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Yukon Quest- man and dog against time and the Arctic cold

It is one of the world’s greatest annual endurance challenges for man and dog. The annual Yukon Quest dog sled race  is now roughly at the half-way point in the annual 1,600km race which stretches from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon» 


North American Arctic is failing compared to Russia, Nordics, warns think tank

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North. Weak national leadership in the North American Arctic is hindering northern development compared to the thriving polar regions of Russia and the Nordics, says a Canadian think tank» 

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Porcupine caribou herd swells to record high

An aerial count of one the most important caribou herds in northwestern Canada and Alaska completed in July has shown a near doubling of its population, delighting conservationists and Indigenous communities that depend on the animals to supplement their diets. The» 

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Whale entanglements, some good news, and some possible good news

After the shock of finding several dead endangered North Atlantic right whales this summer, some possible good news. Some 13 endangered North Atlantic right whales have been found dead this summer, ten in the Gulf of St Lawrence, suspected to» 

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Arctic Council presents united front as Finland takes over from U.S.

FAIRBANKS, Alaska –The run up to this week’s Arctic Council ministerial was dominated by just how U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would navigate his first Arctic Council ministerial as chair. But at the meeting on Thursday, the forum presented a united» 


Powerful earthquakes rattle Yukon, Alaska and northern British Columbia

A series of powerful earthquakes struck Monday in the northern tip of British Columbia near the border with Alaska and Yukon. No injuries or serious damage have been reported so far. The U.S. Geological Survey says a 6.3-magnitude quake hit 85 kilometres» 

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Halfway there. The annual epic Yukon Quest dogsled race!

One of the world’s great Arctic events and races is now at the halfway point in -27 Celsius weather. Mushers in the Yukon Quest annual dogsled race reached the halfway point yesterday afternoon and evening in the epic 1600 km» 

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History: Oct 24, 1918 – The SS Princess Sophia disaster

It’s not the worst maritime disaster in world, or even  Canadian history, but it certainly is among the most tragic. Over 344 people waited for a day and half aboard the stricken SS Princess Sophia for help they could see» 

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What shallow lakes are telling us about the changing Arctic climate

Permafrost changes are among the most alarming consequences of warming Arctic temperatures. All across the Arctic, the shifts in how permafrost behaves is affecting everything from infrastructure to ground moisture. But  research recently published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters  suggests there are also changes to» 

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Warm weather in Arctic affects another major dog sled race

There’s the great Yukon Quest dog sled race, held in  February in Canada, and then in March, the American Iditarod across Alaska. Both are around 1,600 kilometers in length. The warm weather in the north has forced both races in»