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Plant native species, help wildlife, urge conservationists

Conservation groups are encouraging gardeners to plant native species to help preserve a unique habitat in the province of Ontario. The Carolinian Zone is one of the most biologically diverse regions of Canada and at the same time one of» 

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New exhibit brings museum visitors to the Arctic

The Canadian Museum of Nature has opened a new gallery it hopes will “transform people’s understanding of the Arctic.” It recreates the Arctic’s natural landscapes and its plants and animals, and visitors can hear the voices of the people who» 


Oh, deer: Nova Scotia town mulls its options in dealing with Bambi invasion

The town of Truro in central Nova Scotia has a very cute pest problem, but a problem nevertheless. It’s been overrun by white-tailed deer. There are deer in its parks, deer in parking lots, even deer in the downtown core.» 

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Environmental Protection Act: new recommendations for GMO’s

In a wide ranging review of Canada’s Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) released last week, many recommendations were made for changes to the Act which has remained basically unchanged since 1999. Among them were recommendations regarding the introduction of genetically modified» 

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SPCA calls for criminal charges for abuse of chickens

An “absolutely sickening” video that shows chickens being abused has prompted the SPCA to call for criminal charges to be laid, reports CBC News. The video was taken by a non-profit advocacy group called Mercy For Animals at a facility» 

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Historic land, home to 170 species protected

A corridor of “exceptional’ lands” between the Canadian cities of Montreal and Ottawa has been acquired and will be protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). The area is 3 km wide and 20 km long and is home» 

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Climate change: beavers on the move north

Scientists have been noticing this for a few years now, as have residents in Canada’s far north and Arctic: global warming is changing things. A variety of plants , animals , and marine creatures have been moving north into Arctic» 

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World Oceans Day: Canada announces a new marine protected area

In a well-timed announcement today on World Oceans Day, the federal government announced it was declaring another ocean area as a Marine Protected Area (MPA). A year ago the Canadian government announced its intention to increase marine and coastal protected» 

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A dinosaur researcher’s dream; T. rex skin!

It’s something paleontologists dream about, and now for the very first time a positively identified fossil of T. rex skin has been found. In fact a number of skin fossils were found on expeditions in the badlands of Alberta, in» 

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Plastic in oceans could outweigh fish: conference

If nothing is done, plastic could outweigh fish in the world’s oceans by the year 2050, said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the opening of the first United Nations conference on oceans. “Pollution, overfishing and the effects of climate change»