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Shadow and light: the precision art of Jessie Babin

There are always at least two things that happen when people view Jessie Babin’s art. The first is usually along the lines of “very lovely photos”, but when told they are drawn art, the reaction is “Really? Wow, that’s amazing”.» 

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Shane Wilson- Unique artist in a unique medium, moose antler and horn.

Shane Wilson is a rare artist. Fascinated by the idea of carving at a young age, he has developed an art form that is almost unique to him alone. Now an extremely accomplished sculptor, he works in the highly unusual» 

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The unique paintings of Danny McBride

Literally tens of thousands of people around the world have seen Danny McBride. Musician, composer, singer, he toured the world as the longtime lead guitarist for pop star Chris deBurgh. He also played guitar with David Hasselhof, Joe Cocker.and many» 

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Ontario painter Michael Kilburn

Sweeping landscapes evoking the majesty of the Ontario wilderness, the peace of nature undisturbed by human hand, the rustic nature of tilting buildings in rural Newfoundland, the boats and sea, or the seabirds, ocean, and warm scenes of Florida, all» 

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Arts: Toronto political cartoonist, and artist Andy Donato

For decades people have been either laughing, frowning, or cringing at Andy Donato’s work.  He has long been one of Canada’s most respected political cartoonists. Originally a layout artist and illustrator for Eaton’s department store, the tug of journalism drew»