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Trudeau says no promises broken in Canada Post controversy

In 2014 when Stephen Harper’s Conservative government announced it was going to phase out door-to-door delivery of mail to about five million households over five years, the reaction was swift. Most Canadians, especially those directly involved, were–to say the least–less» 

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Black History Month 2018 : Canada creates new stamps

February each year marks the celebration of Black History Month in Canada, and although we’re still a week away from the official start, Canada Post has already begun to set the stage. This year, as they have in past years.» 

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Santa changes the way he will answer letters

Things are getting busy at the North Pole with Santa Claus and the elves getting ready to answer the flood of letters that should start arriving soon. As usual, anyone who wants to write to Santa will get an answer» 


Canada 150: Newest stamp for Canada’s 150th birthday

Canada Post this week revealed the newest in the series of ten stamps it is issuing this year to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary. This one, number 5 in the series, celebrates the 8,000 kilometre ribbon of asphalt that joins» 


Philatelists: Canada’s spring stamps for 2017

It has become a sort of tradition at Canada Post to help push along the arrival of spring just a bit, by releasing spring flower stamps. Canada Post is the government controlled Crown corporation which functions as the primary postal» 

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New stamps feature Canadian birds

Even as the debate goes on to determine a national bird as a symbol of Canada ( RCI-Aug 31,2016), Canada Post has produced the first in a new series of stamps to showcase our avian residents. While Canada itself doesn’t yet» 

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Canada Post and workers agree on tentative deal

Following marathon bargaining sessions over the past week, it now appears all but certain that Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have avoided a possible service disruption that has loomed for months. The two sides reached a» 

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Canada Post still delivering as negos continue

The threat of a work stoppage at Canada Post appears to have receded slightly–at least for the moment. The crown corporation backtracked on its threat to lock out its workers on Monday, saying it hopes the Canadian Union of Postal» 

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Canada Post: some contract progress, no delivery stoppage (yet)

Last week the federal agency responsible for mail delivery in Canada announced there was no progress in contract talks with the 50,000 strong Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).  It issued a 72-hour lock-out notice and could lock workers out» 

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Canadian postal service: negotiation breakdown, possible halt to mail

Canada Post, the federal agency that delivers the mail in Canada has given a 72 hour notice it will be in position to lock out its workers. That could mean that as of Friday, mail deliveries could cease in Canada. The»