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Climate change increasing diseases in Arctic

New study implicates global warming in spread of disease including parasites. It’s a parasite that is widely spread around the world, and it has been found among high percentage of the Arctic population Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite known» 

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What’s up in the Arctic? News from the circumpolar countries brought to you by RCI’s Eye on the Arctic

Radio Canada International’s Eye on the Arctic seeks to bring together media from all circumpolar countries to better tell the stories of northern communities and people, the region’s politics, culture and environmental issues. Read recent reports from our own Eilis» 


Environmental group praises Canada’s new Arctic shipping rules

Ocean conservancy advocates are welcoming the new safety and pollution prevention regulations for ships plying Canada’s Arctic waters unveiled by the federal government earlier this week but are also urging Ottawa to expand its regulations to include the eventual phase-out» 

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French explorer plans to ski and dive along Northwest Passage

French explorer Alban Michon plans a solo skiing and diving expedition along part of the fabled Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago to raise awareness of risks facing the fragile northern environment due to climate change. The Northwest Passage» 

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Arctic Ocean composition is undergoing rapid change: study

U.S. scientists have found have found new evidence of significant changes in the chemical and biological composition of the Arctic Ocean that could fundamentally transform the local food chain. A new study published this week in the journal Science Advances suggests that climate change» 

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Arctic rocks yield answers to billion-year-old mystery

A billion-year-old fossilized algae found in sediment rock deposits in the Canadian Arctic is believed to be the oldest known direct ancestor of modern plants and animals, according to new a study by scientists at McGill University published in the» 

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Franklin expedition shipwrecks; who owns what

Sir John Franklin set out to find the fabled Northwest Passage to China and India. Setting out from England in 1845, it was the last he, and the crew would be seen. The lost mission sparked many search and rescue» 

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Canada sets up 7 new marine refuges off Arctic and Atlantic coasts

The federal government announced Thursday the creation of seven new marine refuges to protect vital habitat off Canada’s Arctic and northern Atlantic coasts. The new marine refuges off the coasts of Nunavut and Newfoundland and Labrador will cover a 145,598-square-kilometre swath» 

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Bear fossils from high Arctic show cavities

The remains of a 3.5 million-year-old bear have been found over 1,000 km north of the Arctic Circle and it appears the animal had a sweet tooth. It looks like the bear migrated from Eurasia by the land bridge over» 

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Arctic: Record ice-loss, highest melt rate in 1,500 years

Long-term ice-loss the “new normal” The latest Arctic Report Card – an annual scientific assessment of Arctic conditions by the U.S based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) paints a worrisome picture of the far north. The report begins with»