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Migrante protests backlog of 27,000 Permanent Residence applications for Live-in caregivers

Migrante held the first in a series of rallies today in Toronto, in front of an Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship office, to demand action on the backlog of Permanent Residence applications. Migrante will hold rallies such as this one in» 

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Theresa May coming to Ottawa

Theresa May the British Prime Minister, will be in Ottawa on Monday September 18th to talk with Prime Minister Trudeau about the trade challenges facing Bombardier. May is joining forces with Canada to confront a major trade dispute brought about by U.S.» 

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Pilot project gives a chance for women to experience a military career

Being a soldier, sailor, or in the air force, has seldom been thought of as a career for women. But the military is so much more than carrying a gun and facing the enemy, (although now that too is a» 

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Unions want better worker protection in trade deal

Unions in Canada want current trade negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico to result in the creation of a mechanism to enforce the minimum labour standards agreed to by all three countries.  Talks have begun on the renegotiation of the» 

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Canada celebrates labour, seeks to protect it

Most people have the day off work today thanks to the statutory holiday, Labour Day. Many Canadians will not give a thought to the union movement but the prime minister issued a statement reminding them that “For more than a» 

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TPP free trade: opposition from Canadians?

TPP talks continue this week in Australia As the Canadian government continued it’s process of free trade talks known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it had embarked on a public consultation process.   Part of that involved an ability for citizens» 

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Mainly standing at work is bad for your heart: study

There have been several studies recently that suggest sitting for too long is bad for your health, but a new one says standing could be even worse. People who work more than four or five hours a day standing have» 

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Green building jobs surge in British Columbia

The construction of green buildings is creating more jobs in the western province of British Columbia and a policy research group is calling on the government there to ensure the sector continues to grow. The Pembina Institute says the number» 

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Work from home likely to increase

The Canadian government is considering giving workers in the sectors it regulates the right to flexible work. And increasingly, companies are allowing employees to spend all or some of their time working from home. Employees often like the flexibility they» 

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Rogue ski instructor files appeals on multiple sex charges

A man who destroyed for many the joy of learning to ski–a rite of passage that lives in the hearts of many, many Canadians, especially young girls and women, is going back to court. In documents filed Tuesday, a lawyer»