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More bad news: Fertile invasive Carp in the Great Lakes

Yet another of the invasive Asian carp species has been found in the Great Lakes. Commercial fishermen in Lake Erie netted a grass carp earlier this month near Point Pelee. The carp was just under a metre long and weighed» 

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When catching a big fish shows there’s a big problem

Big fish, but big problem in St Lawrence Normally a fisherman would be happy to haul in a whopper. But this whopper isn’t supposed to be there, and it represents the potential for a big, and very serious, problem. Two» 

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Study: Just a handful of invasive Asian carp could threaten Great Lakes

There have been great concerns in recent years about the possibility of invasive Asian carp taking hold in the Great Lakes. A recent study showed that only a few need to escape into the lakes to potentially create a population.» 

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Report: Invasive threats to the Great Lakes :

A new report says the Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater system in the world. The study looks at three potential scenarios for the lakes related to invasive species: a pessimistic scenario where» 

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New research centre to battle invasive Asian carp

There are great fears about the ecological damage the Asian carp could do if it gets a foothold in the Great Lakes.  The big carp reproduce rapidly and eat vast amounts of plankton –the foundation of the food chain, thereby basically»