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Will your doctor be replaced by a robot?

Dr. Brian Hodges has a stern warning for future healthcare providers: learn to be caring and compassionate or be replaced by robots in white coats. Advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data will in the near future» 

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Think your job, your career, is secure? Think again!

“There will be huge carnage and it is going to happen quickly”. Frank Graves We’ve seen it in forestry; one machine can replace a hundred lumberjacks. We’ve seen it in construction where one worker with a nail gun can replace» 

Economy, Internet, Science and Technology

Robots could take over 42% of Canadian jobs by 2036

The rise of the machine is closer than you think. Nearly 42 per cent of Canadian workers are at a high risk of being replaced by robots or have their jobs significantly changed in the next two decades, says a»