticipate as they phase out their “one child” policy. They’ve invested in a manufacturing facility in the small city of Kingston, Ontario, to provide baby formula for the next generation. “It» 


Young beluga whale dies suddenly at Marineland

A marine park in the province of Ontario has announced that a young beluga whale died suddenly from a twisted bowel. Gia was born at Marineland but sometime after her birth her mother stopped nursing her. A dedicated marine mammal» 

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New imaging technique allows view inside insects

Until now, scientists had to kill insects to see what was going on inside. But now, biologists and imaging specialists from Western University have teamed up to find a novel way to see their insides while they are alive. It» 

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Program offers spectacular nature to Canadians, the world

A new program is offering some of the greatest examples of Canada’s varied natural areas for people to visit in person or online. The Nature Conservancy of Canada acquires and preserves parcels of land across the country and is encouraging» 


Great white sharks visit Nova Scotia

Great white sharks do periodically travel in Canadian waters but thanks to tagging efforts, more people know that two are now visiting off the shores of Nova Scotia. Great whites are the largest predatory fish in the world averaging 4.5» 


Traffic stopped for mass migration of tiny toads

Tens of thousands of tiny western toads are migrating through Lost Lake Park in western Canada. The Resort Municipality of Whistler has taken several measures to try to protect this species of special concern for the next two to four» 

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Groups try to save rare butterfly on brink of extinction

There are fewer than 100 poweshiek skipperling butterflies in Canada and fewer than 500 in the world, but several entities are working hard to save them. This small, brown and orange butterfly is only active during a three-to-four week period» 

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“Floating terror“ arrives in Canada

Canada is a pretty safe place when it comes to things like poisonous snakes, or insects or aquatic creatures. In fact you risk no attacks at all in any of Canada’s lakes or rivers, and virtually no problems in any» 

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New tick can make you allergic to red meat

I sometimes refer affectionately to my homeland of Canada as the Frozen North and say that an advantage to living here is that we don’t have a lot of the nasty bugs you find in countries that are warm year-round.»