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Supreme Court to decide on huge Peel wilderness watershed

It’s an area in Canada’s Yukon territory that is twice the size of Belgium, or one and a half times the size of Switzerland. The Peel watershed is about 68,000 square kilometres of wilderness, largely untouched with no permanent settlements» 

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100th Anniversary of the pivotal battle of WWI

By spring 1917 the First World War had stagnated into a war of attrition. Other than an initial victory by the Serbs at Mt Cer in 1914, the Allied forces had suffered many defeats and no real progress since the» 

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First bee listed as “endangered” across North America

The rusty-patched bumble bee was once a common summer sight throughout the mid and eastern US states and well into southern Ontario and Quebec. It was a very important wild pollinator of crops, flowers, and fruit trees. By the start» 

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Japan’s sex slaves in WWII. “The Apology”

It is another tragic chapter of WWII.  The Japanese Imperial Army forced tens of thousands of girls and young women from occupied lands to become sex slaves for their soldiers. Strange as it may seem, this horrible tale is not» 

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New survey shows half of Canadians want migrants out

In February alone, 635 migrants crossed from the US into Canada along an unwatched border section in Quebec and asked for asylum. This compares with just 99 last February.   In January, 452 crossed into Quebec to claim asylum, representing  a» 

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She won! Canadian named “global teacher”

After being selected as a finalist from an initial 20,000 nominees, she made it to the long list of 50 candidates. Maggie MacDonnell then was flown to Dubai to join the 9 other finalists where she selected as the winner» 

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No need for ‘Canadian values’ tests for immigrants: immigration minister

The Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sees no need to institute a ‘Canadian values’ test for prospective immigrants to Canada, said federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Speaking to Radio Canada International in an exclusive interview on the sidelines» 

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New laws for recreational drone use

The small recreational drones have experienced rapid development and equally rapid popularity. In Canada, as elsewhere, there have been a number of incidents and accidents that have caused concern. People have been using them to spy into apartment buildings and» 

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Canada will not cancel refugee agreement with the U.S. despite Trump crackdown

Ottawa has no intention of cancelling its Third Safe Country agreement with the United States despite the immigration crackdown by the Trump administration, federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said during a speech at a major immigration conference in Montreal Friday» 

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Canadians personal debt: new (worrisome) record

It’s not looking good. In figures released this week, the personal debt of Canadians reached a new record last year. Statistics Canada, the federal statists gathering agency, reported that for every dollar of disposable income, Canadians owed, $1.67 in the»