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Starbucks: joining the anti-plastic movment

The campaign against the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which enters the environment annually got another boost today. The huge international coffee outlet chain, Starbucks announced a plan today that it will begin phasing out use of plastic straws» 

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Leaf blowers may be banned in suburb

Every year starting around September, trees shed their leaves in Canada and they accumulate in great quantities on the ground. Some municipalities, businesses and home owners use leaf blowers to amass the leaves so they can be gathered and either» 


Laser attacks on aircraft can elicit fines, prison time

Laser attacks continue to put the safety of Canadians and flight crew at risk, says a news release from the Canadian government which goes on to announce penalties for those who launch them. A new measure prohibits the possession of» 

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Scientists and NGOs call for ban on class of pesticide

International and domestic call to ban neonicotinoids This week more than 200 scientists from several countries around the world have written an open letter calling for international action to end the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, known commonly as “neonics”. The» 

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UN urges countries to eliminate trans fats, reduce cardiac deaths

The United Nations’ health agency plans to help countries remove artificial trans fats from their food supplies over the next five years. It estimates that these hydrogenated vegetable oils increase cholesterol levels leading to a greater risk for heart disease» 

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Ban neonic pesticides, protect bees as did EU, urge groups

The European Union has banned all outdoor uses of neonicotinoid pesticides to protect bees, and Canada should do the same, argue several Canadian environmental groups. Scientific studies have long linked the use of these chemicals to the decline of honeybees,» 

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World maritime body moves to ban dirty fuels in the Arctic

Environmental groups and northern Indigenous communities are applauding a move by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to work towards banning the use of the highly polluting heavy fuel oil from Arctic shipping and are calling on member states to adopt» 

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Banning single-use plastic straws, cups, containers

Plastic has been a boon to mankind used in everything from containers, to bags, to car and plane parts, to clothing and so much more. However, it has also become an environmental disaster. While single use plastic shopping bags have» 


Canada to ban capture of dolphins, whales

The federal government will ban the capture of marine mammals like whales, dolphins and porpoises, according to proposed legislation presented by the governing Liberals in the House of Commons. The prohibition on fishing for cetaceans “with intent to take them» 


Spear hunting banned after bear kill

The western province of Alberta is banning spear hunting after a public outcry when a hunter from the United States killed a bear with a spear in 2016. The government announcement states that its changes to hunting rules “will discourage»