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Labour strife in Quebec halts major construction projects

The good weather of summer is the time most construction is accomplished in Canada. Right now however major construction sites across the entire province of Quebec has ground to a halt in a construction industry general strike involving tens of» 

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Eye on the Arctic: Video Archive

In the days before mass media reached the remote corners of Canada, before Twitter and Facebook, the art and artists of Canada’s Arctic were the main conduit for northerners to communicate their culture and communities to the rest of the» 

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Canadian farms: fewer, bigger, older

It seems that the amount of farmland in Canada is growing, but the average age of operators (farmers) continues to increase, while the numbers of actual farms is slowly decreasing. These are the latest findings from the national statistics gathering» 

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Do not disturb, my red light is on.

You’re in the middle of a job, busily concentrating and deep in your thoughts and ideas when….someone comes to your work station and interrupts you. It takes time to get back in the groove. Now a UBC professor has come» 

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Press freedom in Canada…not as good as you think

The group Reporters Without Borders has released its annual estimates of press freedom in countries around the world It’s called the “World Press Freedom Index”. One might expect Canada to be near top of the list in terms of freedom» 

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Lumber wars: Duties and penalties as tactics

The cards are stacked- H Nelson Late Monday, the United States announced it would impose immediate countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber imports of up to 24 percent.  It also said the duties were retroactive to imports of 90 days» 

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Obscene heckling: Is this STILL going on?

A man in Newfoundland has been charged after allegedly yelling a sexually explicit phrase at a female journalist. It was an incident similar to many others involving female reporters filming in public being subjected to obscene interruptions by individuals yelling» 

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Employers anxious about marijuana in the workplace

The Canadian government will soon legalize the recreational use of marijuana but employers say it has failed to take steps to prevent its use in the workplace. Employers in Canada are legally obliged to ensure the safety of their workers,» 

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Government to test for hiring bias based on name

The Canadian government has launched a project to find out if hiding a person’s name changes their chances when applying for jobs in the public service. Six government departments will participate in the test including those responsible for defence, environment» 

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America First! Alberta First?

Most people are aware of U.S. President Donald Trump’s call to “Buy America” and “Hire America”, and “America First!”.  Now one might wonder if the western prairie province of Alberta is taking a page from President Trump’s playbook with its»