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Anthropology: new non-destructive test discovered

Often anthropologists and palaeontologists and other scientific researchers when testing for certain forensic and lifestyle factors in a specimen, examine the teeth of a specimen. Teeth have proven an excellent source of information during tests and analysis to determine such» 

History, Indigenous

Canadian researchers count on Siberian reindeer herders to solve archaeological mystery

Two Canadian archaeologists are on their way to a remote part of the Russian Arctic hoping that the traditional knowledge of Nenets reindeer herders might be able to help them solve an archaeological mystery that could have far reaching implications» 

History, Indigenous, Science and Technology

The oldest human footprints in North America?

Ancient footprints, possibly prehistoric, found on British Columbia tidal beach. Researchers on an island off Canada’s west coast are exited about a find deep in the sand of a remote beach. David Fedje, an archaeologist at the Hakai Institute and» 

History, International, Science and Technology

Recreating cities from antiquity for your mobile device

Imagine visiting an ancient ruined city around the Mediterranean and seeing what it actually looked like, the exact rooms, buildings, and city itself when they were whole several thousand years ago. An archaeology professor and tech team from the University»