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Inspiring women to join the Canadian Forces: Short sessions offer a taste of military careers

Women in Force Programme The Canadian Forces are eager to increase the number of women in the military. There is a perception that women generally are intimidated by the idea of a military career so a new pilot project seeks» 

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Canada history, Feb 1, 1968; the unwelcome remaking of Canada’s military

There had been talk of this for years, even as far back as shortly after the Second World War; the merging of the three main military arms Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force, into one structure.» 

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Canadian “historical” hockey rink in Kandahar, gone, but saved

Time out from war, time for hockey Where Canadians go, so to goes hockey, even if the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. Afghanistan was a deadly place for coalition forces, but Canadian soldiers decided to build a hockey rink to» 

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Hot computer parts, National Defence fraud

A 33-year-old civilian employee of Canada’s Defence Department has been has pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and breach of trust. Andrew Heggaton worked for the Canadian Forces Cryto Support Unit began stealing computer parts in June 2011, and continued» 

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Remembrance Week: Frontline war surgeon

Andrew Beckett, joined the military as a high school dropout, He has since gone on to become a trauma surgeon and authority on trauma techniques. His skills and lessons learned at front line battlefield hospitals are helping to improve emergency» 

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(book) Capturing Hill 70-Major First World War victory forgotten.

In 1917, a normally unimpressive bump in the landscape in northern France near the then coal mining centre of Lens was known to the Allies as Hill 70. It became however a vicious battle for the Canadian troops assigned to» 

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History: April 15, 1945- British-Canadian Liberation of Bergen-Belson death camp

Located in north Germany about half way between the port city of Hamburg, and Hanover, in April 1945, the huge Bergen-Belson concentration camp was in the middle of the war zone. Following several days of negotiations between the Allies and» 

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No end in sight to battle against ISIS

Whether you call is ISIS, ISIL, or DAESH, Canada’s top military officer says the battle isn’t over, and the end is not in sight. Gen. Jonathan Vance, Chief of Defence Staff, spoke this week in an interview on the CBC» 

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History: Oct.13, 1970-How far would you go? Just watch me.

“Just watch me” have become three of the most famous words in Canadian political history.  Uttered by Canada’s then Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, it also marked the beginning of the end of the biggest terrorist crisis in the country’s» 

Rebroadcast: Cross-Canada ride for veterans and awareness.

For a former Canadian soldier, for Paul Nichols it was a bit difficult to transition from the order and discipline of military life, back to life as a civilian, let alone forget the adrenalin, danger and fears of active combat.»