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Employers anxious about marijuana in the workplace

The Canadian government will soon legalize the recreational use of marijuana but employers say it has failed to take steps to prevent its use in the workplace. Employers in Canada are legally obliged to ensure the safety of their workers,» 

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Government to test for hiring bias based on name

The Canadian government has launched a project to find out if hiding a person’s name changes their chances when applying for jobs in the public service. Six government departments will participate in the test including those responsible for defence, environment» 

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America First! Alberta First?

Most people are aware of U.S. President Donald Trump’s call to “Buy America” and “Hire America”, and “America First!”.  Now one might wonder if the western prairie province of Alberta is taking a page from President Trump’s playbook with its» 

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Housing summit in Toronto finds no simple answers

Housing in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has been soaring in price for years now, but the recent news that an average home can cost almost a million dollars, and more than 12 times the average household’s gross annual income, had» 

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New road to finally link Canada, coast to coast to coast

The end of the Tuk ice road, welcome to the all weather road For the first time ever, Canadians will soon be able to drive from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast to the Arctic coast. Construction of the» 

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Hockey, concussions, psychiatric disorders

Hockey is fast, and at times rough, especially as you rise through the ranks to the top league, the National Hockey League (NHL) Hits have always been hard but as players have become bigger, stronger, faster, the hits have become» 

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IMF projection of Canadian economic growth lower than Ottawa’s

Canada’s economic growth may not be as rosy as the Bank of Canada predicted last week. Keeping with a previous forecast, the International Monetary Fund predicts that Canada’s gross domestic product will grow by 1.9 per cent this year. Bank» 

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Northern climate farm fields: an unexpected source of greenhouse gas.

A Canadian farm field in spring as the snow melts may look present a tranquil picture, but there’s something dramatic taking place unseen to our eyes. A new study in Canada found a surprising level of nitrous oxide emissions from» 

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The last gas station…going, going…

The major west coast port city of Vancouver, is a busy, bustling, high-rise, urban and commercial centre.  But the centre of that centre is soon to be without any place for motorists to fill their gas tanks. No gas stations» 

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A bridge too far.. too far gone.

Well, OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. The Quebec City bridge is not beyond repair, not ‘too far gone”, but it is in rough shape. With metal delamination and rusting, the structure is slowly being weakened. © Jean-Francois Nadequ/ Radio-Canada»