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Arctic sea ice retreat 2018

Not a record low, but nearly. The Arctic ice is reported to have reached its annual minimum for the summer season. In a preliminary report, NASA and the US-National Snow and Ice Data Center reported that on September 28, Arctic» 

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Canada to sign ‘historic’ agreement to protect Central Arctic Ocean

Officials from five Arctic countries and five major distant fishing powers are meeting in Greenland Wednesday to sign a legally binding international accord that will protect nearly three million square kilometres of the Central Arctic Ocean from unregulated fishing. The» 

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Permafrost thaw: more CO2 than previously thought?

It is well-known that CO2 is one of the so-called “greenhouse gas” and a significant contributor to global warming and subsequent climate change. University of Alberta researchers have found that in the western Canadian Arctic more CO2 may be released» 

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Canada to file Arctic continental shelf submission in 2019: Global Affairs Canada

The federal government plans to file its submission on the outer limits of Canada’s continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean in early 2019 and Ottawa’s submission is expected to overlap with both Russian and Danish submissions, according to officials with» 

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Russia flexes its military muscles with Arctic component of Vostok 2018 war games

The Russian military is conducting a series of exercises designed to test and showcase its ability to mount large-scale joint operations at the very eastern edge of the Russian Arctic, more than 7,000 kilometres from its main base near the» 

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A whale of a tale: Lost Narwhal finds new “diverse” friends

(public commenting open on all RCI stories at bottom. Comments will be posted after approval) The narwhal, an iconic Arctic species, is almost never spotted in the south. Somehow one narwhal, thought to be a young male, became lost, really» 

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The lost Franklin expedition in the Arctic: new research

When Sir John Franklin left Britain with two ships and 129 sailors in 1845, it was to be an epic adventure to discover the fabled Northwest Passage to the Orient. Possibly the most prepared exploration of the Canadian Arctic at» 

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Some hope at last for Arctic port of Churchill, Manitoba

Rail line to be revived. It’s a small community on the shore of Hudson Bay, currently with a population of perhaps 1,000 souls. Washed out in 2017, the town has been without rail access as the owners and government argue» 

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How traditional Inuit knowledge guides research: Eye on the Arctic video archive

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North. In today’s instalment, a video from our documentary archive. The Arctic is warming at twice the rate as the rest of the world and Arctic indigenous communities are» 

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Arctic waters: more concerns from shipping, tourism

It’s called “grey water”. It’s not sewage, but its certainly not clean either. It’s the dirty water resulting from clothes washing, dish washing, showers and sinks. This waste water includes soaps, nutrients, and microplastics. The World Wildlife Federation-Canada has raised»