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Almost 1M African children need urgent malnutrition treatment: UNICEF

Almost one million children in Eastern and Southern Africa need urgent treatment for the most severe forms of malnutrition, UNICEF said Wednesday. “It’s a pretty calamitous combination of what’s really been erratic rainfall for a couple of years and drought, and» 

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Canadian firm SNC-Lavalin settles corruption case

SNC-Lavalin settled a corruption case brought against it by the African Development Bank Group by agreeing to $1.5 million and accept certain undisclosed conditions. Illicit payments not denied The regional development bank said former employees of the large, Canadian engineering» 

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Predators, prey, and the mathematics of nature

Science has long presumed, and taught, that when the numbers of prey increase, the number of predators increase in a linear relationship. New research says that’s not actually the case at all, that a doubling of prey does not result» 

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Mathematics, networks and the spread of HIV in Africa

An economics professor in Ottawa has studied the spread of Aids in Africa from a new perspective. Roland Pongou saw first hand the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in his native Cameroon. He is now with the Faculty of Social Sciences at» 

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North-South Institute holds international conference on governing Africa’s natural resources

This Thursday and Friday (May 9-10) Canada’s North South Institute is hosting an international forum titled Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development. The Institute, which focuses on international development around the world, has invited senior Canadian and African policymakers and» 

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African parasitic disease tackled by Alberta researcher

Its called schistosomiosis and it affects more than 200 million people worlwide. It’s common in Asia and South America, but most cases are in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s a chronic disease, in which a small parasite enters the skin and develops» 


UN regrets Canada’s withdrawal from drought convention

The United Nations has reacted to the decision by the Harper government to pull out of the Convention to Combat Desertification by calling it “regrettable.” On Thursday, foreign Affairs Minister John Baird called the entire process a “talkfest” that does» 

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Canada withdraws quietly from UN-convention that fights droughts in Africa

As of last week, Canada is the only country not to take part of a United Nations convention that fights droughts in Africa and elsewhere. The withdrawal was made discreetly on the recommendation of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, ahead»