Politics, Society

Canada’s top news stories 2017

Although not quite the end of the year several news services are already releasing data on their biggest stories of the year in Canada. The Canadian Press, a major news wire service, said the top business story for the year» 

Arts and Entertainment

Canada’s biggest music awards party this weekend

It’s the Juno Awards weekend in Canada. The 45th annual Juno weekend. This is the weekend when Canada’s music industry gets together to highlight the best in Canadian music. As part of the many events all week leading up to» 


Canada’s flying bandit and the Great Winnipeg Gold Heist

The Flying Bandit In a strange twist, one of Canada’s most notorious criminals, was actually admired by Canadians. In the 1950’s and 60’s he stole planes, robbed banks,  staged prison breaks and committed one of Canada’s greatest robberies. Born in»