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Investigation launched into racial profiling by Toronto police

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)  is launching a public interest inquiry into racial profiling and racial discrimination by Toronto police. Members of the black community in Canada’s largest city have long complained about being stopped by police for no» 

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Judges to mentor minority lawyers in Nova Scotia

Indigenous and black lawyers in the province of Nova Scotia who want to become judges can now benefit from a mentorship program offered by the judiciary. As it now stands, out of 104 judges, five are black, three are Indigenous,» 

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Time to talk to the kids, says black writer

It’s Black History Month in Canada and, with all the rhetoric about ethnicity and race going on in the U.S., it’s a good time to talk to the kids, says Toronto parenting writer and blogger Samantha Kemp-Jackson. ‘It’s happening here in» 


Denial of anti-black experiences are ‘suffocating,’ says advocate

When people talk about being subjected to anti-black racism, their friends or acquaintances will often downplay it, says Anthony Morgan, a lawyer and a community advocate. He says being black in Canada can sometime be suffocating. ‘Silencing a lot of» 

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New judges bring more diversity to Nova Scotia courts

People discouraged by the backward steps facing women and minorities under the new U.S. Trump administration can take some consolation from what is going on Canada. For example, the eastern province of Nova Scotia has just appointed a black woman» 

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History Nov. 8, 1946 Canada’s unexpected civil rights heroine

The Canadian who preceeded Rosa Parks by almost a decade. She was Canadian, young, beautiful, a successful Halifax-based businesswoman, and black. It was because of Viola Desmond’s colour that she unexpectedly became a heroine that changed history in Canada. Thanks» 

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History: April 18, 1946 Canada breaks the baseball colour barrier

70-years ago today, the colour barrier in professional basebal was broken in North America, through a Canadian team. Baseball was and is, one of America’s favourite games. It was also extremely white. There was a “negro” league, but for the» 

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Diversity on stage good for all: opera star

Racism “is a barrier. It’s a difficulty. It’s something that has to be broken down. And, once it’s broken down, it’s much more beneficial to all of society,” says Mark S. Doss, a Grammy-award-winning opera singer based in Toronto. Doss has»