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Australian judge sentences Canadian ‘cocaine babe’ to 8 years in jail

An Australian court sentenced a Canadian drug mule to eight years in prison on Wednesday for her part in an attempt to smuggle into Sydney nearly 95 kilograms of cocaine hidden in luggage aboard a luxury cruise ship. Melina Roberge,» 

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Class action settlement against hip replacement device

A settlement has been reached this week in the Quebec class action lawsuit against the Depuy ASR hip replacement system. These were subject to a worldwide recall in August 2010 due to problems with the metal on metal devices. The» 

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Autonomous trucks being adopted by mines- with job losses

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about autonomous cars, and there’s been some talk of autonomous transport tractor trailers (“semi’s”) coming too. There’s also talk about what that might mean for the millions of commercial drivers around» 

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Canada-Australia, the rocks that connect us

Canada and Australia are literally half a world apart.  A new study however says that wasn’t always the case. A new research paper shows that a portion of Australia once belonged to what is now Canada. The paper was published» 

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Wine war: International dispute sees Australia vs Canada

Canada and the U.S. have a long history of trade challenges, seemingly made more intense with the recent protectionist attitude of the U.S. Now, Australia has decided it wants to challenge Canada too, in this case over wine. On Friday» 


Canadian pilot killed in Australia seaplane crash

Tributes are flowing for a Canadian pilot who was killed in Australia on New Year’s Eve in a seaplane crash that also claimed the lives of a prominent British businessman and his family. Tour company Sydney Seaplanes said Gareth Morgan,» 

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Trade disputes and used fighter jets: Canada, Boeing, Australia

Canada Boeing trade dispute means deal for used Australian jets. Canada had been in line for a multi-billion dollar deal to buy a small fleet (18) of new Boeing Super-Hornet fighter jets. This was an interim measure to replace several» 

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Foreigners with Daesh: best to kill or reintegrate?

(posting comments open : to post or read comments-scroll to very bottom of page) As Daesh (ISIS) collapses, the risk- and fear- is that hundreds of radicalized foreign fighters will return to their home countries. Several Coalition countries have announced» 

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U.S.- Canada trade dispute: Bombardier sale due to U.S. tariffs?

According to reports, Canada’s leading aerospace firm, Bombardier, is considering selling parts of its aerospace operation. The Canadian firm is facing massive U.S. tariffs of almost 300 per cent on its new C-series passenger jet as a result of a» 

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Trade wars and fighter jets

Gently used fighter jets for sale to good home Act-5: In which Canada courts Australia to make the U.S jealous The Players: manufacturers: Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed-Martin, McDonnell-Douglas The Countries:  the U.S, Canada, Australia In the world of international trade, buying»