Canadians’ average debt increases, prompts warning

While 46 per cent of Canadians decreased their personal debt, those who did not added an average 3.3 per cent to what they owe, according to the consumer credit reporting agency, Equifax. Excluding the mortgage debt on their houses, the» 

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Top CEO’s make more in hours than you all year

New statistics show that there are many business executives in Canada who-in this first few days of the new year, have already earned far more than most Canadians do in the whole year. In fact, by lunch time on Monday,» 

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Some Canadians have more years of good health

People who live in Canada’s eastern-most province of Newfoundland and Labrador have about two fewer years of good health compared to the average Canadian, reports Canadian Press (CP). “It could be geographical, it could be the cost of healthy foods, it»