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No bathroom break so murder confession not admissible

In an important ruling, a judge in the city of Red Deer, Alberta ruled that a confession to a triple murder is not admissible as evidence in the suspect’s trial because the police did not let him go to the» 

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Controversial major pipeline project cancelled

In an announcement today, the CEO of Trans-Canada pipelines said the so-called “energy east” and “eastern mainline” pipeline projects have been called off. The project would have seen a pipeline stretching from the oil sands project in Alberta and oil» 

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Thousands of indigenous elders meet in first national gathering

It is a huge gathering, and the first event of its kind in Canada. Thousands of indigenous elders from communities across the country are meeting to discuss issues of concern and share ideas. One of the organizers of this event» 


Growing wildfire in southwestern Alberta forces new evacuation orders

A rapidly growing wildfire has forced authorities in southwestern Alberta to issue mandatory evacuation orders for several communities and Canada’s largest reserve near the border with the U.S. state of Montana. The Kainai First Nation has declared a local state» 

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Preserving another piece of Canada’s vanishing railway history

Canada’s history is that of it’s railways. For example, the west coast province of British Columbia only agreed to join Canada if a railway was built to link it to the east. Railways brought settlers to the wide open country,» 

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A great year for the “greatest outdoor show”

Canada’s Calgary Stampede has come to a close. Billed as the greatest annual outdoor show on Earth, the huge celebration of rural and cowboy lifestyle and skills, saw 1,214,972 visitors pass through the turnstiles. That’s just over a ten per» 

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The greatest outdoor show on Earth! On now!

The Stampede is on! Arguably Canada’s greatest entertainment event is on this week in the western city of Calgary, Alberta Many thousands of people lined up on Friday for the event opening Calgary Stampede parade in downtown Calgary © Calgary Stampede/via» 

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A dinosaur researcher’s dream; T. rex skin!

It’s something paleontologists dream about, and now for the very first time a positively identified fossil of T. rex skin has been found. In fact a number of skin fossils were found on expeditions in the badlands of Alberta, in» 

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The licence plate controversy continues: heads to court

It began almost three decades ago without problem for decades, but now will end up in court. It was 1991 when Lorne Grabher bought a so-called “vanity” licence plate bearing the family name as a gift for his father’s car.» 

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New study finds much higher methane release from oil and gas fracking

The environmental “footprint” of fracking and the oil and gas industry is about to change dramatically, and not for the better. A new study by the environmental group David Suzuki Foundation and St Francis Xavier University, shows about 50 percent»