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Canada research: another step towards fighting cancer

Discovering how cancer cells communicate and spread Researchers in Montreal have found that cancers “communicate” with other cells. They discovered a mutation in a gene present in cancer patients with “glioblastoma”, an aggressive form of brain cancer. The gene can» 

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New immunology discovery to fight cancer and more

The human body is a remarkably complex and yet efficient machine. Scientists are learning more and more about how the machine works and the tiniest parts can play a big role. New discoveries have been taking place in the area» 

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Tobacco plain packaging spreading worldwide

The Canadian Cancer Society is lauding what it calls tremendous momentum worldwide for plain packaging on tobacco products. An international report says there are now 25 countries and territories moving forward with plain packaging including Canada. Plain packaging was implemented» 

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Here comes the sun (at last), but beware of melanoma

It’s a type of cancer that is afflicting more and more people. Estimates are that in 2017, some 7000 Canadians had melanoma and over 1000 died from it. World Melanoma Day is marked annually on the second Monday in May,» 

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New tests for gynecologic cancers will save lives

A new, gene-based test for ovarian and endometrial cancers should soon save lives and reduce the suffering of women thanks to joint research by Canadian and U.S. scientists. These two cancers are the third most common cause of cancer deaths» 

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New post-cancer study: patient concern far from over

Hearing you have cancer is bad enough, but if you think the word “cured” ends that concern, a new study shows quite a different picture. The comprehensive report is called Living with Cancer: A Report on the Patient Experience.  » 

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A new weapon against breast cancer: virus

There is no doubt that breast cancer is a potentially deadly disease. It is estimated that 26,300 women and 230 men in Canada will have been diagnosed with breast cancer and almost 5000 women and 43 men will have died» 

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Discovering a new detection for prostate cancer

There’s no doubt prostate cancer is deadly. It is the most common cancer diagnosed in men (21300 estimated in 2017), and the third leading cause of cancer death in men (4100 estimated 2017). New research has led to a detection» 

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Beloved, dedicated singer dies of brain cancer

There are several reasons why Gord Downie elicited the admiration and love of so many Canadians. One was his courageous battle with terminal brain cancer. Another was his advocacy for the rights of Indigenous peoples and the spotlight he shone» 

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Thyroid cancer over diagnosed: new study

A new study suggests that an increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer is mostly caused by the over diagnosis of one type which is rarely dangerous. Evidence collected from around the world shows the increase mostly involves small papillary»