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WWF study finds gaping holes in ability to respond to Arctic ship fuel spills

..response plans rely on capacities and methods that may not  exist or cannot be adapted in remote communities to respond to a ship-based spill. WWF The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a report on the ability of Canada to deal» 

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New road to finally link Canada, coast to coast to coast

The end of the Tuk ice road, welcome to the all weather road For the first time ever, Canadians will soon be able to drive from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast to the Arctic coast. Construction of the» 

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Prime minister’s wife to sponsor Arctic patrol ship

Some traditions die hard in the Royal Canadian Navy and having famous women name and sponsor new ships is one of them. The navy has announced that the prime minister’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has agreed to sponsor the lead» 

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Permafrost thawing faster than previously thought: study

Global warming will thaw about 20 per cent more permafrost than previously thought, according to a new international research study. The study, published in Nature Climate Change, suggests that as the planet warms toward two degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels nearly» 

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Book on Canada’s pursuit of Arctic sovereignty wins prize

Historian Adam Lajeunesse has won a $10,000 prize for his book about Canada’s claims to sovereignty in the Arctic.  “Lock, Stock, and Icebergs: A History of Canada’s Arctic Maritime Sovereignty” published by University of British Columbia Press beat four other» 

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Q&A: Impact assessments in the Arctic – What Canada and Greenland can learn from each other

MONTREAL — A major conference on the challenges climate change poses for doing impact assessments,wound up in Canada on Friday. Delegates from around the world gathered for the four-day event, but the North got a day-long spotlight during the conference’s Arctic-Nordic forum on doing assessments» 


2017 Arctic Inspiration Prize opens for nominations

Do you know an organization or a group that has an idea or a project that could have a profound impact on the lives of northerners? Then maybe you should consider nominating them for the 2017 Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP).» 

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Supreme Court to decide on huge Peel wilderness watershed

It’s an area in Canada’s Yukon territory that is twice the size of Belgium, or one and a half times the size of Switzerland. The Peel watershed is about 68,000 square kilometres of wilderness, largely untouched with no permanent settlements» 

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Update: Seismic oil and gas exploration in Arctic waters postponed again

It has been controversial since it was first proposed by a consortium of oil and gas companies in 2011.  The consortium wants to conduct seismic exploration off the coast of Baffin Island but have faced strong opposition to the plan.» 

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What ‘young’ Arctic rocks tell us about origins of the Earth and Moon

Volcanic rocks from the Canadian Arctic are changing what scientists think about the origins of the Earth and the Moon, says Hanika Rizo. The 33-year-old Mexican-born geologist at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) says her research into unusual concentrations»