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New film: the wildlife living in your home.

You keep a clean and tidy suburban house, and you’re proud of it. But in spite of that, there’s a whole world of creatures that like your house too. Toronto-based filmmaker Roberto Verdecchia of 52 Media wrote and directed “The» 

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Documentary- Bugs on the Menu

Bugs on the menu?  No it’s not some tiny creature crawling across a menu, the bugs are the menu. Ian Toews, director, cinematographer, co-producer Bugs on the Menu © supplied In a world where the population is growing, and resources to» 

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Invasive beetle destroying Ash trees

Many of Canada’s majestic city trees are being devastated by invasive species. Currently several cities are being obliged to cut down large Elm trees, many over 100 years old, victims of a fungus – Dutch Elm Disease – borne by» 

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Eating bugs in Canada?

The United Nations is encouraging people to eat more insects but it’s not clear Canadians are ready to tuck in. Bugs are nutritious and they are much better for the environment than are animals according to a report by the»