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The plastic wrapping that can kill

Once again, the issue and harm of plastic garbage in waterways has been highlighted. The northern Pike caught by Adam Turnbull showing severe injury from a plastic drink wrapper. The fish surely was suffering,. Once freed from the wrapper it» 


Caribou decline, habitat still shrinking

Caribou populations continue to decline and disturbances in their habitat are still increasing in spite of a recovery strategy put in place by the Canadian government in 2012. The government has released a progress report on implementation of the strategy» 

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Senate votes to move ahead with bill dear to animal activists

Canadian animal rights activists scored what they are calling a “huge victory” in the Senate on Thursday. The upper chamber’s fisheries committee voted to move forward with Bill S-203, legislation that would ban keeping whales and dolphins in Canadian aquariums.» 

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The growing concern of farmland “land grabs” in Canada

Recently an opinion article was written by a member of Canada’s National Farmer’s Union (NFU). In it Doug Campbell expressed his concern about land grabs of farmland in the maritime province of Prince Edward Island, although the phenomenon occurs in» 

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Canada’s fisheries are in trouble, says non-profit

It’s estimated that since 1970, Canada has lost more than half its amount of fish, according to a review completed by the conservation group Oceana Canada. It says that only one third of the fish stocks are healthy, 13 per» 

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Grizzly bears in B.C.: the threat is not from hunters

Recently the government in the west coast province of British Columbia banned trophy hunting of the majestic grizzly bear. About 250 grizzly bears are killed in B.C. each year by hunters, according to the provincial government. Trophy hunting will be» 

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Gone in 20 years? Scientists raise alarm over northern Right whales

Extinction now possible, within decades.       (if photos don’t appear- refresh page) Scientists at at annual international conference on North Atlantic Right Whales have expressed extreme concern over the species survival. The meeting comes with special urgency after some» 


Lyle the singing pig seeks a home

Lyle is a two-year old pig who was picked up along with several other animals last year as part of a cruelty investigation by the SPCA in the western province of British Columbia. There are Societies for the Prevention of» 

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World Wildlife photo competition: Winners

The winners in the annual World Wildlife photo competition were announced this week by the Natural History Museum in London, England The grand prize winner was Brent Stirton of South Africa.  His image of a dehorned Black Rhino, killed by» 


Zoo opens breeding facility for endangered sage-grouse

There are hopes the Calgary Zoo can boost the tiny population of greater sage-grouse left in Canada in a brand new breeding facility it has just opened. There are fewer than 400 of these birds remaining as human development has»