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Parental Leave extended in time, not money

Parental leave from the workplace, following the birth or adoption of a new child, is being extended in Canada, from 12 months to 18. The extension however, is one of time, not money, and only at the federal level. In» 

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Public services over private interests. The “We Own It” campaign.

There have been many instances around the world of public services being sold off to private companies. Another version is known as public-private partnerships or 3P in which building costs are shared by the taxpayer and a private company which» 

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The growing concern of farmland “land grabs” in Canada

Recently an opinion article was written by a member of Canada’s National Farmer’s Union (NFU). In it Doug Campbell expressed his concern about land grabs of farmland in the maritime province of Prince Edward Island, although the phenomenon occurs in» 

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The unruliness of Members of Parliament

Seeking more dignity in Parliamentary debates This month a U.S. Senator said he would not seek re-election as he did not want to be a part of the indecorous level of debate in U.S. politics of late. In Canada’s House» 

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Alan Doyle-  A Newfoundland performer with tales to tell

Musician and author Alan Doyle in an RCI studio. © Marie Claude Simard- RCI Alan Doyle was born and grew up in a small village in Newfoundland called Petty Harbour. Musically talented he joined a band which eventually became one of» 

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Sears stores begin liquidation sales today

Sears begins their final chapter with liquidation sales today in stores across Canada. Managers and former executives walk away with big cash bonuses The retailer, that was part of the Canadian landscape in 130 locations, is leaving many former employees» 

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Bill might stop employers from requiring high heels

Ontario might soon be the second province in Canada to stop employers from requiring women to wear high heels at work. Earlier this year, the province of British Columbia (B.C.) amended its Workers Compensation Act to make it illegal to» 

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Oxfam decries exploitation of hotel housekeepers

The charity Oxfam Canada set up a bed in downtown Toronto to illustrate the exploitation of female hotel housekeepers. A report it issued today features interviews with current and former employees of hotels in Canada, the Dominican Republic and Thailand.» 

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Loblaw: lay-offs and new hires

Loblaw Companies Ltd., one of the oldest and largest grocery chains in Canada, is in the process of laying off 500 employees in offices across the country. Galen G. Weston, president and executive chairman of Loblaw Limited speaks to shareholders» 

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Were you a miner? McIntyre powder update

Ontario gov’t pledges $1 million for research After years of effort by a miner’s daughter, it’s starting to have an effect. Janice Martell was the daughter of a miner in northern Ontario. He was one of thousands of miners in»