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Sexual improprieties: improving the theatre workplace

The entertainment industry has been rocked by allegations of a variety of sexual misconducts. While the famous producer Harvey Weinstein case in the U.S. may have been the spark, allegations have spread to Canada. In Quebec the founder of the» 

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Canadian actor Donald Sutherland to get an Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that 82-year-old Donald Sutherland will be awarded an honorary Oscar on November 11. The Canadian-born actor will finally be honoured with the film industry’s top award for his prolific and» 

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Child star charms Toronto Film Festival

The popular nine-year-old move star Jacob Tremblay returned to the Toronto Film Festival for the premier of his newest film “Burn Your Maps.” Vancouver-born Tremblay plays a young Chicago boy who thinks he is a Mongolian goat herder. The fantasy»