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Lyle the singing pig seeks a home

Lyle is a two-year old pig who was picked up along with several other animals last year as part of a cruelty investigation by the SPCA in the western province of British Columbia. There are Societies for the Prevention of» 

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World Wildlife photo competition: Winners

The winners in the annual World Wildlife photo competition were announced this week by the Natural History Museum in London, England The grand prize winner was Brent Stirton of South Africa.  His image of a dehorned Black Rhino, killed by» 


Zoo opens breeding facility for endangered sage-grouse

There are hopes the Calgary Zoo can boost the tiny population of greater sage-grouse left in Canada in a brand new breeding facility it has just opened. There are fewer than 400 of these birds remaining as human development has» 

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B.C. Grizzly trophy hunt to end

The lush forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and  sea-coast of the large west coast province of British Columbia is a great place for grizzly bears. It’s also been a great place for hunters seeking a big trophy. The hunting season opened» 

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Agreement soon on high Arctic fishing in international waters?

The area under discussions is almost 3 million sq/km of ocean beyond the boundaries of Arctic nations known as the Arctic doughnut hole Recently two relatively small sailing yachts on a British expedition made it almost to the North Pole.» 

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Vancouver symposium seeks solution for drop in Orca numbers

As the resident killer whale population continues to dwindle in West Coast waters off southern British Columbia and northern Washington state, experts gathered in Vancouver this week to try to come up with a plan to halt the decline. Studies» 

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U Guelph study finds majority of shark fins, ray gills from species at risk

A study of shark fins and ray gill plates for sale in markets has shown that a majority are from endangered species. The University of Guelph used its unique DNA library to identify exactly the various species. Dirk Steinke is» 

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Toxic pesticide traces in honey

Honey is one of nature’s oldest natural sweeteners. However scientists have discovered that this natural product now has something very unnatural in it, toxic neonicotinoid pesticides. The neonicotinoid group of chemicals are the most common class of pesticide in world-wide» 

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Chicken pilot project in Toronto for three years.

Chickens in backyards in Toronto were banned until this week. That’s when Toronto City Council voted 23 to 14 in favour of a three-year pilot project. The debate prompted one coucillor, Giorgio Mammoliti to ask, “What the flock is going on at» 

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Necropsy report on shocking right whale deaths

(public comments are open on all RCI stories-scroll to bottom of story for the form) This summer was catastrophic for the endangered North Atlantic right whale population, with some 12 animals found dead in the Gulf of St Lawrence and»