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Headhunting- ancient head, reunited with its body

They called it “headhunting”, but it didn’t involve any violence…nor was it to do with corporate executives. In the early days of archaeology, the explorers and  paleontologists only took exciting parts of a dinosaurs such as the skulls, and claws» 

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Crab, insects’ 508 million-year-old ancestor revealed

Paleontologists are excited to have found an unusually well-preserved creature that sheds light on the origins of millipedes, crabs and insects. Scientists at the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum found a new fossil species in the Burgess» 

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Better climate adaptation strategies needed across the Arctic

Climate change continues to transform the Arctic at an unprecedented rate but adaptation strategies continue to lag behind, says a series of new international reports released on Tuesday. The Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) issued the reports as» 

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Conservation group seeks volunteers to help species at risk

It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada and people are urged to get involved in one of several events organized by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). The invitation notes that Canada has 733 wildlife species at risk and that the» 

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Baby steps for wild bison at Banff National Park

Conservationists at Banff National Park in Canada’s Rocky Mountains are celebrating three very special birthdays this week. For the first time in over 140 years tiny bison calves will be grazing on the rocky slopes of the UNESCO World Heritage» 

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Oops! When is a puffin not a puffin?

When it’s a penguin! Yesterday, April 25, was World Penguin Day. It’s timed to roughly coincide with the annual march to the sea of penguins and to bring awareness to their situation. Emperor penguins in Antarctica. April 25 was World» 

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Quebec plans for caribou shock environmental groups

A number of environmental and conservation groups are expressing a mixture of shock and surprise at a Quebec announcement concerning a small herd of caribou. Woodland caribou (boreal caribou) herd populations are in decline across the entire country and listed» 

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The Antarctic too is under stress and threat

We are hearing more and more about stress, and threats to the Arctic, but not so much about Antarctica. Most people would tend to think because the Antarctic is so distant and cold, that it’s a pristine environment and relatively safe» 

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WWF study finds gaping holes in ability to respond to Arctic ship fuel spills

..response plans rely on capacities and methods that may not  exist or cannot be adapted in remote communities to respond to a ship-based spill. WWF The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a report on the ability of Canada to deal» 

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For “Earth Day” (Apr 22) think about bees

Around the world experts are noticing a decline in bee populations. Bees are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops and all plants. While we are aware of commercial honey bees, most pollination is done by wild bees.  With»