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Windsor to restore antique streetcar

The southwestern Ontario city of Windsor Ontario, long a major centre of manufacturing and distilling, has another claim to fame. Known alternatively as trams or trolleys, Windsor was the first city in Canada to have electric “streetcars”.  Like many other» 

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Preserving another piece of Canada’s vanishing railway history

Canada’s history is that of it’s railways. For example, the west coast province of British Columbia only agreed to join Canada if a railway was built to link it to the east. Railways brought settlers to the wide open country,» 

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Arts: The rare skill of restoration of antiquarian books

It’s a very rare occupation. Alex McGuckin of Edmonton, Alberta is one of only a handful of craftsmen who restore valuable antique books sometimes hundreds of years old. You’d have to call him an artisan. McGuckin came into the profession» 

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Dedicated to the pioneers: Prairie museum brings the past to life

Preserving the past, and restoring old farm equipment was the goal of a few guys out on the Canadian prairies. They got together and formed a club. From that club eventually a museum grew. It’s now called Heritage Acres, and» 


Love and lure of old trains as tourist season begins

Children used to dream of a toy train set.  As they grew up, some kept their passion and joined the hobby of sophisticated model train layouts.    But, others… Southern Prairie currently runs a 1940-56 vintage GE 44 ton switching engine»