More children poisoned by cannabis, warns hospital

The Montreal Children’s Hospital is warning people to use extreme caution when storing cannabis and to realize it is dangerous for children. Where it used to be rare for children to come to the hospital for cannabis use or intoxication» 


Smoking strong pot daily linked to psychosis: study

A British study has found that people who smoke high-potency cannabis every day are five times more likely to develop psychosis than are people who don’t smoke at all. People who smoke regular strength marijuana daily were estimated to be» 

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Canada: cannabis edibles coming soon, but with concerns

Experts have predicted a huge market for legal cannabis. This already seems to be the case as many government regulated outlets have difficulty keeping up with supply. After smoking, edibles (containing the active ingredient THC)  are the next phase set» 

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Cannabis: the young developing mind and later depression and suicidal tendencies

A new study finds an apparent association between consuming cannabis when young and a later incidence of depression and suicidal tendencies in young adults. Lead author of the study is Dr Gabriella Gobbi (PhD, M.D.). She is a professor of» 


Pay cash for cannabis, warns privacy commissioner

While it became legal to use cannabis recreationally in Canada in October 2018, it is not legal in many other jurisdictions, warns Canada’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Therefore, it recommends Canadians take action to protect the privacy of their» 


U.S. tobacco giant to invest $2.4B in Canadian cannabis producer

American tobacco giant Altria Group, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, announced Friday that it will make a $2.4 billion equity investment in the Canadian cannabis producer Cronos Group. Under the initial investment, Altria will acquire a 45 per cent ownership» 

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Lifetime ban from U.S. travel for Canadian marijuana investor

There were concerns this would happen, and it has, again. A Canadian investor in the cannabis industry has been permanently banned from entering the U.S. He is the second such investor to receive a lifetime ban from the U.S. In» 

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Security breach of cannabis users

Canada’s new recreational cannabis law is not even a month old and a new concern has arisen. Canada Post- the national postal service- had a security breach of information involving 4,500 customers of the Ontario Cannabis Store. The provincially operated» 

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Major Canadian brewer: cannabis beer coming.

Now that recreational use of marijuana is legal in Canada, companies are eager to tap into what is expected to be a multi billion dollar market. So it’s perhaps no surprise then that one of Canada’s largest brewers has announced» 

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Cannabis crimes could lead to newcomers’ deportation

The Government of Canada is warning that new, tougher penalties for impaired driving and marijuana offences could lead to the removal of permanent and temporary residents. Canada is the first G7 country to legalize the recreational use of cannabis but»