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Arctic melting: more shipping will mean concern for marine life

In the not so distant past the Arctic seas were dangerous, mysterious places that took the lives and the ships of many explorers. Now with climate change, the ice free season is lasting longer and longer and enabling tourist vessels» 


Canadian Coast Guard launches Arctic season

One of seven Canadian coast guard ice breakers, the CCGS Samuel Risley will head for Arctic waters on July 11, 2018 to help resupply the Thule U.S. Air Force base in Greenland. The vessels will do such things as provide» 

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 Lost Franklin expedition: Final deal between Canada and U.K.

Specially prepared for their 1845 British expedition to find the fabled Northwest Passage, Sir John Franklin, his two ships, and his crew became victims to the Arctic weather. The fate of the expedition and the crew were lost to history» 

Beaver bounty: Invasive species within Canada?

The industrious beaver, the iconic national symbol of Canada. It was the search for beaver pelts that opened up Canada by explorers seeking primarily new areas and sources for the fur to supply a demanding world market, and which in» 

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Ottawa extends its air defence identification zone to cover all of Canadian Arctic

In a move that reflects the growing tensions between Russia and the West, Ottawa quietly announced last week that it is extending the Canadian Air Defence Identification Zone (CADIZ) to cover all of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The new CADIZ,» 

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Ignoring Indigenous women’s traditional knowledge hurts Arctic science, G7 summit hears

Each week, Eye on the Arctic brings you news and views from around the North Indigenous women’s traditional knowledge is too often excluded from scientific research in the North, something that could have serious implications for fully understanding how climate» 

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World maritime body approves first Arctic ship routing measures

The International Maritime Organization approved on Friday the first internationally recognized ship routing measures designed jointly by Russia and the United States to protect vital marine habitat in the Bering Strait and Bering Sea. The narrow passage of water between» 

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Canada and Denmark announce joint task force to resolve Arctic boundary issues

Canada and Denmark together with Greenland plan to create a joint task force to explore options and provide recommendations on how to resolve outstanding boundary issues in the Arctic between the two nations, officials announced Wednesday. The issues on the» 

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Arctic national park runs igloo building workshop

Igloos, the dome-like structures built out of blocks of packed snow, have become one of the most iconic images of the Canadian Arctic used in everything from advertising to children’s cartoons. But for millennia the Inuit people across the vast» 


Talking muskox health: Eye on the Arctic video archive

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North. In today’s instalment, we bring you a video from our documentary archive The Arctic is warming at twice the rate as the rest of the world and»