Highlights/British Columbia


Special avalanche warning issued for western Canada

Many Canadians complain about the long cold winter, but others can’t wait to get out and enjoy the beauty and the snow. Several snow storms have hit the western province of British Columbia and, with a forecast for clear weather» 


Massive cave discovered in western Canada

A huge cave gouged by melting snow and glaciers may be the biggest in Canada. The formation was spotted in April 2018 during helicopter passes to count caribou in Wells Gray Provincial Park in the western province of British Columbia.» 


Southern B.C. Wolverines face looming threats: study

An ongoing study of wolverines in the southwest of Canada suggests their numbers are good but their populations are isolated leaving them vulnerable to extirpation and other threats. While these animals look like a cross between a skunk and a» 


Natural gas may be limited in cold winter months, warns supplier

As winter approaches, a natural gas company warns supplies will be reduced in the western province of British Columbia. FortisBC says that the explosion of a natural gas pipeline on October 9, 2018 caused damage that will be repaired by» 

Indigenous, Society

Indigenous band sues governments, firm, over oil spill

A west coast First Nation is seeking damages for the ruin of its traditional harvest and associated cultural and commercial losses, as well as for its oil spill response efforts and remediation. Two years ago, a U.S.-owned tug ran aground» 


Indigenous Cultural Tourism: How the North is learning from community success in southern Canada

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North.  The successes of cultural tourism in Canada’s southern Aboriginal communities are providing an important roadmap for development of Indigenous cultural tourism in the North, a sector expected to» 

Economy, Politics

Ottawa, British Columbia and First Nations hail $40B LNG investment

A consortium of five international investors has given its final approval for a massive liquefied national gas project in northern British Columbia that has the potential to turn Canada into an LNG export powerhouse. The partners — Royal Dutch Shell,» 


Overdose reversal training soon available online

So many people are dying of illegal drug overdose in the western province of British Columbia (B.C.) that one regional health authority is offering online skills training on how to reverse an overdose. Fraser Health is inviting people to join» 


Fires get cabinet attention

Wildfires are so bad in the western province of British Columbia that the Canadian government has sent in the army and has formed an ad hoc committee of top cabinet ministers to consider what help is needed.  The province has» 

Health, Society

Supreme Court of Canada rules against tobacco giant in health data dispute

Canada’s highest court has ruled against tobacco giant Philip Morris International in its dispute with British Columbia over access to detailed provincial health databases to ensure the fairness of a multibillion-dollar damages trial. In a unanimous ruling today, the Supreme»