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29 people injured in major crash in British Columbia

Twenty-nine people were taken to hospital after a massive pileup involving trucks, coach buses and cars on the Coquihalla Highway in the interior of British Columbia on Sunday night. Another 136 people were taken to a warming centre in the nearby community» 


Dolphins delight ferry passengers

Canada’s Pacific coast boasts an archipelago of great beauty. © CBC Many islands, many ferries There are many ferries that operate on Canada’s Pacific coast and in addition to seeing the fabulous scenery there, some passengers got to see several white-sided» 


Grizzly bear hunt banned in all British Columbia

Calling the grizzly “one of our most iconic species,” the government of the western province of British Columbia has banned hunting the bear, except for a limited harvest by Indigenous peoples. First Nations have treaty rights to hunt for food,» 

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Kinder Morgan cleared to start work on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Kinder Morgan does not have to comply with two sections of bylaws in Burnaby, British Columbia, as the company prepares to begin work on the $7.4-billion expansion of its Trans Mountain pipeline, Canada’s federal regulator, the National Energy Board ruled» 


Killing of bear cub was illegal, allege activists

A wildlife advocacy group has taken the government court for the killing an apparently orphaned bear cub in British Columbia. Tiana Jackson found the animal by the side of the road near Dawson Creek in May 2016. She called the» 

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Pipeline delays; deliberate? Who’s to blame

The Trans-Mountain pipeline project to nearly triple its capacity of oil from Alberta to the Burnaby is once again becoming heated. Kinder-Morgan, the U.S. company that owns Trans-Mountain wants to double the existing pipeline but has come under repeated opposition» 

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Grizzly bears in B.C.: the threat is not from hunters

Recently the government in the west coast province of British Columbia banned trophy hunting of the majestic grizzly bear. About 250 grizzly bears are killed in B.C. each year by hunters, according to the provincial government. Trophy hunting will be» 

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B.C. Grizzly trophy hunt to end

The lush forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and  sea-coast of the large west coast province of British Columbia is a great place for grizzly bears. It’s also been a great place for hunters seeking a big trophy. The hunting season opened» 

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Smoke affects half of British Columbia

Months of wildfires and extreme heat have created smoky conditions to the point that air quality advisories have been issued for the lower half of the province of British Columbia in western Canada. The area of this western province measures» 


LNG projects would make climate targets virtually unattainable: report

The province of British Columbia has approved two liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects but the Pembina Institute found that if they go ahead, they would emit enough carbon pollution to make it virtually impossible to meet 2050 climate change targets.»