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Foreigners with Daesh: best to kill or reintegrate?

(posting comments open : to post or read comments-scroll to very bottom of page) As Daesh (ISIS) collapses, the risk- and fear- is that hundreds of radicalized foreign fighters will return to their home countries. Several Coalition countries have announced» 

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U.S.- Canada trade dispute: Bombardier sale due to U.S. tariffs?

According to reports, Canada’s leading aerospace firm, Bombardier, is considering selling parts of its aerospace operation. The Canadian firm is facing massive U.S. tariffs of almost 300 per cent on its new C-series passenger jet as a result of a» 

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Trade wars and fighter jets

Gently used fighter jets for sale to good home Act-5: In which Canada courts Australia to make the U.S jealous The Players: manufacturers: Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed-Martin, McDonnell-Douglas The Countries:  the U.S, Canada, Australia In the world of international trade, buying» 

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Are you happy at work? Americans tops, Canada fifth.

Everyone knows you spend a lot of your life at your workplace. It’s much better for everyone, yourself, colleagues, employer, if you’re happy at your work. A recent survey of professionals in several countries ranked “happiness” and stress levels. The» 

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Canada moves toward more restrictions on cigarette packaging

Canada, in several respects has been a leader, or among the leaders, in trying to reduce tobacco smoking through packaging restrictions. The Canadian government now wants to join other countries like Australia in requiring ‘plain packaging’ or generic packaging. David» 

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The head, the heart, and wisdom

In decision making the heart and the head have often been in conflict, in literature anyway. But now it seems they are not only not in conflict, but new research shows those who have a variable heartbeat, may be wiser» 

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Canadian volunteer who fought ISIS in Syria detained in Australia

Canadian officials in Australia are assisting a former Canadian soldier who was detained by immigration authorities in Queensland because he had recently travelled to Syria to fight ISIS militants alongside Kurdish forces. Robert Somerville left northern Syria last month and» 

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Feature Interview: The politics of climate

As the dust settles after Canada’s marathon 78-day federal election campaign, post mortems are being done on the issues that did, and didn’t, resonate with Canadians. Everything from the Syrian refugee crisis to terrorism dominated headlines during the campaign. But climate change issues were» 

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Henry, the polar bear comes home, (more or less)

Henry, at age two and a half and a little over 300 kg, is a strapping young polar bear. He was born however, not in the Canadian Arctic or any Arctic nation for that matter, but rather in the warmth» 

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Climate change: your food will cost more- lots more

For lovers of delicious ocean salmon, or beef get ready for a shock. A drought, a record in some areas of the Canadian prairies, means much lower hay crops and less grazing area for cattle. Producers are scrambling for feed,»