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A new weapon against breast cancer: virus

There is no doubt that breast cancer is a potentially deadly disease. It is estimated that 26,300 women and 230 men in Canada will have been diagnosed with breast cancer and almost 5000 women and 43 men will have died» 

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Discovering a new detection for prostate cancer

There’s no doubt prostate cancer is deadly. It is the most common cancer diagnosed in men (21300 estimated in 2017), and the third leading cause of cancer death in men (4100 estimated 2017). New research has led to a detection» 

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Beloved, dedicated singer dies of brain cancer

There are several reasons why Gord Downie elicited the admiration and love of so many Canadians. One was his courageous battle with terminal brain cancer. Another was his advocacy for the rights of Indigenous peoples and the spotlight he shone» 

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Thyroid cancer over diagnosed: new study

A new study suggests that an increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer is mostly caused by the over diagnosis of one type which is rarely dangerous. Evidence collected from around the world shows the increase mostly involves small papillary» 


1 in 2 Canadians will get cancer: report

Almost every second Canadian is expected to be diagnosed with cancer during his or her lifetime, and one in four Canadians will die from the disease, according to a new report by the Canadian Cancer Society. In 2017, an estimated 206,200 Canadians» 


Canada moving toward ban on menthol-flavoured smokes.

Health Canada has proposed an amendment to the Tobacco Act that would ban the use of menthol in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Menthol masks the irritation of tobacco smoke making it easier to inhale which makes it more attractive» 

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Western firefighters compensated for more cancers

The western province of British Columbia is making it easier for firefighters to get compensation for cancers it considers to be an occupational hazard. After having worked for a certain period of time, firefighters who develop certain cancers can get» 

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Canadian research leads to new discovery in head and neck cancers

It’s technically complicated but a research team doing a secondary examination of previous research discovered an important factor in cancer development. Cancer research is often focused on genetic mutation, but this new research looked instead at the process affecting how» 

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Exciting new and innovative technology for prostate cancer detection.

A team at the University of Alberta has developed an exciting new combination of existing technologies which will simplify and speed up prostate cancer detection and determination of its nature, and be as accurate as physical biopsies. John Lewis is» 

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Canadian government finally will ban asbestos

After years of resisting pressure from health and labour organizations, the Canadian government has decided to ban all products containing asbestos by 2018. It will also stop obstructing international efforts to list asbestos as a hazardous substance. Canada used to»